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Howard Longfellow

A dream

At the time of my twentieth birthday a very sad thing happened, my father died. His will read and executed made me comfortably fixed for the rest of my life.

I decided to go east and look that part of the country over, and summarily took up my abode at an apartment hotel in Baltimore. I did not expect to stay there long, but an adventure plus international complications changed my plans. I was there only about four days when wishing to make some purchases, I went to one of the department st‹ res and was attended there by a beautiful girl, whjse acquaintance I at once endeavored to gain.

She seemed agreeable to these plans and after seeing her every day for the next week, she invited me to her home to meet her mother.

A description of this beautiful girl would here be in order; she was above average height and of slender build. Her skin of very smooth, clear texture and dark with that beauty which comes with the natives and descendants of Southern Europe.

Her eyes large and sparkling, and so dark brown that at times they appeared black; her lips were full and red, not needing any artificial coloring; teeth white and even and glistening like an ad1 vertisement for any dentifrice.

Through her clothes her outline struck one, as with all of her lithe build her bodily contours were perfect, small, well moulded breasts, hips not too large but still very noticeable, hands and feet were so small and well shaped they looked as though they belonged to a child.

The mots wonderful feature of this wonderful girl was her hair; blue black masses of thick coils piled on her a crown that I know any woman would envy, and with an odor that was enchanting. I was overcome by these luxuriant masses of hair from my first sight of them.

Her invitation was readily accepted and arriving at a modest dwelling in a good neighborhood, was welcomed by her mother; as the evening progressed I learned that these two ladies were the last of a proud Spanish family, whose ancestors were among America's earliest settlers.

I failed to give you th ename of my new heroine, it was Isabella Gomez.

After a very enjoyable evening, as I was about to leave, Isabella asked me in the presence of her mother if I would like to spend the night in her bed with her.

I was taken aback, and thought surely she was jesting, making such a proposition within earshot of her mother. Her mother however turned to me and told me it was criminally cruel and unjust to keep a girl from a young man if she loves him, and that if she did not sanction it Isabella might just pick up with anyone and no telling what might happen to her.

I was surprised at this, but readily agreed to share the couch of so luscious a beauty.

We retired to the bed chamber and it was not long before we were both undressed and I was fondling the charms of this vivacious beauty. I was more entranced by her bared loveliness, her breasts stood out like twin mountains, tipped by voluptiously cherry red nippels, her motte was of the blackest I have ever seen and as she moved or walked the red lining of the lips hidden by her hair would peer through.

As we lay on the bed I could not restrain myself but plunged my face between her thighs to taste the sweet nectar secreted there. I licked at her vulva hungrily and as she parte dher thighs she let out little gasps of sensual delight.

Her undulating motions soon warned me her warm nature was receiving a maximum of pleasure and I continued with only one thought in my mind, to drink into my heart the very essence of her soul.

She was not long in rewarding my efforts, for with a convulsive shudder she filled my mouth and spattered my face with her delicious, creamy offering. I drained every drop from her and as I arose, she held me to her and begged me to stab her to the heart with my spear of love.

I let her guide me to her sheath and was soon riding with wild transports of delightful, satisfying delirium, the crest of her wave of joy. All too quick I reached my crisis and as I poured my soul into her waiting womb she was again raining her tribute to me.

When finshed, she fell on my cock and greedily licked it clean of our mutual juices which clung to it, and I lost no time in sucking from her the deposit I had just made.

I was in a heaven of delight in the possession of this salacious creature, and one stormy bout followed another until totally exhausted we fell asleep in the embrace of the other.

I was awakene dnext morning by feeling her lascivious lips encircling the head of my again rampant tool. I made no move and as she sucked and tongued me until nature exerted itself and I gorged her mouth and throat with the seething essence of my very soul, not a drop did she waste and only when she could get no more did she stop.

Smilingly she asked me if I liked it, my only answer was fiery hot kisses on every part of her I could reach. After again drinking from her mossy fount to her great satisfaction, we arose and dressed.

As we entered the room for breakfast, her mother plied us with questions and Isabella described in detail all we did. She seemed pleased at the report her daughter made, and affectionately kissed me and thanked me for bringing so much happiness into her young life.

These people puzzled me and one evening I asked Isabella's mother to assume us with a tale, perhaps of her own life. She readily agreed to tell us at a later time but not now; she would rather I heard Isabella's story of her life up to the present, adding that she always was intrigued by other peoples' narratives rather than her own.

Isabella answered that she had heard a dozen times in the last year and could not see why she wanted to listen to it all again. Her mother answered that her story was so romantic, while her own was just ordinary and drab, after another ten minutes of arguing Isabella finally consented to tell us of her adventures in the realm of Venus and as we settled back comfortably she started.

'I was educated in a convent, as has always been the custom of our family for centuries; at my fourteenth birth, I was packed up and taken aboard a liner in New York and started for Spain.

'I was alone with a first class ticket and state room; after three days the trip was becoming very monotonous; knowing no one and having no one to speak to, I was at my wits end to find something to do. Had I been a few years older or even had been older looking than I was, I would have had no trouble as to lonliness.

'Everyone was pleasant but that was all; I went to the library to get a book and as I went to the desk I collided with a man of perhaps forty-five years of age. He humbled himself to me for the accident and guessing why I was there offered to help me make a selection. We talked of books and writers and when he selected a book from the shelf and offered it to me he said, he had heard it was rather good and recommended it to me.

'I told him I had not read it and noting the author's name told him I had never read anything by him, though I heard that he wrote very good books; the one I had in my hand I remember was one of the year's best sellers. I decided to take it and as I left he told me he would meet there the next day and get my opinion of it.

'The next day I was back there and as I entered he came forward to me, I thanked him for his selection for me and told him I thought the story was very good, he smilingly thanked me in turn.

'I then laughingly told him I supposed we would have to be introduced to carry on an acquaintance and told him my name. He complimented me my parents taste in naming me Isabella, for it was on a little research of another by that name that was taking him to Spain. He then told me he was Gerald Matthews.

' 'Not the writer, whose book I just finished?' I asked.

' 'Yes, I am he, bu tplease don't think me vain for asking you to read my feeble efforts to amuse the public, but I do think the book you just finished is my best effort.'

'I told him I was flattered, to meet such a celrebrity and hoped to see more of him on the trip if he could spare me a little of his valuable time.

'After a bit more of books, he invited me to his stateroom as he had quite a collection with him of his favorites and they were all at my disposal.

I accepted readily and soon arm in arm we were walking along the deck, to a new adventure for me.

'Arriving at his room he opened one of his trunks and there were about fifty books of all descriptions in it. He took out a secret lining on the cover andl exposed severay more, informing me that these were forbidden in the

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