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Howard Longfellow

Polly Moran's House

I was met at a country station by a springiest buggy drawn by a decrepit looking nag and driven by an ancient man who must have been eighty if a day.

'After another dusty journey of perhaps ten minutes we arrived at a village containing about thirty houses; on a hill beyond I saw what was to be my home, a large gray stone set of buidlings imposingly set upon the highest hill in the neighborhood.

'As we drew up to the gate it was opened by two nuns in habit and I had to descend at the gate and walk in, my baggage was taken by the nuns and the bugyg drove off. I was taken to the superior's office and m$t there a fine motherly old woman whom I liked at our first meeting, and who in my memory I still cherish. After the usual registry and questions, I was taken by a young novitiate and shown my room.

'I was informed that my room-mate a girl from Madrid, was not expected until the next day. My trunks and other baggage was in the room and my escort offered to help unpack and get things in order. I accepted her invitation and soon I was comfortably set in my new home. During the un1 packing this little nun asked me countless questions about America, and until I left I was held in awe by her and some of the other inmates, because I came from that great land across the sea.

'The next morning as I was preparing to go down to the garden, my room-mate arrived. She was accompanied by Sister Theresa (my escort of the day before) and very cordially greeted me at our introduction, her name was Nina Alvarez, and I was at once astounded by her beauty, she was of about the same height as I but a bit heavier in build, a very sweet face and a handsome figure, and her age sixteen.

'Her bagagge was not long behand her and at the Sister's offer to help her unpack she thanked her and declined her offer. As she left she told me with a knowing smile, she had too many intimate possessions that she did not want everyone to see and she hoped that I was of a discreet mind because If I was not sure she would have a hard time in the future.

'I was delighted by her frankness and I promised that I never bothered things that did not concern me. She seemed to like this answer, for she gently kissed me. She then said that for th operation, she must be comfortable, she locked the door and took off her clothing to her drawers and chemise and began her unpacking.

'I helped as much as I could and was hanging some of her dressed in a closet, when she called my attention to a box she held and said, 'Well dear, here is our husband for our stay here.' As she said this she laughed.

'I told her I did not understand her, and at this she seemed surprised and handing me the box told me to open it and examine the contents, I did so and reposing in the box was an exact replica of the male generative organs. I was surprised and she seeing the look on my face asked me if I never saw a dildoe before, I told her I had not and she told me that if I were willing she would soon show me what it was and its use.

'She had also a collection of pamphlets and pictures, such as Gerald had, and seeing all of this thrown into the company of a very salacious girl and far beyond her age in sex knowledge, as I soon discovered.

'There was only one double bed in the room, so that meant we would sleep together. As soon as she got into bed, she started talk of amorous escspades she had had, she coaxed me to tell mine and I related my only sexual experience I have ever had. She hugged me to her and told me she was glad L was not a prude as she had feared.

'We got on with our studies nicely, and at night, as the feeling moved us we indulged in some excitement with Nina's machine, I must tell you of the first time she used it on me.

'We both had been looking at the pictures and books and it was not long before we were both ready; Nina cried out, 'I must have my husband tonight, would you like some soothing stiffness for your little cunt my dear?'

'I said I would, and with that she was up and to her chest of drawers and produced the dildoe.

This machine was made of ivory covered with rubber, at its base was a pad covered with hair and below were two hollow rubbar balls, to the hairy base was attached straps for fastening it about the body of the one who played the fale role. I found out also that it could be fixed to the ankle and a girl could use it by herself in this manner.

'She next produced a bottle of white liquid, I later found that this was milk, she then got a small pan, she poured the liquid into the pan and then put the dummy cock in after heating all over our capades she had had, she coaxed me to tell mine lamp. I watched this process with interest, as it became the temperature desired, she took out the dildoe and filled one of the balls with the warm milk, she then told me to strap it about me.

'We lay on the bed together and proceed as near as possible the love play between a pair of lovers, at her request I mounted her, and as she spread her thighs I got between them and directed the priapus to her waiting cunt, her quim engulfed the machine and it was not long before she was begging me to squeeze the balls and shoot the warm fluid into her.

'As she finished she kissed me and thanked me lovingly, feeling her movements and knowing of her enjoyinment added fuel to my burning desires, I asked her to hurry and perform the same operation on me.

'This time I lay on the bed and without any preliminary play she filled the tool and mounting on me drove it to the hilt in my burning cunt; oh, how good it felt to again have something plunging into your insides. I was twitching and shoving with her movements, delighted at the play of her loins, and in my rapture I forgot to tell her when to press the bulbs, the hot blood raced through my veins, my juices came down in torrents of blissful feeling.

She did not let up but watched me closely as she plunged that heartless instrument deep into my womb, she pressed the globes at just the time when the essence of my body was about to break forth, for the tenth or the hundredth time I don't know.

'I was greeted with this warm fluid deep within me, I thought my heart stopped beating, I lay gasping for breath as she poured it into me and my liquid relief came back at her. I was overcome at the success of an inanimate object giving so much pleasure.

'We made use of our 'husband* as we called it, at least three times a week, until we went to Nina's home at vacation time. We never in our indulgences took anyone else in our secrets, and we formed no intimate acquaintances, of course we knew and spoke to everyone, but that was as far as we ever went with them.

'The summer of the next year, 1914, brought a lot of changes to my life in addition to meeting the only one I have ever loved until I met you, dear Roland, I had to come home from school; I will tell you these things in the order of their happening.

'The first of July we were given a holiday period to visit our homes, we were to return the first of August, that would mean if I went home all my time would be spent in traveling to say nothing of the expense of the round trip from and to Europe.

'Nina invited me to visit her home and use it as my own; I accepted her generous invitation and as we arrived at her family's country estate we were warmly welcomed by her mother and father. I later met two younger sisters and an older brother Juan.

I was at once overcome by his masculine beauty and fell deeply in love with this Spanish Adonis.

He was all of six feet tall and built in proportion, dark complexioned and with dark brown hair and eyes; the names of the two girls were Margaretia, aged ten, and Dolores, who was eight.

'The parents were very pleasant old folks and made my stay with them a real pleasure, they treated me as a daughter and my every wish and whim was anticipated by the servants.

'Juan lost no time in making ardent love to me, the day after our arrival I met him in the garden and he became very gallant at once. As the sun was very warm he led me to a bowed and as we sat side by side on the bench, he put his arm about me and tried to kiss me, I was not against this treatment but Idid want to wait awhile before becoming too intimate with him. He vowed love at first sight for me and told me in all the floweryphrases of his language how beautiful I was.

'I allowed him only my hand to kiss which he kissed passionately. We then arose to resume our walk and as I gained my feet, he took me into his arms and pressed a hot kiss on my lips, I upbraided him for this in a coquettish manner and he excused himself saying he lost his head at my beauty. I excused him secretly hoping he would do it again, but he did not and we left. We had gone only a short distance when he excused himself from my presence

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