Slave of the Legion

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Copyright © 2010 by Marshall S. Thomas

Cover Art by Michael J. Sullivan

Starcharts by Hatton Slayden

Editing by Carol Woods

Layout Design by Michael J. Sullivan

ISBN: 978-0-9829180-0-5


First Printing: May 2010

To the American grunt

and to all our soldiers, sailors, marines and aviators serving around the world, and police and firefighters at home: May God walk by your side as you go in harm's way.

'People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.' — George Orwell

Praise for the Soldier of the Legion Series

'Marshall S. Thomas excels at creating memorable characters and horrifying, realistic battles in dark territories far from home. He skillfully shows readers the physical and psychological toll taken on the warriors who sacrifice everything to keep humanity safe. Each battle fought for humanity's cause, whether won or lost, brings Beta closer to a strange salvation. These futuristic warriors, like those of their past, face horrifying violence so others can sleep peacefully in their beds at night without fear. Thomas makes it clear that war is not all guts and glory, and that's why I say his Legion series is exceptional.'

— Midwest Book Review

'Though a part of a series, the author has done an excellent job of bringing the reader right into the story making it possible to enjoy without having read the previous book(s). Not always an easy task, but done marvelously well with this book.!'

— Writer's Digest

Books in the Soldier of the Legion Series

Soldier of the Legion

The Black March

Slave of the Legion

Secret of the Legion

Cross of the Legion

Curse of the Legion

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Crista Cluster, 1,400 light years from Sol

When the first Outworlder refugees approached the Outvac fleeing System oppression, the Crista Cluster beckoned them onwards with a view that appeared to form a starry cross in the vac. ConFree's ancestors settled those worlds as a free people and vowed in a Constitution written in blood to uphold liberty, justice and freedom, no matter what the cost, and to remain eternally vigilant against all forms of tyranny and slavery. The ConFree Legion

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