First Utterings


Michelle D. Hudson

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First Utterings

Copyright © 2010 by Michelle D. Hudson

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First Utterings is dedicated to my parents, Marion and Alvin. In their own ways, my parents encouraged me to live beyond the measure of other people’s expectations. Even in death, their love and support comfort me.

This ebook is also dedicated to the people who visit my blog and motivate me to write when I lack confidence and cannot find the precise words. It is through their comments, critiques, and advice that I take the first step to sharing my work with a broader audience. I am eternally grateful for their correspondences via Twitter. Therefore, I extend heartfelt and sincere thanks to: Florence Iyinnbo, Liz Mnari, Khakjaan Wessington, Emmett Wheatfall, Steven M. Grant, Nevone Blount, Theron Kennedy, Evelyn N. Alfred, and Kerryanne Layne. Never underestimate the depth of your kind words.

I thank each of you but, above all, I thank God for every blessing and every adversary.

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First Utterings

A Ballad for My Students

It may seem corny or even creepy

But I have loved you since I first saw your name

Printed on white paper.

Permanently etched in my mind:

Henrietta Jones, Erin Plasiance, Maya Jones,

Christopher Holloway, Justin Jack, Kierra Hart --

The list is infinite.

Even when your names escape my tongue,

Your prepubescent faces remain.

Stained upon my heart. Unchanged by time.

There is just something about a teacher's students.

Once assigned to a specific class,

The teacher in me quickly searches for your potential,

Which I am confident exists.

Offering an earnest, clean slate

I beseech you,

Whoever you were last year -- for better or for worse --

Is no more.

The door is open.

And open to more than learning.

Take advantage of this opportunity to be whom you envision.

To be the person you desire. To simply



And when you are ready,

Ready to be more than your mind can comprehend,

Ready to allow God to work in your lives,

I will be there as your teacher.

In the sacred space of the classroom,

Where I am entrusted with your futures.

I invite you to reach for greatness, for

There is just something about a teacher's students.

Letter of Comfort

Dear Youth,

Thought I'd drop a line

to let you know you've got time.

So many cares cast upon lack.

Never fulfilled, you worry that you're fat

or unattractive or dumb.

Persecuted by every thought, your life becomes humdrum --

the same old routine.

Doubt. Want. Envy. Where's your self-esteem?

Your will to live rather than sit still?

Don't tell me you're going to permit this kill!

Don't you know you're all you need

to succeed

and soar beyond your wildest dreams?

You've lost your way or so it seems.

Luckily, you can change your fate in an instant.

Start by relying on the One that the Father sent --

Jesus the Redeemer. He only asks that you believe

for the things of this world you shall one day leave.

As temporary as the flesh,

this life is but a test.

So, right now I challenge you

to be bold, self-assured, and among the few

to scoff at mediocrity and sloth.

Baby, you're a boss!

More than that,

As you are, you're all that.

Love always,

Your Conscious

The Task

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