The Power of Mesmerism


Brackley Hall was a fine old place in the lovely country of Devon and had been in the possession of the Etheridges for centuries.

The park was beautifully wooded, and stretched down on one side to the coast, commanding in all directions the most enchanting views.

Mr. Etheridge was a man of some forty years of age, of singularly handsome appearance, and bore evident traces of the Italian blood which flowed in his veins. He had the appearance of a man having strong amorous passions, but his manners were as gentle as those of a woman, and he was universally popular throughout the whole county.

His wife was a woman of unusual beauty. Descended from an old Spanish family, she had married when but sixteen years of age; Mr. Etheridge having met her at the house of some friends, and as they mutually fell in love with each other, their united entreaties overcame the objection raised on account of her youth, and in fact the warm blood that flowed in her veins had ripened her beauty to an extent almost unusual in those of more phlegmatic races.

She was now in her thirty-fifth year, and in the full zenith of her charms. An exquisitely shaped head graced a neck and shoulders white as alabaster, large liquid eyes, and long drooping lashes, a nose of perfect form, and two ruby pouting lips that seemed made to be kissed.

Her form was magnificent, of commanding height, widely spreading hips, and a bosom of massive proportions, the firmness of which rendered stays entirely unnecessary; a fact that was evident on watching the rise and fall of those two lovely globes, their form being perfectly defined even to the nipples, beneath her well- fitting dress.

Her glance was electric, and it was impossible to meet her look unmoved, she exhaled an atmosphere of voluptuousness of the most maddening force.

Her daughter Ethel, who had left school in Paris but a few months, was the very counterpart of her lovely mother in her leading features. She had just completed her seventeenth year, and was of tall, graceful stature, with a perfect figure. The smallness of her waist contrasted perfectly with the ravishing fullness of bosom and wideness of hips. She had the liquid eyes of her mother, but they were suffused with a humidity that was perfectly maddening, and the expression of every feature of her lovely face and palpitating form spoke of a warmth of temperament and lascivious abandon that would have tempted an anchorite.

On a bright summer afternoon, in the year 18-, father, mother, and daughter were waiting at the railway station, anxiously expecting the arrival of the remaining member of the family, Frank, who, a year older than Ethel, had been finishing his education in Germany, and was now returning to take up his residence at Brackley.

At last the train arrived, and they hardly recognised the handsome, tall, and fine-looking young fellow who leaped out to greet them.

A few hours after reaching the house the parents noted a peculiar change that had taken place in their son. A dreamy languor seemed to have taken possession of him, in place of the exuberant flow of animal spirits that characterised him as a boy. He had a strange habit of looking as though he were endeavouring to read the very thoughts of those with whom he came in contact.

Mrs. Etheridge noticed this particularly, but thinking he was fatigued by his long journey, made no remark. But the most remarkable effect was produced on Ethel; her brother seemed utterly unable to remove his eyes from her. Her singular beauty, and the nameless charm that pervaded her, seemed to have an irresistible attraction for him. Every time that his eye rested on her she trembled violently, and seemed labouring under some mysterious and powerful influence. Her lovely breasts heaved, and the humidity of her eyes increased, and she still seemed unusually excited after her brother had left the room in order to dress for dinner.

Some friends had been invited to dine, and Frank found himself placed between his mother and sister. He glanced alternately at the two lovely bosoms, well exposed by the low dresses each of them wore; and his face flushed, and he seemed for the moment about to faint, but almost immediately recovering himself, he proceeded with his dinner and joined in the conversation.

In the course of the meal he ventured again to glance at his sister, and as she was leaning forward he saw the lovely valley between those hills of snow.

He accidentally pressed his knee against hers, she immediately looked at him fondly, and her breasts rose and fell tumultuously as she mechanically pressed closer to him.

Nothing further happened on this occasion, but they had a most charming evening in the drawing room, and Ethel and Frank seemed to have formed a more than usually close friendship. They had not seen each other for four years, and their reunion seemed a source of the greatest delight to both of them. Mrs. Etheridge also inspired her son with the most intense affection.

Before retiring for the night Frank proposed an early walk on the grounds, as he was anxious to renew his acquaintance with all the spots so attractive to him when a boy, and Ethel joyously assented. Six o'clock was agreed to, which would leave them two good hours until breakfast time.

When Ethel retired to rest she was in a state of wild excitement and could not banish her darling brother's image from her thoughts.

At length she fell into a troubled sleep, and after tossing wildly about, awoke suddenly and found that she was spending, her nightdress and chemise were saturated, and her lovely cunt was throbbing with the extasy. She was no stranger to this sensation (as the reader will subsequently learn), as she habitually produced the result with her fingers; but this emission seemed more madly exciting than any she had ever felt before, and was produced without the usual means. At length she fell asleep again, but dreamt continually of her brother.

He, for his part, was mentally exercising a power he had acquired in Germany (the peculiar circumstance of the manner in which he gained this knowledge will be duly explained later on), and this was sufficient to account for his sister's condition.

Punctually at six o'clock on the following morning, brother and sister met in the hall. She threw herself into his arms and embraced him with great affection. 'You darling brother,' said she, 'how glad I am to have you back with us; it seems like a new world to me.'

'My dearest sister,' replied he, 'it is I who am the happy one, I cannot express to you the delight and happiness I feel in your society, after so long an absence.'

After embracing again they started on their ramble; Ethel pointed out all her pet flowers and every spot that she liked, until they found themselves, at length, in a charming little grove overhanging the beach.

'Frank, darling,' said she, 'I have a headache; shall we sit down here and rest a short time until it goes away?'

'Certainly, my darling, and I think I can relieve that headache by a simple expedient I learned in Germany.'

He then sat down opposite to her, and taking her two thumbs held them in the palm of his left hand, while with the right he made passes from her head to her feet, at the same time gazing into her eyes with a literally devouring look.

As he proceeded the humidity in her lovely eyes increased until the eyelids at last closed, and her head sank on her bosom.

After continuing the passes for a short time longer, her brother, still keeping his eyes fixed on her, gradually allowed her hands to slip away from his, and fall on her lap. He appeared intensely excited, his nostrils were dilated, he breathed hard, and his eyes seemed to burn in their sockets.

He gently laid Ethel down on her back, and after waiting to satisfy himself that she was in a fast mesmeric sleep, he placed one throbbing hand on her hip, and gradually raising it till he found the lovely prominence of one charming bosom, then his other hand sought its companion, and he pressed those heaving hills of snow which he felt perfectly under her thin muslin dress. He next knelt down by her side, and brought her breasts fully to view; they were indeed lovely, the two little pink nipples were stiffly erected, and seemed wooing to be kissed. She wore

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