Praise for the

Scumble River Mystery Series

Murder of a Wedding Belle

“The latest carefully crafted installment...features a charming heroine who is equally skilled at juggling detection and romance.”

—Chicago Tribune

“Yet another winner. A great group of characters surround protagonist Skye Denison. . . . This series always brings a smile and this one is loads of fun.”

—CrimeSpree Magazine

“Ms. Swanson is quite crafty . . . a tightly woven mystery [and] page-turning read.”

Once Upon a Romance Reviews

“This book was very hard to put down. I enjoyed it tremendously and highly recommend it.”


Murder of a Royal Pain

“Denise Swanson’s Scumble River mysteries are always fun to read . . . a strong whodunit with solid twists.”

—Midwest Book Review

“A trip to Scumble River is like visiting with old friends . . . another entry into a fine series that is sure to be on most must-read lists.”

The Mystery Reader

“Scumble River mysteries are well constructed, well written, and each one is better than the last—and they’re just plain fun to read. Readers of cozy mysteries who haven’t read Denise Swanson’s books are in for a real treat when they do.”

Cozy Library

Murder of a Chocolate-Covered Cherry

“Denise Swanson neatly seasons the cleverly crafted plot of Murder of a Chocolate-Covered Cherry with a generous dash of romance as Skye’s relationship with Scumble River’s police chief, Wally Boyd, continues to simmer neatly along.”

—Chicago Tribune

“Top-notch storytelling with truly unique and wonderful characters.”

—CrimeSpree Magazine

Murder of a Botoxed Blonde

“With its endearing hero, terrific cast of realistically quirky secondary characters, and generous soupcon of humor, Murder of a Botoxed Blonde . . . is a delight.”

—Chicago Tribune

“Tight plotting and plenty of surprises keep this series on my must-read list.”

—CrimeSpree Magazine

Murder of a Real Bad Boy

“Swanson is a born storyteller.”

—CrimeSpree Magazine

“Another knee-slapping adventure in Scumble River.”

—The Amplifier (KY)

Murder of a Smart Cookie

“[Swanson] smartly spins on a solid plot and likable characters.”

—South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“[A] hilarious amateur sleuth mystery. . . . [Swanson] has a lot of surprises in store for the reader.”

—Midwest Book Review

Murder of a Pink Elephant

“The must-read book of the summer.”

—Butler County Post (KY)

“Current readers will appreciate the trip into Scumble River, while new readers will want to go back.”

The Best Reviews

Murder of a Barbie and Ken

“Swanson continues her lively, light, and quite insightful look at small-town life.”

—The Hartford Courant

“Another side-splitting visit to Scumble River . . . filled with some of the quirkiest and most eccentric characters we ever have met, with a sharp, witty protagonist.”

—Butler County Post (KY)

Murder of a Snake in the Grass

“An endearing and realistic character . . . a fast-paced, enjoyable read.”

—The Herald News (MA)

“This book is delightful. . . . The characters are human and generous and worth following through the series.”

Mysterious Woman

Murder of a Sleeping Beauty

“A smooth, pleasant, and ultimately satisfying book.”

—Chicago Tribune

“Another delightful and intriguing escapade.”

—Mystery News

Murder of a Sweet Old Lady

“More fun than the whirlagig at the county fair and tastier than a corn dog.”

The Charlotte Austin Review

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