Friends in married life

Chapter 1

Our First Exhibition In Front of Best Friends

We were in our 16th year of marriage. I am married to Jay and we have a wonderful kid. However, our marriage was at the verge of collapse. Our intimate relationship has not taken place for almost 19 months. Jay is great husband who helps me with all kinds of house chores, etc. I like all that because after caring for the kid during the day, any help is great for me.

Jay attempts to come close to me intimately, somehow I do not feel the need specially that late in the night. Frankly, I do get some excitement during the daytime when Jay is at work. By the time he is home all that excitement vanishes as I get tired kid care and cooking etc. The stress between us has been growing for so many months and we were growing apart.

This Christmas holiday, my childhood friend Nishi along with her husband Rohit and a kid (same age as my kid) came to visit us. They drove for four hours to arrive at our place to stay with us for three or four days. It was a great feeling to see Nishi after few years. We have been in contact via phone, email etc. regularly, so we knew lot of things about each other anyways. Rohit and Jay have met before many times in last 15 years of our married life.

Around 9 PM we put kids to bed and sat on the sofa to relax. Jay and Rohit started to discuss sports and politics. Nishi and I started to comment about each other.

Nishi commented, “Why are you looking so dull, looks like Jay is not taking good care of you.”

I said, “No, I am fine. You certainly look bright. What’s the secret? I get so tired.”

Nishi said, “No secret, we just figured out that even if we are tired, doing crazy things make life happier. Even if I am in mood, I go along with Rohit and his desire and now slowly I have started enjoying it again. My days go fast now.”

“Right Rohit”, exclaimed Nishi.

“What are you saying Nishi?” asked Rohit

“I was telling why I look bright because you take good care of me, after the kid go to sleep. Looks like Jay is not taking care of my friend.” said Nishi

Rohit smiled and winked at Nishi. I could see the chemistry between them. Rohit commented, “I am sure Jay takes cares of your friend well. He is so athletic and intelligent.”

Nishi added, “Really, let me see has he grown younger instead of older”.

We all laughed at the comment. Around 11:30, it was time to take rest as Rohit and Nishi were tired. We showed them their room and we went into our room. Our apartment has one bathroom that is shared between the two bedrooms. After a few minutes, Jay went to the bathroom and rushed back fast and shut the door behind him. I saw his face with an expression I have not seen before. He looked like as if he has seen something very bright and hot. Jay was only wearing a short, when he went to the bathroom. I happened to glance below and I could clearly see that his love master was all in attention.

I asked, 'Jay, what happened?'

He responded, 'Nothing, I should have knocked on the door before entering. Nishi was there changing clothes.”

I said, 'Oh, I see. It's OK, she realized by now and next time she will be careful. You wait till see clicks the door.'

Jay lay next to me and as he turned towards me, I could feel on my back his Samurai master is more than ready to tear something apart. As we turned light off, his hands started wandering over my t-shirt that was rising over my love hills. As usual, I was not interested in any romantic activity but the movements of his hands and the push of Samurai master was different from normal days. Also, the comment from Nishi earlier today made me relax little bit. A thought crossed my mind; Jay’s love master seems to more in attention then his normal days. I wondered did he see Nishi in some state that is caused him to get so excited.

I asked, 'Hi Jay, what's different about you today. You are more excited than other days.”

Jay responded, 'Nothing, I did not know she was there, neither did you.'

I said, 'I know, I am not blaming you or her or anyone.”

“What state was Nishi when you got in the bathroom? Just tell him, do not worry', I asked.

Jay said, 'She was facing towards our door, when I opened, and see had just taken off all her garments and was standing looking at the mirror, so I had a full view of her.”

I said, 'I see. It's all right. Did you notice she has love hills larger than mine? I feel she has slightly more plumb then mine, she has maintained herself well.'

I noticed, that during this conversation, my own cherries on top of the love scoops were getting stiffer. A weird feeling was going through me. I had never had such thoughts or reactions so far. I went along with my thoughts. I decided to make Jay happy today, as some internal excitement in me was also happening. So, I got up from bed and turned the night shades on and removed my Sari and came close to Jay and gave him few kisses and slowly lowered my hands to feel of the Samurai master, who was raising a battle inside the shorts.

I freed the master by sliding down his shorts. Jay gently pulled me towards him and freed my lovely brown scoops from the silken cups covering so far. As his hands started to catch the cherries on the scoop, I slowly moved to get a mouthful of the long standing head of the pumping apparatus, so it ready for entering the bushy g arden of Eden, that is still wrapped in silken wrap.

As I slowly, twirled, twisted and bite with my lips on the master's head, Jay, bent over and slowly undid my silken wrap. He slowly moved his hands and fingers to feel the thickness of the bush through which he had to find the entrance to the love tunnel. As he put three fingers into the entrance of the love tunnel, I gave out a little cry slightly louder then normal and in the process, I opened my mouth and the Samurai master, just popped its head in front of my face.

Jay said, 'ssshhh, there are people in other room.'

I said, 'Door is shut'. Then I looked towards the door, and I see that door is not really shut, but just closed enough but I could sense that someone is outside the door watching us. A more exciting feeling ran through my spine and I got even bolder, for some reason. Without telling Jay that someone is watching or door is shut, as he really did not care that this time, as he was going to get something after so many months that he just wanted to get taste of my love juices.

I asked Jay to move little bit, so I can sit on the bed across at an angle, so the person who is viewing from outside can have somewhat more view of me. Then I asked Jay sit facing me and put his legs over my tummy, so I give Samurai master a massage with my hands and Jay can explore my amazon jungle with all his might army of fingers. I did this on purpose, so the viewer can see it. Jay was focused on his task with one hand of exploring the Amazon forest and with other on twisting the cherries.

As I massaged the Samurai master, I could feel that the results of massage was being delivered soon, and Jay did not allow me to stop and all the tasty juices came all over my tummy and my hands. In our younger days, I used to drink up the juice from the source and it made us ecstatic. I could feel the motion of exploring fingers in the Amazon was getting slippery and soon Jay took out all five of his fingers and I heard some air motion and it felt that both Nishi and Rohit were watching us. (I will find out later, it was true).

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