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Selena Sexton

Romantic Flights

Jim Q. Stevenson had been a pilot for thirteen years now. He had started out at one of the major airlines but then managed to fall into a job as a private contractor. It had meant less flight time for him but more money at the same time. A dream job, really. It had been hard to say no to it, even when it meant that he spent most of his time in the sky and very little of it on the ground.

Jim was in his late thirties now, still in the prime of his life, muscles ripped from going to the gym three days a week. With his thick blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, it wasn’t surprising that he had been hit on by any number of stewardesses and passengers alike. He’d been given any number of opportunities to join that Mile High Club.

Just never like this.

Today, he was carrying only one passenger in his small, private jet. She had chartered him for a flight from New York to San Francisco, nonstop, which meant they would be in the air for the better part of a day. And apparently, the lady knew what she wanted to do to pass the time.

She sat in one of the four executive seats in the passenger area of the plane, completely naked.

There had been clothes on her body when she boarded the plane, of course. A tight-fitting red dress under a plain brown coat. Once the coat was off, it was easy to tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. Just as easy to tell she was looking for something from Jim. They’d taken off right on schedule, but as soon as he had advised she could take her seatbelt off, she had slipped into the bathroom and come out again naked as the day she was born.

Not that she had looked anything like that on the day she was born. She was a full-grown woman now. She had long legs that went all the way up to a very fine ass, and the way she sprawled now in the seat showed just a hint of the dark cleft in her crotch. Her breasts were full and round and the nipples pointed ever so slightly upward. Her stomach was tight and flat. Her shoulders were hidden behind the fall of her long, dark hair. She sucked on the end of one long fingernail. And the only thing she was wearing, was a smile.

He choked and nearly sent the plane into a nosedive when he first caught sight of her like that. Correcting his course, he tried to keep his attention on the skies.

But it was getting harder. So was his cock. Very, very hard.

“You know,” she said to him, “you could always put it on autopilot for a few…hours.”

Her voice was warm and silky and full of desire. They were the only two on the plane. And Jim thought to himself, suddenly, why not?

They wouldn’t need to make a course correction for another four hours. Smiling to himself, the crotch of his dress slacks very, very tight, he set the controls in place to maintain their current heading and stood up from the captain’s chair.

She leered at him as he stepped toward her.

“Stop right there,” she said.

He did, confused.

“Take your clothes off,” she ordered him. “I want to see you first.”

Oh, so that was the game. He undid his tie and threw it to her. She smelled it, let the long strip of cloth run past her nose. Then she rubbed it down lower on her body and pulled every inch of it across her vagina, a high- pitched whine in her throat as she did.

As she continued to rub herself with his tie he unbuttoned his white shirt. Taking it off he dropped it to the cabin floor. He wore a t-shirt under it, and it came off as well. She stared at his chest, his abdominal muscles, petting herself with his tie and biting her lower lip.

Next, he unbuckled his belt and pants and let them slide down his legs. Underneath he was wearing a pair of low-rise briefs, and his cock swelled against them. It was getting painful for him to be held in like that, but he was going to make her wait for it. He was enjoying this game, where she told him what she wanted. It made his blood hot. So did that body she was masturbating.

He kicked off his shoes and socks, and then stood there with his thumbs hooked into the waistband of his underwear. “Say please,” he told her.

Her eyes went wide. She liked to be teased. “Please,” she said, her eyes lidding over and the motion of her hands at her crotch speeding up. “Please, please, please, PLEASE!”

He could see it on her face. She had came all over his tie. He might just keep that one as a souvenir.

Now he stripped down his underwear. His cock flipped up immediately, hard and stiff, the tip mushroomed. His balls were tight and throbbing. He didn’t usually go in for these one-time “mile high” sex encounters. But he wanted this one. Badly.

She spread her legs out, leaning way back, and he could see her moist opening just barely hidden behind her short hairs. She spread her arms wide to him, motioning with her fingers. “Come here. Now.”

He stepped toward her, slowly. He knelt in front of her, smoothing his hands up her legs. She had such nice legs. She trembled at his touch and locked her hands behind his head.

And pulled him down into her.

His face fit in between the V of her legs and his mouth was tasting her heat before he realized what she was doing. He smiled against her pubic lips and blew hot air across them. She shivered.

Sticking his tongue out as far as it would go he licked up one side of her and then the other before probing into her to find her clit. It was swollen, puffy under his tongue, and he pushed it around, licking at it, flicking it, and then pushed it up from underneath so he could suck it into his mouth.

She cried out and dug her hands into his bare shoulders.

The taste of her was incredible. He sucked on her clit, and then held it gently between his teeth so that his tongue could lick at it mercilessly. She twisted and squirmed and her nails dug into his flesh and her legs were tight around him, but he didn’t stop.

“No, like that,” she instructed him when he had the rhythm going right. “Keep doing that, don’t stop, don’t stop.”

He kept at it, but then changed it up by shaking his head back and forth with her clit trapped between his lips and his tongue.

She screamed.

And screamed.

And came on his mouth.

Her spasms made her entire crotch flutter and he held on to her through them, intensifying her feeling, and the aftershocks from her orgasm lasted for long moments.

When she was done and started to calm down, he did it again.

The noises she made had no words in them, but the meaning was clear. He went at her like a dog with a bone, sucking on her, shaking her, licking the tip of her clit with his tongue, tasting her juices and wanting her to go off again.

He was pretty sure her nails were drawing blood by the time her next orgasm came.

He let her calm down this time, let the aftershocks pass and let her breathe, and pulled his mouth away from her gently.

The look on her face was wild and wanting, and greedy.

She pushed his shoulders hard to force him backward and he fell onto the carpeted cabin floor on his back, his legs bent up. And then she was on him, on his chest, bent over his face to lean down and whisper in his ears. “You are going to be fucked like never before.”

The way she had placed herself put her right nipple at his lips. He sucked it in, to her surprise, and twisted it with his tongue. She arched her back and screamed, a guttural, low sound.

Her fingertips found his one nipple and started playing with it, teasing it with her fingers in an imitation of what he was doing to her in his mouth. His cock swelled more, the feeling of what she was doing on his chest

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