Frank Masters

Line up for the cheerleader

Chapter One

'Congratulations, Ginger!' another girl called as the crowd of teenagers thinned out in the front of the school.

Ginger Flowers was so happy. This was the most important day of her young life.

She hadn't slept a wink all last night, just thinking about what might happen today This was the big day, and everything worked out even better than in her dreams. She had made it! Out of all those girls, the coaches and older members of the team had chosen the pretty young brunette with the cute figure.

Ginger had just been picked as the only new girl on her school's cheerleading squad for this year. She couldn't wait to tell Dennis, her boyfriend, all about it. The only problem was that he was supposed to pick her up, and he was late.

Just as she was thinking about calling her parents for a ride, Dennis pulled into the parking lot in front of the school.

'I made it!' the girl squealed as she jumped into the car, wriggling right up next to the handsome young man on the bench seat. 'They picked me, honey.

Ooooh, this is so awesome, Dennis! I made the cheerleading squad.'

The older boy drove to the spot out by the lake, where he and Ginger had been parking whenever they could get away during this hot summer. Since he was working the night shift, their dates had been in the daylight. The trees by the lake were thick, and no one ever came down the little trail that led to their private make-out place.

As the car rolled to a stop, Ginger was already turning into her guy's arms.

She was so excited. She had made it. She was going to be a cheerleader.

Dennis wrapped his arms around her and pulled the squirming young girl closer.

Ginger moaned as her eager lips found his. The older boy's hands were sliding up over her T-shirt. As his hands found her tiny tits, his tongue explored her open mouth.

'Mmmmm!' little Ginger moaned, the boy's darting tongue thrilling her as she sucked at it.

Ginger was usually passive as they made out. Today, she felt different. She wanted him to hurry. To get on with the good parts that she had learned to love. Like when he played with her aching tits. And her hot little pussy. Oh, yes, she thought. She really loved the way it had felt when she let him finger-fuck her last weekend for the first time.

Suddenly, the teenager slipped her arms around her boyfriend's neck and started to grind her body against his. She snaked her sweet tongue into his mouth, wantonly rubbing her tits up tighter into his hands as she purred into his mouth.

'Oooh, baby!' she squealed as the hot kiss broke.

Pulling away, Ginger grinned naughtily at Dennis. She reached down, puffing off her T-shirt. The front-hook bra took only a second to take off. Her tits were small, like little oranges, perfectly round and firm. Each quivering mound of delight was capped with a nipple that was crinkling up tightly. She took his hands and set them back on her bare tits.

'Now you can really play with 'em,' she whispered, coming back into his arms.

'God, Ginger!' the older boy gasped as his eyes scanned the shapely young girl stripping for him.

Ginger and Dennis had been dating for over a month now~ He had played with her tits lots of times, but never with them bare like this. The feel of his hands squeezing her tits was nice, but knowing that she was half- naked was even more exciting.

Ginger groaned. She drew in a hissing breath of air through her teeth as she felt her pussy starting to cream right through her panties.

'Mmmmm!' she moaned. 'Yes, baby! I love it when you suck on my tits, Dennis!'

Ginger tingled as she felt his cock pressing into her side, getting stiffer and bigger under his jeans. After she had let him finger-fuck her hot pussy last week, he had been dying to feel his cock. But she was afraid of coming on too much with her guy. Today, she wasn't worried about that at all. She was too horny.

Smiling, the cute little brunette slid her hand over to Dennis' upper thigh.

She moved, feeling his prick through his jeans.

'Ooooh, Ginger!' he groaned.

The boy slid his own hand between the cheerleader's legs. Her shorts were very soft, and his hand slipped under the elastic band. He cupped the naked bush of her wet pussy, still chewing at her sensitive nipples with light love-bites.

To his amazement, Dennis felt Ginger's fingers tugging down on his zipper. She was groaning, her sexy young body shuddering with naughty excitement.

'I wanna see it,' she whispered.

She was having trouble with his zipper, so Dennis quickly helped. He unzipped his fly, and slowly pulled out his stiffened prick.

Ginger couldn't take her eyes off it. His cock was beautiful! Big and hard and jerking as her fingers touched it.

'Jesus!' she hissed softly.

Instinctively, Ginger wrapped her fingers around the pulsing hunk of pretty prick-flesh. She shuddered as the tower of 'hard cock-meat throbbed. She trailed up to the purple cockhead, feeling the pre-cum shimmering at the tip, making the underside of his cock all slippery and shiny.

'Mmmm!' the horny teenager purred as she felt Dennis plunging his fingers up into her swampy wetness.

Ginger's eyes were locked on his cock as Dennis explored the warm softness of her hot pussy. He shoved a stiffened finger up into the wet slash, feeling her humping back to his hand. As he wriggled his finger up higher, she started to groan.

Dennis went right to that spot. He found her clit. It was swollen and slippery under his finger. As he started flicking over her clit, her hand started to move up and down slowly on his hard-on.

'God, it feels so big!' she moaned.

The finger-fucking guy abandoned her clit and plunged his stiffened finger up into her clutching cunt-bole. Over and over again, he stroked her pussy with his hand.

Ginger quivered, her hot fuck-hole spasming up inside as she came.

Before she could recover from the instant of pure passion rushing through her lovely young body, Ginger was on her back. The older boy was tugging at her shorts as Ginger slid down in the front seat of his car. The shorts came free of her feet. She was naked As his body came down on top of hers, the frantic little brunette could feel his throbbing cock against her belly.

'Yes!' she whispered.

'I'll be careful,' he groaned.

'Ooooh, yes!' she hissed.

'I'll only put the head in, honey,' he promised as he humped frantically, trying to find the opening to her emit-hole with the head of his wildly throbbing hard-on.

When the smooth knob of cock-flesh touched her cunt-mound, Ginger gasped in awe. Little tremors of passion shot through her naked young body as that hard hunk of prick-meat dripped pre-cum all over her belly. The stabbing cock-tip ran over her curly cunt-hairs. Finally, the bloated prick-knob bumped into her creamy cunt- lips.

'Jesus!' she rasped.

Dennis couldn't find the hole. He was fucking Ginger, but the shaft of his throbbing bard cock was just sliding

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