Mary Rayne

Trio of tales: erotically ever after


Red, named because of the flaming color of her hair, walked into the dense, dark forest. On her arm, Red carried a picnic basket filled with all sorts of goodies for the evening. She was on the way to the house her grandmother willed her after passing away a month before. She thought a nice walk through the forest that surrounded the house would help ease the grief she felt due to her loss and remembering the good times she spent there in her childhood years.

A slight breeze blew through the trees, rustling the leaves. The birds perched in the branches above sang their musical songs. The fragrance of wild flowers floated in the air. The snap of a twig drew silence from the forest. Red stopped to listen, looking around at the thick foliage. Seeing nothing, she continued on her way only to stop again when the sound of another twig breaking sounded. This time she slowly turned in a circle.

Once turned in a complete circle she found a tall form standing before her. “Oh!” She gave a cry, her hand jerking to her chest where her heart was pounding wildly.

She’d not heard his approach.

Red’s gaze started at his booted feet, the tops tucked under the tight, black leather pants that hugged his muscular legs. Going further up, she found a black leather vest covering his chest showing a hint of chest underneath that was dusted with dark hair. Her mouth practically drooled at his powerful arms, their definition marked by tattoos on his biceps. His left arm was branded with the head of a gray wolf. His right arm brandished the full body of a wolf.

Red tore her eyes from the markings, moving them up his long neck to a chiseled jaw that held two days growth of hair. His lips formed a crooked grin. His eyes nearly took her breath away. As she gazed into them, she felt like she was drowning in the gold-flecked pools of brown. She’d never seen any quite like them, their color unique.

His hair was worn long, the dark strands, black as night, falling unruly around his face.

It finished off his wild and dangerous appearance.

“Where are you going my little pretty?”

Red nearly fainted with the harmonious low sound that drifted from his voice. It was hushed and husky, but its tone smooth.

“I…” Her voice cracked making her clear it before speaking again. “I’m going to visit my grandmother’s house.”

Red watched his heated gaze trail down her body before coming back up to meet her eyes. She suddenly felt uncomfortable with the outfit she’d decided to wear. The maroon skirt felt too short, it’s hem flaring out inches about her knees. The neckline on her sleeveless tan shirt felt too low-cut, her ample cleavage peaking out. Her calf high black boots even felt too tight under his inspection.

“What’s in the basket?” he asked.

Red licked her suddenly dry lips. Her eyes strayed to his lips, noticing the small scar over the right side of his top lip. She wanted to reach out and touch it, to trace his lips.

“Just some snacks for later.”

He nodded. “Well, I hope your visit goes well,” he said, with that irresistible half grin before continuing down the path.

Fifteen minutes later Red arrived at the small cottage that was concealed by vines and foliage creating a cozy atmosphere. But her mind was no longer thinking of the house or the comfort the forest gave her; only of the dangerously untamed man she had passed in the woods.

* * * *

Connor’s hand trembled slightly, and he felt his stomach tighten. He let out a shaky breath and steeled himself for what lay ahead. Since seeing her earlier he couldn’t get her out of his mind. The way her hair glimmered in the sun while her green eyes gleamed brightly as she looked up at him. Grasping the knob, he pushed the door silently open.

With the curtains drawn and the setting sun, the cottage was darkened, only the reddish-orange illuminated the edges of the curtains. He stood silently within the doorway allowing his eyes to adjust. Looking around, he found the hall and saw a dim flicker of light coming from the end. Soundlessly, Connor moved through the cottage after making sure the lock was secured. He didn’t favor the thought of interruptions.

The dim flicker of light continued from a room off the hall. His breath stopped as soon as he was washed with its glow. There were three candles set around the room, their golden light illuminating the room eerily. He could smell her musky scent of desire before his eyes located her. A low rumble rose from his throat as his eyes beheld her loveliness.

She lay in the center of the four-poster bed, her eyes closed, and her chest rising and falling steadily. Her face was relaxed in sleep, her thick lashes lying upon her cheeks, and her thick lush lips parted slightly. Connor let his eyes graze over her body and felt the heat rise in his body, pooling in his groin.

She lay upon her back with her red locks scattered around her head like a halo, her face turned away from where he stood. Her arms were raised and resting comfortably on the soft pillow. His gaze lowered to the black silk bra she wore and felt his groin tighten in response. The position of her arms and the silky material pushed up the abundant flesh accenting her cleavage. Lowering his gaze, they traveled over her taut stomach and small waist reaching a black garter belt. Its thin straps attached to black stockings that clung to every curve of her lean legs. She wore no panties and with her thighs slightly parted as they were, he had a perfect view of her smoothly shaved folds. Lastly, his eyes took in the pair of black stiletto heels encasing her feet as heat devoured his body.

Connor took in the sight of her, his body reacting strongly as his length strained against his pants. He ached to take her, to thrust deep into her body and rock her until she cried out in pleasure. Balling his hands into fists he took a deep breath to calm his body, only making the mistake of looking at her parted lips. They were painted red and he could almost feel them wrapped around him, her breath warm and moist as she sucked him to oblivion. His body shook as he took another breath, this one deep and cleansing to push the image from his head. It worked for a brief second before the image of her tongue lapping at one of his nipples while her nails bit into his flesh flashed clearly in his mind. Connor shook his head pushing back the image of her writhing body, his body trembling in anticipation.

He squelched the rising growl and turned his attention to the bed. It was perfect for what he had in mind. Reaching into a pocket, Connor pulled out several strips of material. He went to the nearest post at the head of the bed and secured one end to it before silently walking to the other side and doing the same with a second piece of material. With the softest touch manageable, he raised her arm a little further and secured the free end around her wrist. She shifted on the bed and gave a small moan, spurring Connor into action as he swiftly anchored the other wrist like the first.

The woman shifted again, but finding that she could not lower her arms her eyes opened and met with those of brown pools flecked with gold.

“You,” she gasped.

He placed a finger over her lips shushing her. He straightened and moved to the end of the bed to admire his catch. She stayed silent as he eyed her chest heaving with heavy breath. She watched him with hooded eyes, only a sparkle of green showing, hiding her emotions and thoughts. Her tongue darted out to wet her dry lips, making the red color glisten in the candlelight. Her body trembled slightly at the predatory look in his gaze.

“Beautiful.” He hissed softly as he removed his vest and managed to discard his boots with haste. With the stealth of a wild cat, Connor kneeled on the bed, parting her legs further more with his knees, and crawled up her body until he covered her; his leather-encased length nestled tightly against her folds.

“What exotic eyes you have.” Her voice came out thick but soft, and holding a slight tremble. His fingers

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