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Когда офицера полиции находят мертвым на месте давнего нераскрытого убийства, в расследовании которого он участвовал, это вряд ли может быть случайностью. Когда то же самое происходит с...
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Clark Tom стр.1

Читать книгу Digital Photography Composition For Dummies
Digital Photography Composition For Dummies
Clark Tom
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Photographic composition is a complex topic that covers a wide range of theories and competing schools of thought. Many photographers carry separate opinions when it comes to defining what's most important in creating great compositions. Some feel that following the rules is essential, and others feel that to be unique you need to break the rules. In this book, I provide a thorough coverage of the rules (because in order to break the rules successfully, it helps to know what they are). I also do my best to give you the information necessary to determine when to go with the rule book and when to go with your gut. In this book, you find information that covers composition from all angles. I designed each chapter to present valuable information that can improve your ability to see...