Acclaim for A. S. BYATT’S

The Matisse Stories

“Brilliant. … Byatt’s fiction, like Matisse’s art, pays close attention to colors and contours of surfaces, then probes beneath them to reveal further surprises.” — Newsday “Wonderful. … Like the best of Matisse’s works, these stories are luminous and illuminating.” — Miami Herald “A. S. Byatt’s three-tale sequence hits the imagination’s retina with all the vibrant splatter of an exploding paintbox. … Everywhere, scenes sizzle with chromatic intensity.” — The Sunday Times (London) “A writer of dazzling inventiveness.” — Time “These stories are multi-layered … and thought-provoking. … Byatt has achieved the result she wanted—a book that is every bit as rich and sensual as a painting by Matisse.” — San Diego Union-Tribune “Exquisite triptych. … The Matisse Stories

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