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Denise eased over onto her stomach on the queen sized bed and stared at the set of pictures that had been in the letter she’d read over and over.

Her eyes gaped wide while she studied the lewd photographs. She could feel Brian’s cock rubbing against her hip as he nuzzled closer and slid a leg up over her bare ass. The pictures, plus the contents of the letter they came in, had charged him up, if the hardness of his prick was an indication.

She sorted the pictures out, and wiggling her cute butt against his hardening cock, she muttered, “These pictures are disgusting!” Tapping one for emphasis, she added, her voice filled with primness, “Look at her! Laying on a bed stark naked, and playing with her own pussy!”

Brian eased on top of his wife, shoved his cock between her lovely, creamy, pinkish-white asscheeks, and chuckled, “Yeah, ain’t that disgusting!” Picking up another picture, he ogled it. “And look at this picture of Sharon’s husband, Duke. The bastard’s sure heavy hung, isn’t he?” There was a twinge of envy in his voice. From the pictures from their new pen pals, it was apparent that Duke Edwards had a king sized prick. It was as big as Brian’s, maybe even a trifle larger.

Denise’s interest perked up when she studied the large cock in the photo. It was a picture of Duke lying on a bed, holding his prick erect and grinning lewdly. Like Brian had mentioned, the man had a big cock. Her doubts still prevailed, however. She really wasn’t too interested in other cocks, big, or otherwise. She had her doubts about this whole swapping bit. She’d been dubious about swapping from the beginning.

“Maybe we should just forget about swapping, dear?” Her voice contained a measure of doubt, and fear of the unknown. At age nineteen, married less than two years to Brian Watson, she still felt like a bride. A lovely bride. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Five foot six and weighing one hundred and eighteen pounds of sheer curvy loveliness, she was a beautiful dreamboat.

It had bothered Denise and caused her great anguish when Brian had gotten on this swap kick a few months ago. He had conned her into giving it at least a try, and they had started a chain of letters with potential swappers through a swinger type magazine. After sorting through the many replies they’d received they had narrowed their choice down to a young couple named, Duke and Sharon Edwards. Letters and pictures had been exchanged, and now they were down to the nitty-gritty.

The actual setting of a time and place for a first swap session!

Brian frowned. Rolling his wife onto her back, he knelt between her legs. He teased his cock around her tiny crack without actually pushing inward. Fondling her lush titties, be smiled reassuringly at his adorable wife. At twenty-five, Brian was loaded with male charm and he had a big prick. A prick his pretty young wife adored.

Smiling down at her, he eased a small portion of his big rod into her tiny cunt, and whispered, “Hon, we agreed to give it a try!”

Denise felt her argument losing ground with each inch of cock he shoved into her hot pussy. Always it was like this. Whenever he wanted to get a point across, he eased his point into her. This turned her into jelly, and negated her case against swapping.

She gulped and sighed when she felt his huge cock sliding into her tiny twat. She made one last ditch effort to get her point across. “The Edwards seem so lewd. Even in their letters, and these pictures… ugh! They’re obscene. Maybe they’re too far out for us?”

He shrugged. “We’ll find out. Remember, our agreement is simple. If we don’t like their looks when we meet them, or they don’t like us, it’s no deal. No swap. So stop worrying.” He eased a few more inches of cock into her cunt and slowly gyrated. He was in no rush. They had all evening. Brian didn’t have a steady job. He was a wealthy young man, having inherited a considerable amount of loot upon the death of his parents a couple years ago. They’d been killed in an airplane crash.

Brian was a part time partner in a real estate complex in the city. He put in a few hours a day with his more active partners, and his time was more or less his own. And having plenty of leisure time on his hands, he did what came naturally. He kept up with the young, swinging set, dragging his reluctant young wife along with him.

He didn’t mind Denise’s shyness and the fact that she was somewhat of a square. He loved the pretty girl he’d married. He only wanted her to get into the swing of things with him.

Swapping was the current, in-thing to do. All his friends hinted broadly that they had tried their hands at it. He had resolved to try it, too. Now with any close friends-at least not at first. They decided to give it a try by corresponding with people through the secret codes of the swinger magazines. That way, it would be their little secret. If it turned out they didn’t like swapping, they could halt it with no damage to their reputations, and their close friends wouldn’t even have to know.

Denise sighed and ground her pussy around his cock and tried to suck more cock inward. She wiggled her cute ass forward, wrapped her creamy, white thighs around his hairy legs and pulled him downward. She grunted and groaned happily when his enormous cock slid inward. She beat a tattoo on his back and urged him to get with it. Time to argue about swapping later. Now was the time for fucking.

“Sock it to me, dear,” she whimpered, moaning and gyrating. She humped her pussy up and down eagerly. “Fuck the shit out of me, you, big bastard! Make me feel that cock! Fuck it to me! Now! Like wow… ooooooooh… aaaaaaah…” She squealed and moaned in delight when he ground his meat into her tiny cunt.

“I’m fucking you, slut!” he chortled happily, pounding his beef into her battered bush. His big cock slid hard onto her ditty and far into her tiny well. He always marveled that she had such a tiny cunt. As often as be tapped it, it still seemed tiny and tight.

Up. Down. He pounded his cock into tiny cunt. He bounced against her lush breasts while she wiggled and moaned. She whimpered, “Fuck me, dear! Fuck me. I’m getting so hot. Wow! Your cock seems so big tonight!”

He grinned knowingly. How right she was. Even talking about swapping had turned him on. The pictures of the couple they were about to swap with were lying around on the bed beside them. He got glimpses of the photos as he bounced up and down on his lovely wife. Glimpses of the exotic girl named Sharon, who, in her letters, implied that nothing was too far out for her and her husband to try.

He was fucking Denise, but his thoughts were on the unknown Sharon. The girl who promised him a wild time if he and Denise would visit them next weekend.

Small wonder his cock was surging hard tonight. He had half exacted a promise from Denise that she’d go along with the swap. A test hop. Closing his eyes and imagining she was the girl in the pictures, he rammed cock far into cunt. “I’m cuming, hon.! I’m cuming! Cum with me… now… “

Denise had been building up to this moment. Her two years of marital experience had taught her how to hold off until the right moment. The moment of climax. She ground her pussy tight against his spasming cock and unloaded a gigantic orgasm. Wrapping her feet around his hairy legs, she pulled him closer and closer and felt his big cock sliding all the way into her hot cunt.

Hot juices intermingled as the two lovers thrashed around on the bed. Again and again, he shot a wad of hot, sticky cum into her hot, sticky oven. Her internal juices intermingled with his. She pulled him to her in ecstasy and whimpered and moaned happily as she felt him coming and coming.

“I love you, dear,” she whispered, pressing lips. “I love you so much.” She beat a tattoo on his bare back and pulled him hard against her breasts. Her eyes misted with tears of happiness as she stared at him. It was a moment of great happiness and her heart was filled with emotional love while her cunt was being filled with cum. Moments to remember.

He grinned when he noticed the tears of happiness in her soft, brown eyes. She was such a tender, sentimental girl. An emotional little beauty. He kept his prick in her cunt as long as he could, still trying to push more cock in deeper and give with more juices. Nature finally prevailed. The stiffness receded. His cock grew limp. It plopped dejectedly out of the seething cauldron.

He eased from her lushness and flopped onto his back. “Like wow!” he breathed, panting somewhat from the exertion. “It was really something tonight!” He rested his hand on her still spasming pussy, and gently

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