Emma laughed, too. “Now what? Do we take our own men? Or maybe… just this once we could…”

“Swap partners?”

Emma’s blue eyes lit. “Could we?”

“Like, all the way? You’d let Blaze fuck me?”

“Just this once, and only because it’s you. What about you? You’ll let your guys fuck me, and you won’t come after me with a hatchet afterward?”

“Yes to the fuck. No to the violence.” She smiled, gesturing to the men and their poor, beleaguered erections. “But we forgot to ask them if they’re game. Boys?”

Three enthusiastic responses sounded in a chorus of “Hell, yes!”

Excited, Katrina walked over to her bag sitting beside her lounger, and brought forth the items she’d hoped they would be able to use: three condoms. “Here’s your team uniform, guys. Let’s play ball!”

Tossing two condoms at her lovers, she took one for herself and Blaze and sauntered over to him. As much as she loved her two men — and she loved them more than life itself — she’d been wanting this big, delicious man for some time. The fact that she could have him without guilt was a wonderful bonus. There was nothing wrong with playing, as long as everyone was on the same page, and Katrina knew they all felt that sex was to be enjoyed with no boundaries. Sex was a connection that should be celebrated.

He made room for her on his lounger by spreading his legs and putting his feet flat on the ground on either side. Sitting between his thighs, she admired his ropy muscles. A gorgeous chest and washboard abs. Flowing black hair. And he sported a huge cock, one of the biggest she’d ever seen.

“Want a taste?” he asked, his voice a low rumble.

“God, yes.” Taking the invite, she bent and swiped her tongue across the head, marveling at his salty taste. She sucked, enjoying the plum-shaped head, the smooth texture of him as she took him deeper.

Burying a hand in her hair, he pushed her head down, exerting control. It was scary but thrilling, so she let him set the pace, guiding her in giving him pleasure. Soon she was deep-throating him, using her inner walls to massage his length. He made an inarticulate noise and thrust faster for a minute, then gently pulled her off.

“Put the glove on me, beautiful.”

Fumbling for the packet she’d dropped, she tore it open, happening to glance toward the others. Her lovers were entwined with Emma, Michael behind her, eating her pussy, while Bastian fucked her mouth. They were lovely together and the sight fired her blood, made her so hot for the man next to her, she could hardly stand it.

After she rolled the condom over Blaze’s flushed cock, he sat on the side of the lounger and said, “Stand in front of me and spread your legs, honey. I’m going to eat that sweet pussy like I’ve been dying to do for weeks. And then I’m going to fuck you until you can’t stand.”

She did as she was told, hoping she didn’t come at the first touch of his tongue. It was close, but she managed to ride the waves as he licked her folds, teased her clit. He suckled the little nub and she almost lost control again.

“Spread wider.”

Bracing one hand on his shoulder, she put her feet farther apart. He dove in and really ate her, feasted in naughty slurps that had her hanging right over the precipice, ready to rocket out of control. A few more licks and he pulled back, took her hand.

“On the grass, over there.” He snagged his beach towel and led her to a nice grassy spot, and spread it out for her. Grinned in anticipation. “On your back.”

As she got into position, glad cries reached her ears. She and Blaze looked to see Bastian fucking Emma with enthusiasm, Michael doing the same to Bastian. All three were nearing climax.

Blaze knelt between her legs, cupped his big hands under her ass. “Does that make you wet, gorgeous, seeing them fuck?”

“Yes,” she whispered. She needed him so badly.

“Good. Does me, too. I need my cock in your pretty pussy.”

“Please fuck me!”

Lifting her as though she weighed nothing, he impaled her on his thick rod. Slid deep, parting and filling her. Yes! It’s so good.

“Yeah,” he moaned, closing his eyes. “So sweet.”

He began to thrust, impaling her again. And again. Harder and faster, until she began to come unraveled. Finally, she exploded, hurtling over the edge, convulsing around him. He came right after, jerking inside her, spurts of heat pumping on and on. At last they stilled, sated and happy.

He kissed her lips, smiled, and murmured, “Thank you.”

“Thank you. That was wonderful, and so are you. Emma’s very lucky.”

“So are your guys.”

Disengaging, he tied off the condom and tossed it to the edge of the towel to dispose of later. They looked to their lovers to see them tangled in a sweaty heap, in much the same state of euphoria as she and Blaze.

After a few moments, Emma got up, her signal to switch places. Katrina rose and met her halfway, and they shared a hug.

“Just once?” Katrina whispered in her ear. “You sure we can’t ever do that again?”

Emma laughed. “Well, I’d say we can keep our options open. If that works for you.”

“Oh yeah.” She kissed her friend’s cheek and joined her men on their towel, which had also ended up in the grass. “Have fun?”

“Christ, that was hot!” Bastian enthused. “Not just us, but seeing you with him.”

“Not that I want to swap so you can be with him all the time,” Michael said with a hint of possessiveness. “But, yes, it was fun.”

“How did I get so lucky?” Leaning into them as their arms came around her, she soaked in their love.

Michael kissed her hair. “I think we all did. It’s not too often people get another shot at love or life. I don’t intend to waste a second of loving you both.”

“Neither will we,” she promised.

“Damned right,” Bastian said.

“I’ve got something to ask you both,” Michael began, suddenly sounding unsure. “I’m not very good at this kind of thing, but… will you two do me the honor of celebrating our commitment in a private ceremony? It would be here, with just a few of our friends. And I’d want you both to move here permanently.” He faltered, uncertain.

Twisting around to see his worried expression, she and Bastian shared a smile, and Bastian nodded for her to answer for both of them. “Yes, yes!”

They shared a group squeeze, and Michael sighed in contentment.

“Then there’s nothing else in the world I’ll ever need. Welcome home,” he whispered.

Pulling them down to rest in his arms, he proved there was, however, at least one more little thing he needed.

And they gave it to him, more than once that lazy afternoon. With love.

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