Virtus quaerendae finem rei scire modumque; Virtus divitiis pretium persolvere posse; Virtus id dare quod re ipsa debetur honori, Hostem esse atque inimicum hominum morumque malorum, Contra defensorem hominum morumque bonorum, Hos magni facere, his bene velle, his vivere amicum; Commoda praeterea patriai prima putare, Deinde parentum, tertia iam postremaque nostra.

25. IV. XIII. Dramatic Arrangements, second note.

26. III. X. Measures of Security in Greece.

27. IV. I. Greece.

28. Such scientific travels were, however, nothing uncommon among the Greeks of this period. Thus in Plautus (Men. 248, comp. 235) one who has navigated the whole Mediterranean asks - Quin nos hinc domum Redimus, nisi si historiam scripturi sumus?

29. III. XIV. National Opposition.

30. The only real exception, so far as we know, is the Greek history of Gnaeus Aufidius, who flourished in Cicero's boyhood (Tusc, v. 38, 112), that is, about 660. The Greek memoirs of Publius Rutilius Rufus (consul in 649) are hardly to be regarded as an exception, since their author wrote them in exile at Smyrna.

31. IV. XI. Hellenism and Its Results.

32. IV. XII. Education.

33. IV. XII. Latin Instruction.

34. The assertion, for instance, that the quaestors were nominated in the regal period by the burgesses, not by the king, is as certainly erroneous as it bears on its face the impress of a partisan character.

35. IV. XII. Course of Literature and Rhetoric.

36. IV. XII. Course of Literature and Rhetoric.

37. IV. XII. Course of Literature and Rhetoric.

38. IV. X. Permanent and Special Quaestiones.

39. Cato's book probably bore the title De iuris disciplina (Gell. xiii. 20), that of Brutus the title De iure civili (Cic. pro Cluent. 51, 141; De Orat. ii. 55, 223); that they were essentially collections of opinions, is shown by Cicero (De Orat. ii. 33, 142).

40. IV. VI. Collision between the Senate and Equites in the Administration of the Provinces, pp. 84, 205.

41. IV. XII. Roman Stoa f.

42. IV. XI. Buildings.

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