In Her Bed

Jan Springer

Chapter One

Dr. Elizabeth Brandywine sensed the men in her bedroom even before she opened her eyes. There were three of them, all gorgeously naked, their tanned bodies laced with corded muscles. She’d always loved a man with muscles, and these guys were loaded with them. Even their muscles had muscles. Oh sweet mercy, it was suddenly getting quite hot beneath her comforters.

Mixed emotions swept through her as her gaze drifted to the man standing in the middle of the trio. His gaze locked onto hers. She could read the hunger tensing his body. The intent flaring in his eyes.

Durango. He’d come back. He’d brought Landon and a third man. She knew why they were here.

A strangled sob tore at her throat. Would Durango push her past her boundaries this time?

In the early morning sunshine, their eyes glistened with unmistakable lust, and their huge cocks were fully erect as they stroked themselves and looked at her. Elizabeth swallowed against her nervousness and tried to calm her pulse.

Ethan Durango had returned, and she knew she’d regret it if she told him to go away again.

“Landon and I have been wanting you, Doc,” Durango whispered.

Landon. The man Durango had wanted her to sleep with before they’d both left. The man she’d wanted to have sex with, but didn’t dare because she hadn’t been ready to dive into that lifestyle.

“Are you naked for us beneath those covers, Doc?” Durango asked as he reached down and began tugging the comforters off her body. “I told you when I came back I wanted you naked for us, baby.”

Liz creamed at his words. Muscles in his arms bulged and her breath halted in her lungs as he began to pull on the comforter. Her heart began to thump madly as the cover dipped over her heaving breasts. The other two men tensed. Waited. Watched. Their heated gazes studied the comforter as it lowered.

Cool night air breathed against her breasts as she was revealed to them. The men sucked in their breaths with appreciation. Excitement burst through her, and she trembled. The covers continued to lower, and cool air breathed against her belly and then her pussy.

Oh God. She was completely bared to them.

His wild male scent swept around her as Durango climbed up on the foot of the bed, his calloused palms sliding up the insides of her ankles. His hands were like heat lightning shimmering over her flesh, and she automatically widened her legs for him. Her breath halted as she watched the other two men. They didn’t move. They stayed in their places, transfixed by what Durango was doing. They were watching. Waiting for their turn.

Oh God.

She moaned as Durango’s large shoulders pushed her thighs further apart as he moved into position between her legs. His bunched muscles ignited sensations along the insides of her legs wherever he touched, and he was touching everywhere.

“You know what we want, Doc. You know we want you,” he breathed.

She twisted against him, loving the erotic way his hot breath caressed her pussy. She tensed as the other two men suddenly came up either side of the bed. Her fists grabbed the sheets, knotting in them.

She shouldn’t let this happen. She shouldn’t. But she wanted to break through her walls and just cut loose. To finally find her sexual self and be free.

The two men were climbing onto the bed now, their big, strong bodies rippling with hard muscles. Her mouth went dry with increased nervousness as they lay beside her. She gasped and whimpered as each of them cupped one breast.

“Do you want us, Liz?” Durango’s deep voice caused all her nerve endings to stand at attention. She looked down over her tight belly to where his head was poised. Eagerness and readiness shone brightly in his eyes.

She wished she could say yes, she was ready. Wanted to say yes, but the words wouldn’t come out of her mouth.

The two men at her breasts continued massaging her mounds, squeezing her nipples until she ached for them to take her into their mouths. She arched against Durango as he lowered his head to between her thighs again. His tongue parted her labia and slid over her engorged, pulsing clit. He swept over her ultrasensitive flesh in slow erotic circles that had her pussy creaming and her body tightening with need.

His hands skimmed up and down the length of her hips, pumping her arousal. His lips sucked on her labia, making her thrust her hips against him. The sensations his succulent mouth created rocked her to her very core.

“All you have to do is say yes, Doc,” Durango said as he moved his mouth away from her hot pussy. He stared up at her, his face twisted in anticipation, his eyelids lowered to half-mast, partially hiding his lust-flared blue eyes.

“Please,” she whispered.

Her cunt clenched with a fierce need to be filled.

“Please, take me.”

Durango grinned with satisfaction, and her heart bounced with happiness. His large hands came off her hips and around to splay over her sensitized abdomen. She cried out as his head disappeared between her thighs again. Fingers spread her labia, and she fought for control as his mouth fused over her entire pussy.

The two men at each of her breasts were lowering their heads, and Liz cried out her satisfaction as two mouths melted over her nipples. Pressure and arousal mingled as they pressed their faces into her breasts. Their teeth held her nipples captive as they lashed their tongues against her there.

Sweet mercy, such perfection.

Her thighs tightened around Durango’s shoulders. Lifting her knees, she brought her feet up and over his backside, digging her heels into his rock-hard ass. She moaned as the bristles on his chin and cheeks rubbing her inner thighs sparked more arousal. She felt the same erotic abrasion from the two men sucking on her nipples.

She wrenched her hips as a finger slipped into her drenched channel. He brought his finger out and kept sucking her pussy. How he could do both, she’d no idea, but she loved the dual sensations of mouth sucking and a finger slipping in and out of her. The pressure on her breasts increased as the men cupped her harder, their mouths pushing into her pillows, their teeth clenching her nipples until the sweetest pleasure-pain shattered her senses.

She growled encouragement and ground her hips harder against Durango’s head, straining her upper body against their erotic mouths, bringing herself closer to orgasm. Her body grew hot and taut. She tensed and readied herself to come. Oh yes, she could feel it building now. She was going to come…

An odd squeak shot Dr. Elizabeth Brandywine right out of her erotic-drenched dream, forcing her to open her eyes. For the briefest second she embraced the flare of arousal tensing her body, loved the way a hand was clenched against her pussy, the other hand pressing on her left breast. She felt hot. So freaking hot and so sexually aware, she almost began masturbating.

Then reality crashed around her, and her arousal vanished. Something was wrong. The room was dark, too dark. She blinked wildly, trying to orient herself, and immediately heard the patter of rain, but nothing else.

Had she imagined that squeak? Had it been a sound in her dream? It may even have been a branch scratching against a window. Or maybe it had just been the couch springs squeaking as she’d shifted in her sleep?

Restlessness made her breathing unsteady, and she felt a chill in the air. That meant the fire in the hearth had died and it should be close to dawn now. In her occupation as a doctor, she was used to unexpected visitors at all times of the day and night, but people always knocked. Had she been so soundly asleep that someone had knocked and she hadn’t heard?

A soft rumble of thunder drifted through the room, and the creepy sound made her burrow deeper beneath

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