«That's an idea.» He held to the back of one chair and studied the cutlery. «Sit down.»

He sat and she came and kissed him on the brow and went back to the kitchen.

«Well?» she called.

«Well, what?»

«How did it go?» she called.

«How did what go?»

«You know,» she said. «The big day. All those promises. Did anyone show?»

«Sure,» he said. «Everyone showed,» he added.

«Well, spill the beans.»

She was in the kitchen doorway now, bringing the bacon and eggs. She studied him.

«You were saying?»

«Was I?» He leaned forward over the table. «Oh, yeah.»

«Well, was there lots to talk about?»

«We ?»


He saw the waiting and empty plate.

And tears falling on the plate.

«God, yes!» he said, very loud. «We talked our heads off!»

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