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Howard Longfellow

Life of Betty Compton

There was once a very beautiful lady, lovely of her breasts, which had sweet nipples of brown, but even more lovely of her cunt, which was narrow and of exceeding tightness; howbeit she was able to take in a prick of most surprising bigness. The lovely cunt of her had also a delicious odor like as the flowers in the garden of the houris. The lady was most fond of the pleasure of love, and was but ill served by her husband, who had many wivers and beside was greatly loving with a beautiful boy named Murad, whose fine bottom absorbed a large amount of the spunk from his prick, for he was indeed most passionately fond off buggering the boy. Though the lady was jealous of 'Murad she had a love for him too, and longed to feel in her tight slit his fine young cock. The husband of the lad was a good natured man, and not too strict, so after much thought she said to him: 'Husband, you know how great love I have to you and how it joys me to have you fuck me; nevertheless is not possible for you, who are married to so many lustful women, to satisfy them all without making in danger your precious health.

I wish you might poke me with your magnificent prick every day and every night, but then the others cause to complain would have. Now my husband dear, you do not object to us women amusing ourselves together and relieving our lust by rubbing cunts together until the hot juice flows out and trickles down between our legs. Now you have a beautiful boy who is to you as a wife in every way, and I gladly look upon him as such. Why then may he not be allowed the privilege of the others and be permitted to rub his organ against mine and even to penetrate it as some of the women do with their stiff clitorises?' The man replied: ' Why indeed should he not? We will share his love together. I should love to see him in your arms, playing the man, and then to fuck you in his sperm. We can all have sport together. I shall send for you tonight and you shall have your first taste of his vigor.'

That night the husband sent for the lady. Murad was present, a beautiful boy of fourteen. The man stripped the much loved boy. The woman made herself naked. Soon the lad was upon her and his fine slim prick buried in her twitching cunt. The man watched them, well pleased. He took out his tool and stretching the boy's little hole with his fingers plunged it into his bowels. He drove mightily at each stroke, sending the boy the full length into the womans below. At length Murad received the hot juice of his spunk squirted into the woman's womb. Then each cock is taken out. The man on his back in her cunt, and Murad taking his place behind her bottom. The woman thus attacked behind and before experiences the great delight until she is well drenched by the discharge of her two lovers at the same time. After this the lady ceased to complain of neglect, for Murad was always wil ing to give her relief with his pretty tool, and her husband loved her more when they shared the love of the boy., This is but a sample of the little charge translated from the Arabic or Turkish. Beside these tales, which are in common circulation among the people and which even the cchildren hear, it will be seen that the unexpurgated Arabian Nights are as English nursery tales, and even the 'Scented Garden,' the 'Book of Exposition' and the 'Old Man Young Again' sink into significance.

Take notice of what is said about Murad. Such boys are common among the Turks. All the wealthy men keep them. My little pupil told me about it, and says it is such an ancient custom that it will never be done away, as long as there are any Mussulmen.

He told me that his father had five boys at the present time, and had had many olhers. When they got to be to about sixteen he would replace them with younger boys, and he handed over six of them to Bushand Pasha as soon as they were old enough. At the time of which my young pupil and was promoted to the next vacancy. In speaking of these things Eddine told me that his tutor Tushan was always trying to get him to commit acts of sodomy with him, and was always feeling his bottom and taking hold of his cock and begging him to feel his. He told me that sometimes he complied when Tushan begged very had and taking in his hand, frigged him till spent.

But he said the fellow had such a tremedous tool that he was afraid of it and wouldn't let him bring it near his bottom.

'At least,' he added with a smile. 'Not till I am considerably bigger than I am now.'

While Eddine was telling me this he was sitting besides me. I put my arm about him and slipping the disengaged hand into his trousers, took hold of his cock. It was standing up bravely, and was of a very respectable size for a little chap. His smiling face sowed plainly that my freedom was very acceptable and it is difficult to say to what lengths I might not have proceeded with the boy had we not been interrupted. The boy's mother, who is Pasha's favorite wife, had sent for me, and I had to go.

I was in a very excited state from the talk I had vjust had with my young charge, and my blood was fi red by my all too fleeting touch of his penis. I saw not wanted for anything important, and the matter for which I was sent was attended to. I saw, however, that the lady was out of humor about something, and upon my asking if I could do anything to please her, she replied:

'No; I am provoked about those horrid boys. The Pasha will always keep them about, and they are insolent; they always need correcction. They put on all the airs of sultana-. Just as if I didn't have as fine a bottom as any of them, if the Pasha wants to shove his cock up the back way.'

I saw where the trouble lay. It was merely a case of Jealousy, a sense of charms slighted for another's.

'Yes,' she continued, 'I must punish one of them now. Just wait and see the brazen little son of a bitch.'

She rang a gong, and a very pretty Albanian boy of about fourteen appeared. She began to scold him and then ordered him to strip. He was soon naked, e nd she made him lie face down on a divan with his feet resting on the floor. She began to beat him with a little strap, but so gently that she could not have hurt him, hough his boyish buttock grew pink this jealousy, and whether it was not under the blows. I began to wonder if the cause of this punishment was entirely jealousy, and whether it was not combined with a large share of desire to gaze upon the firm, smooth nakedness of this attractive boy. He made no opposition and was quite passive under the strokes, only swaying his hips and wriggling his bottom a little. Finally she stopped her chastisement, and turning to me said.

'Just look at this impudent boy's bottom, that cheats us women of our dues. Feel that brown hole that sucks up the soothing balm that ought to quench our fires.'

I felt the firm cheeks of the boy's burn and then ran a finger very easily into his hole. While I was thus engaged the Pasha's wife for some reason or other left the room. The boy turned over on his back and I had a good view of his pretty, stiff cock, just shaded with the beginning of a manly down. He must have seen my desire in my eyes. Neither of us ouuld speak the other's language, but my eyes must have showed the lust that I felt. He stood up and dis8 played his beautiful stiff tool, whicch talked the best of French. He played with it one hand and began to raise my skirts with the other. I made no opposition, and allowed him to push me back on the couch with my skirts thrown up about my waist. I motioned him to take off my drawers, which he did in an instant.

Then with one bound the pretty naked boy was upon me. He pushed his cock at the first jab between the soft lips of my cunt, which I held open for him, and with one vigorous shove of his young hips buried half of his shaft. His beautiful flushed face was just above mine, and drawing his head down to my mouth I sucked in his fragrant lips. Another heave and his warm belly lay firmly pressed to mine.

We were just on the point of melting in a mutual discharge of love's juices when the Pasha's wife entered, followed by another boy about the same age as my companion. He was a very good-looking Ethiopian, another of the Pasha's favorites, and had been stripped naked, evidently preparatory to receiving such a whipping as had been given to my young lover.

The two newcomers stopped and watched us. They both began to laugh. At that moment both the ar9 dent boy on the top of me, and I thrilled with a sudden mutual ejaculation of burning sperm which wet the roots of his prick and his balls as it ran down, because my cunt was too large to be filled by his penis.

As we lay lanquidly clasped in each other's arms after this orgasm, the black boy, who proved to be very strong for his age, came up to us and with a migthy lift turned us both over.

He threw himself upon my back and I felt his hard tool battering at my arse hole. I felt his cock slipping in further and further, deeper and deeper, until it seemed to probe my very vitals. The vigorous cocks, the black one and the white, separated only by a thin membrane, seemed to be rubbing their heads together within me. At length the boy deluged my bowels with his hot sperm. Thrilled with the greatest ecstasy of bliss as I thus doubly drenched by the gushing ejaculations of my two little lovers, I melted in a long and thrilling spend.

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