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My first lay

We were walking down a very busy street when we noticed two very pretty girls eyeing us. We smiled at them and they blushed and returned our smiles. We at once saw that they were not street walkers and also that by their looks neither was more than eighteen or nineteen years old at most.

French they answered us in perfect English; we were pleasantly suprised at this, and asking them to join us in a bit off refreshment they agreed.

As we sat sipping our drinks they told us their names were Denise and Olivette de Mauverlin, cousins attending a young lady's academy in a village about ten kilometers distant from the city and had to be back on a train that left shortly. We asked them if we could accompany them, and they coquettishly told us to suit ourselves.

'But,' Denise added, 'we would like to have you, and I am sure we can manage to see you thisevening. ing the local train with them were soon on our way.

After three stops we arrived at our station and got off. We walked with them to the school, which we found to be a cluster of large old stone buildings entirely walled on all sides.

They took us down a blind street to a small gate in the wall and told us they would meet us there at eight that evening. It was five when they left us, and with three hours to dispose of did all we could to make time pass the quicker.

We were at the appointed spot fully a half hour ahead of the time and after a short wait the girls noiselessly opened the gate and let us slip into the grounds. We were warned to be as quiet as possible as they were going to take us to their room, where it would be safer for all of us. We went up a back stairs to the third floor and there entered their room.

After entering the room the door was locked and all of the lights extinquished except a small desk lamp, lighted the place enough for us to see each other. This was the girl's idea as they said they had seen some sights in the other buildings in the past.

We sat side by side on the beds of the two girls, I with Olivette and Tom with Denise. I soon had my arms about her and she was reciprocating the gentle kisses and caresses I was bestowing on her face and neck (I had not had any connections with the opposite sex since I left Isabella, as I never could stand an out and out prostitute.

You can imagine the feelings aroused by this beautiful girl. She clung to me lovingly and as I let my tongue glide between her lips I could feel her body tremble with purient emotion.

My hands found the swell of her breasts and she aided me iu freeing them from her clothing for my gaze. I was enraptured by the sight of the small firm mounds of pink tipped loveliness and lost no time in covering them with kisses. I disentangled myself from her arms for a moment to take off my leggings and shoes.

We lay down and she snuggled to my side. My hand again wandering, explored her plump hips, and stole down to the hem of her skirt. She again assisted me by setting up her hips and slipping from the top of the dress, lay down and raised her hips and slipped it from her. She had on now only a thin chemise, the folds of which I soon had about her neck, and leaning on my elbow viewed her perfect plump form.

She was dark complexioned and of medium height, full limbed and as I said plump but solid, and without excess fat anywhere. Her hair was black, her hands and her feet very small, her age she told me was seventeen. I was spelled bound at the beauty of her nude form and whispered loving compliments into her small ears.

I knew I could not hold myself much longer and arose and divested myself of every piece of my clothing. She seeing this took off her stockings and chemise and we again were in the arms of the other, our hot skins burning the naked flesh of the other.

I covered her body with kisses, hesitating to suck her breasts and tickle her naval with my tongue. As I descended on her moist furrow she became more and more agitated, and as I placed warm kisses on her shrine of love she begged m eto give her the spear she held tightly in her hand.

Galley Two…

I again came up to her face and as I did she drew me onto her body and guided me to that bower between her thighs that I wished so much to pry into and explore. As I was about to enter we were both attraced to the other bed and saw that pair in the violent grip of their mutual passionate discharging moment.

This seemed to fire both of us anew and as she put the head of my member to her lips I bored in with vigorous pushes. She sighed her delight and shook her loins to meet my thrusts. I kept driving my tool in and out of her and she was soon in the frenzy of divulging her soul's essence, and after my long abtinence drove into her and delivered such a dose of my seed I thought it would never stop.

She wriggled and twisted at each throb of my member and again drenching it in arain of her moisture.

We then arose and cleansing ourselves, lay on the beauty told me I was only the third man that had bed again to resume love's play.As we lay there my ever entered the portals of her grotto. I as usual sensing a stroy, begged her to tell me of the other two. She did not see mto want to tell me and when our bantering became audible to the occupants of the other bed, they joined on my side, at last she surrendered..

'Well, if you insist, I suppose I will have to be a perfect hostess and please my guests. I will start with what led me to entertain thoughts of the male sex.

'There is a this school a secret society in which all girls are sooner or later introduced. I am now the high Priest, but as my tale opens I was a little girl of fifteen. At this time I knew nothing of the society and thought less of men.

'Imagine my suprise one day as I walked into my room to find a sheet of paper with a printed message such as this on it:

' 'You are eligible for membership of the 'Daughters of Venus.' The rules of this order are:

'1. It is conducted with utmost secrecy.

' '2. You must be ready to obey any order that the officers of this organization command you to perform, regardless of its seeming repulseness to you.

' '3. No sister will ever mention this order except at regular meetings, except the officers who have to call meetings and for no reason take it off-.

' '5. No one who is not a member will be in any informed of meetings or places of meeting.

' 'If you wish to conform to these requirements come to room 208, this building, at 8:10 on Thursday next.

' 'If you will at that time be in the midst of a periodic ailment wear in your hair a red ribbon at all classes until then. If you wear white it will tell us you will be well.

'THE HIGH PRIEST.' 'Having no idea as to what I would come in contact with and gifted with abundant curiosity, I prepared myself to be at the appointed place at the time set.

'Arriving there I knocked at the door and as I entered was accosted by two masked figures, both dressed as I was and both wearing red bands on their right arms. They blind folded me and led me out into the hall. As we reached the center of it they turned me several times to make me lose my sense of direction and then led m eoff, I knew not where. We had taken only about thirty steps when they opened a door and told me to enter. I heard the door close and a voice commanded me to remove my bandage from my eyes.

'I did so and was greeted with a brilliant light that near blinded me except for this light was in darkness.

'I was next commanded to remove my only garment and move forward. As I did the lights went on and I found myself in the center of about twenty nude girls all masked. There was a table at one end of the room on which was spread a blanket and a pillow.

'As I drew near I noticed one of the girls with a white mask and an apron hanging from her waist coming half way of her thighs, she bid me to come around the table and kneel on the pillow at her feet, doing this she began questioning me.

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