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Сергей Лукьяненко, Иван Кузнецов
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Равновесие Света и Тьмы нарушено. В городе появилась третья сила, чьи возможности лежат за пределами сил, доступных Иным. Новоиспеченный сотрудник Ночного Дозора Алексей Романов становится...
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Gresham William стр.1

Читать книгу Nightmare Alley
Nightmare Alley
Gresham William
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Stan Carlisle could read people, standing along the sidelines of the main carny attractions where he worked, watching the washed up geek eaten by alcoholism. The clairvoyant with her frightening pack of cards, the strong man with the muscles of a Greek god, the twisted leg acrobat who walked on his arms, and the charming ‘lectric bulb girl whose blazing body defied lightning: they all performed beneath the gaze of the crowd at the Ten-in-One show. The audience oooohed in awe and astonishment, averted their eyes in horrified embarrassment, forever applauding the appalling, falling for the oldest gag in the book, yet always coming back, like ghosts called up from the past, wondering what the future would hold. Stan understood them, saw through them, and knew he could go further. He was a...