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Аксенов Василий
Остров Крым
Учебники истории врут! Крым во время Гражданской войны не был взят большевиками, а остался свободной и независимой территорией, имя которой Остров Крым. Эта фантастическая историческая...
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Leigh Mark стр.1

Читать книгу Dick Longg: Sexual Saviour of the Universe
Dick Longg: Sexual Saviour of the Universe
Leigh Mark
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“1984 meets Debbie Does Dallas.” Dick Longg is one of the most energetic and in-demand adult film stars in Hollywood. A man who has everything. Women, money, fame. His life is complete — and lived only for himself. Until one day a woman from the future suddenly materialises in front of him pleading desperately for his help. She has travelled back in time 2050. A powerful cabal known as the New Victorians have imposed their puritanical values on society. Sexual feelings are repressed and impure thoughts purged before they can be acted upon. It is Dick’s worse nightmare — a future where the only thing stiff is an upper lip. A reluctant Dick is forced to travel to this future where he becomes a member of the resistance movement with an invented past and a...