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Абдуллаев Чингиз
Жертва здравого смысла
Медиамагнат Антон Кульчицкий устраивает шикарную вечеринку на острове Родос по случаю собственного юбилея. Многочисленные родственники и друзья бизнесмена веселятся всю ночь напролет....
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Malliet G стр.1

Читать книгу Death of a Cozy Writer
Death of a Cozy Writer
Malliet G
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'The traditional British cozy is alive and well. Delicious. I was hooked from the first paragraph.” – Rhys Bowen, award-winning author of Her Royal Spyness “Death of a Cozy Writer, G. M. Malliet’s hilarious first mystery, is a must-read for fans of Robert Barnard and P. G. Wodehouse. I'm looking forward eagerly to Inspector St. Just’s next case!” – Donna Andrews, award-winning author of The Penguin Who Knew Too Much “A house party in a Cambridgeshire mansion with the usual suspects, er, guests-a sly patriarch, grasping relatives, a butler, and a victim named Ruthven (what else?)-I haven’t had so much fun since Anderson’s ‘Affair of the Bloodstained Egg Cosy.’ Pass the tea and scones, break out the sherry, settle down in the library by the fire and enjoy...