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Мюссо Гийом
Потому что я тебя люблю
Марк и Николь были счастливы, пока в их жизнь не пришло страшное несчастье — их дочь Лейла исчезла, и никто не мог найти ее. Марк, не справившись с горем, бросил все и ушел бродяжничать. И вот...
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Ozornin Prokhor стр.1

Читать книгу On the Wings of Hope : Prose
On the Wings of Hope : Prose
Ozornin Prokhor
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For one more life I write with feather - let's voice keep ringing in the ether. The Maker gave a Blade of Fire to fight in souls and in wire, To sing a Message to mankind and help become them man of mind. Let courage, honor, joy and truth awaken souls, who are sooth, So with the Hope in divine Light they'll purify the world of blight. The mix of times is on threshold, and pure spirits, who are bold, Will have a chance for wisdom's feast, and learn that death does not exist. Advice was given, hints were made, let's inner fire never fade - But help one see what's wrong and main, for we are coming once again...