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Амельянович Андрей, Тумановский Ежи
Запасной путь
Старые железнодорожные пути в Зоне отчуждения свободны от аномалий и пригодны для путешествий. Научный бронированный поезд едет в Зону на небольшую обзорную экскурсию для чиновников и...
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Caskie Kathryn стр.1

Читать книгу How To Seduce A Duke
How To Seduce A Duke
Caskie Kathryn
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Why is the notorious Duke of Blackstone ruining Mary's well-laid plans to marry his brother, the handsome Viscount Wetherly? Every time she turns a corner, he is there-tantalizing her, teasing her… and the more she tries to ignore him, the more insistent he becomes. Mary knows she must make an advantageous marriage, but surely Blackstone is the wrong man for her. Isn't he?Blackstone is not about to let his brother become bewitched by some wily blueblood pretender… even one as deliciously tempting as Mary. But until she came along, no woman has ever resisted his smooth, well-practiced seductions. Could it be that he's actually fallen in love with this infuriating...