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Белфорт Джордан
Волк с Уолл-стрит
Автор этой книги – знаменитый делец с Уолл-стрит, биржевой брокер-махинатор, основатель одной из крупнейших финансовых «прачечных» конца XX века. Каждая страница его мемуаров так и дышит...
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Long Duncan стр.1

Читать книгу Anti-Grav Unlimited
Anti-Grav Unlimited
Long Duncan
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There’s a new “Man in the Moon”—and the corporations exploiting Mother Earth are in for an ugly surprise. Phil Hunter has just discovered the invention of the age—working antigravity—when he’s laid off from his job, the entire department shut down. Phil decides this is what he’s been waiting for—a chance to become fabulously wealthy with his own company, Anti-Gravity Unlimited. With anti-gravity, not only is space flight a cheap possibility, perpetual motion is also possible. With a couple of anti-gravity rods, it’s easy to hook up a generator and create unlimited electrical current. All of mankind’s environmental problems are solved—as are any issues with poverty. Phil sees a new utopia—until his house is blown up and all of his former co-workers are listed...