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Зотов Г.
Страшный Суд 3D. Апокалипсис Welcome. Книга вторая
Битва при Армагеддоне – завершена. Легионы демонов – повержены. В разрушенной землетрясениями Москве открылось заседание Страшного Суда: в формате 3D. Перед апостолами – Клеопатра,...
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Byrd Richard стр.1

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Byrd Richard
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A terrific story of human endurance. Admiral Richard Byrd is one of the great Polar explorers and is responsible for transforming Antarctic expeditions from the dangerous days of the heroic era to the comfort and safety available in modern Antarctic stations. Byrd organised several American expeditions to Antarctica and built the research station Little America in the Bay of Whales next to the remains of Roald Amundsens base Framheim. He did all this with little government support and paved the way for todays US Antarctic Program. In 1929 he became the first man to fly over the South Pole, and the first to see it since Scott left it in 1911. In 1933, frustrated by the limited meteorological observations he could make at his coastal station he determined to establish a second base...