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Булгаков Михаил
Собачье сердце
«Собачье сердце» – одно из самых любимых читателями произведений Михаила Булгакова. Вас ждёт полный рассказ о необыкновенном эксперименте гениального...
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Byrd Adrianne стр.1

Читать книгу Deadly Double
Deadly Double
Byrd Adrianne
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A thrilling romantic suspense from Adrianne Byrd, the nationally bestselling author of African American romance. Josephine Ferrell's life has been stolen. Raised in luxury, Josie has only been accustomed to the best. Her privileged and sheltered world, however, comes crashing down when she attends the funeral of her parents and comes face–to–face with an identical twin sister she never knew she had. Josephine and Michelle are twins that were somehow separated at birth. Unlike Josie though, Michelle was not fortunate enough to be placed in a stable household –– instead she knew only poverty, abuse and envy. Now Michelle wants Josie's life. More than happy to get acquainted with her sister, Josie welcomes Michelle into her home... then one day Josie wakes up in a mental...