The adventures of Lady Harpur Vol.1


First Experiences

My father possessed a large and flourishing estate on one of the West Indian islands before the emancipation of the slaves.

My baptismal name is Charlotte, but from the fancied likeness to a picture of the English queen of the name, my father called me Queenie, which pet name has clung to me ever since.

The first event of any importance in connection with my subject which I can remember occurred when I was about ten years old. I had then a black nurse called Dora, in whose charge I was especially placed. It was from her I learned that my mother, who died soon after my birth, had been a favourite and very handsome slave, nearly as white as a European, and that I greatly resembled her.

My father was king to me, though I did not see much of him, for he was often away on business; when he was at home, he used to send for me to come to him after dinner, when he would set me on his knee and make me sip sweet rum toddy. He liked tickling my thighs and pinching my bottom, he said, as it made me laugh and look merry; but one evening after his second glass he placed me astride his lap with my back towards him and my dress pulled up, that he might feel the warmth of my bottom there. I laughed and thought it funny and let him settle me as he wished. Then in a short time I felt a hot stiff thing poking up between my thighs and rubbing against my slit in such a way as even then to cause such a strange tingling there that I told my nurse of it when she was putting me to bed. She laughed and said massa wanted to do to me what he had done to my mother before me.

'Oh nurse, do tell me what papa did to mama.'

'Never you mind, missy, you'll know time enough.'

'Tell me now, nurse, you know I am past ten and the other day, when you were wiping me after the bath and were looking in between my legs, you said that I was grown quite a little woman; look again, nurse,' I said, lifting up my nightdress and spreading my legs, 'had mama a little slit in here, like I have, and did she let papa rub it for her?'

'What a funny child you are, Miss Queenie! You're indeed a large and well-made girl for your years and your mama did enjoy a rubbing there more than anyone I ever saw and, unless I am very much mistaken, you will be just the same,' then stooping down, she put mer hands under my bottom and raised me up and plunging her face between my thighs began to kiss the lips and lick around the inside of my little slit.

I was greatly surprised at first, but soon the motion of her warm pliant tongue in that most sensitive spot, made me press up against her mouth and cry, 'Don't stop, dear nurse, that is so nice!'

A thrill of pleasure passed through me, then feeling tired and heavy I closed my eyes and soon fell asleep.

Nurse was a noted herb doctor and she used to boast that she could cure any sick person, or make them sleep, or even kill them if she liked.

There was one herb which she often gathered when out walking with me, which, she said, was good for tea and made people sleep afterwards. She sometimes used it for our own tea. It was nice and pleasant to drink but always made me sleep heavily after taking it.

She had steeped some that evening and filled my cup, but as it tasted more pungent then usual, my stomach turned against it and when she was not looking I poured it into the slop basin; but when she helped me again it was not so strong and I drank a little.

I suppose it was the effect of it which made me go to sleep so quickly, but it did not last as long as usual, for I awoke after only a few hours; the moon was shining brightly through the curtains drawn across the open window and I could see by the clock that it was only a little after twelve. I felt hot and restless and the excitement in my slit still continuing, I involuntarily put my hand to it and felt its smooth lips and the little slippery lump between. Then I rubbed with my finger the little hot chink below, which throbbed under my touch and which I felt to be connected in some mysterious way with the very mainspring of my being. I knew not then of that wondrous key which could enter in, wind up the spring and put all the hidden machinery into motion; but my eyes were partially opened, my curiosity aroused and many things I had heard and witnessed recurred to my memory with a startling significance unknown before. I settled in my mind therefore, to lose no opportunity of enlarging my knowledge of these interesting matters.

I was lying quietly in my bed while these thoughts were fermenting in my mind, when a low whistle to the window arrested my attention.

Nurse sat up and softly asked, 'Is that you, Dandy?'

The whistle was gently repeated.

'You may come in,' she replied, 'the child is fast asleep and the coast is clear.' A dusky form then passed through the window and I recognised one of the assistant overseers, a good-looking mulatto, who was much chaffed as nurse's follower and admirer.

She took him in her arms and gave him a mighty hug; on being released he turned towards me and asked, 'Is she fast asleep? Might I look at her little cunny?' 'You might, for I gave it to her strong last evening.'

He came softly to the side of my bed, and lifting the clothes, pushed his hand between my thighs. I pretended to be asleep though at first I found it very hard to remain still for his fingers tickled me, but he quickly aroused the sensation of pleasure I had felt before, and that made me firm as a rock. He them pulled down the clothes and opening my legs said, 'What a fair little cunt she has, Dora. I wonder who will be the first to ravish its sweets?'

'I would not be surprised if her own father had the first of her himself,' and she related what I had told her.

'I would not put it past him for he is the greatest man for women I ever met. 'Does he often come to you, Dora?'

'Yes, he does; he takes a turn when he wants a black cunt for a change.'

'And you give him enough of it too, Dora?'

'Why not,' said the nurse as she kissed the top of his red-headed tool which she had drawn out while they were talking. She seemed to be supporting its bag with one hand while she moved the other up and down the dark- skinned shaft.

Meanwhile Dandy had frigged my cunt into such a state of excitement that he was able to push the tip of his finger through the passage and though the pain was so considerable that I had to bite my lips to prevent myself crying out, yet the sensation was so overpowering that I willingly bore it while he forced his whole finger up; then I felt something snap inside and to my great relief he moved it in and out without hurting me.

'I declare she is fit to be fucked,' he said 'although there is not the slightest sign of hair on her mount yet. See the whole of my finger goes in without waking her.'

'So I see, but don't meddle further with her now; come here and I'll finish you off, then go to bed like a good fellow.'

Still holding him by the pego, she drew him towards her bed and sat down on the edge with him standing between her legs. He put his hands under her thighs and tilted her back. She at once spread herself like and open book, giving me a clear view of her enormous gap.

The outsides of the great fat lips ere dark and covered with black, woolly hair, but the inside was flaming red and seemed to be brimming over with unctuous juice.

'Let me put it in, Dandy!' she said as she directed with her hand the glowing head of his now rampant tool into what seemed to me the huge mouth of some all-devouring creature.

'Push, you villain,' she cried, as she clutched the two polished cheeks of his bottom with her hands, driving her nails into his quivering flesh, 'send home your prick and fuck me like a man.'

Dandy, bending to his work, was not slow in obeying her command and fucked with such fury that the whole

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