course, there are the overlooked magicians—the creators of the many myths and the folklore that provide the Tapestry’s foundation. Without them, we’d have no Sidh, Olympus, or Asgard to populate this tale and countless others.

Ultimately, it is my friends and family who empower me to write and illustrate these books. My mother, Terry Zimmerman, continues to read each chapter as it is completed, while my wife, Danielle, helps me through the creative howls and hiccups with Hannah’s love, Bob’s patience, and Toby’s humor. She even endures well-intended comparisons to geese, ogres, and smees. Every writer should be so lucky.

And finally, I’d like to thank my son, Charlie. I wrote The Maelstrom while anticipating his arrival, and the two were delivered within weeks of one another. This book is for Charlie and all the wild, wonderful possibilities his young life represents. A Potential, indeed.


HENRY H. NEFF is a former consultant and history teacher from the Chicago area. Today he lives in Montclair, New Jersey, with his wife and young son. You can visit Henry at

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