The adventures of Lady Harpur Vol.2


My adopted father and protector

Passing over for the present the events immediately succeeding our landing, behold me, settled in Government House, the favoured guest of the respected governor, and the chosen companion of his only daughter.

My rooms are luxuriously fitted out in the cheeriest part of the building; I have almost a little suite to myself; a comfortable bedchamber, with a commodious bathroom adjoining, and the snuggest possible little boudoir opening through a veranda on to a portion of the grounds especially set apart for my enjoyment and supervision.

For attendants, I have my own maid Zilla and an intelligent black boy, called Davy, to work the grounds and run errands.

The old gentleman himself pays me every attention and visits me often on the sly; in public he is most circumspect, yet always exceedingly kind and indulgent.

I have grown very fond of him, and do everything in my power to please and gratify him.

Blanche and I are very good friends; we read and work together and receive joint instruction from various masters.

I am not sure whether she is fully aware of the connection between her father and me, but if she is, she takes no notice of it, wisely judging that it is at all events better for her than if he married again. In due course, letters were received from my father, thanking the governor for his attention to me and gladly consenting to our present arrangements.

Carlo obtained from the English government the pardon he sought, together with a substantial reward; and being found efficient as a seaman and a navigator, he was appointed captain of the good old ship Cammarilla.

Good tidings also awaited our Sporio: the governor heard from the British envoy to the court of Tuscany, not only confirming the account he had given of his family, but announcing that his brothers were dead, and that he was the sole heir to the title and estates of the Lambertini.

Sporio, now Count Lambertini, heard himself from the family lawyer, informing him of the same event and placing a large sum of money at his disposal.

One of his first acts, was to offer me his hand and fortune; but I was not then inclined to marry, for having youth, position and independent means I loved my present freedom too well; besides, I thought that among the proud nobles of Italy, the irregularity of my birth would surely be cast in my teeth; so I declined his generous offer in the kindest manner and with many expressions of esteem and affection; at the same time I advised him to turn his thoughts to Blanche, who was more suited to him by birth and connection, and I know loved him very dearly.

He took my advice and having proposed for Miss Stanhope was accepted by both father and daughter and after a marriage celebrated with musical eclat, Blanche set sail for Italy as the Countess Lambertini.

Having thus satisfactorily disposed of our chief dramatis personae,let me return to my humble self, and my protector, the old governor, Sir Charles Stanhope.

To arrest scandal he went through some legal procedure adopting me as his child; and having made a settlement he prevailed on me to assume his name. in consequence, I was everywhere well received, had great court paid to me and no end of suitors.

But now I must explain our private arrangements. He had a concealed entrance to my rooms of which even the servants were ignorant. In my bathroom was a press for hanging towels; it had a movable back, which also formed the back of a similar press in the room at the other side, which was furnished as a spare room but was never occupied.

His practice was to retire early in the night, pleading in excuse his advancing years, for though not yet sixty, and hale and hearty for that, yet his grey hair made him look much older.

My boudoir was my favourite place for working and reading, and I avowedly devoted my evenings to study. So when the house was quiet, and my doors and windows well secured, the governor was able without attracting notice to visit his fair Rosamund, as he loved to call me.

Then in the full light of brilliant lamps I would strip for him, and take out and fondle into life his soft and attenuated prick, while I read aloud some luscious work or related some amorous tale. But nothing so thoroughly pleased and excited him as hearing me describe my own fucking adventures; and he was always begging me to get myself fucked as often as possible, and as soon after as I could, even while my cunt was still saturated with the spunk which had been poured into it, to give him the fullest details; then he would examine my inflamed quim, sniff up the salty odour and lick its moistened lips.

On one typical occasion, the governor was lying on a wide comfortable sofa opposite a large mirror; I was leaning back by his side in such a position as to afford him a full view in the glass of my cunt and bottom.

I petted and frigged his slowly stiffening prick, and he titillated my excited orifice, watching its appearance in the glass, while he asked me for the latest news.

'Well, Queenie, my pet, have you anything to tell me tonight? Did you succeed with James our English coachman? He seems a safe kind of man, amorously disposed. I was glad to see you coming this evening from the stables.'

'I did, my Charlie' (his pet name in private); 'don't you feel and see how moist my cunt is? I have not even wiped it since; smell it, dear.'

'Yes, my love, it is in a delicious state. It is very moist, and the hot smell from it is most fragrant and exciting. Now tell me everything that happened; don't miss one word.'

'Well, I went out to ask after my mare which was so frisky in the morning that I could scarcely mount her. James met me in the stable, and as I passed him on my way into the loose box to pat the mare on her neck as usual, he put his hand on my shoulder to keep me back saying,

'Take care, Miss Stanhope, she is not just now in a humour to be trusted,' and in some way he made her plunge. I naturally started back, and he caught me in his arms. 'Oh, Miss Queenie, you were near being hurt, and I should have been so sorry, for we are all so fond of you,' and he pressed me to his breast. 'Dearest lady, who could help loving you! How glad I am to save you from harm,' he said, as he drew me towards a sheltered corner. I thanked him for his care and attention and said: 'Now, let me go, James, I am in no danger here!' He put his face close to mine, and whispered: 'Oh, might I make so bold — just one — darling Miss Queenie.' ''Well, as a reward — here — take one — now, that will do — let me go — you will make me fall — Oh, James! What are you doing? Don't push your knee between mine — don't attempt to raise my clothes — what do you mean by unbuttoning my dress? O stop! I did not give you leave to put your hand there — Oh, James! How your fingers tickle me! Oh! How big you are! It will kill me — Oh! It is in! how nice it feels! How well you do it! press up to my heart. Yes, James, I will say it if you wish, I like you to fuck me. Yes, it is a strong, large prick. Yes, you my pinch my bottom and put your finger in while you fuck, fuck, fuck,' I cried, as I felt his great tool poking my cunt while I lay under him on a heap of hay in the corner; he drove it home with such energy and force that his hard balls banged against my bottom as with a suppressed shout he flooded my cunt with boiling spunk.'

By this time, I had Charlie's prick in a fine erection and he cried: 'Get over me, my love, lay your sweet arse on my face; I will suck your delicious quim while you draw from my prick its milky juice.'

I presented to him my arse, as he wished me to call my bottom, while he licked and sucked both apertures in my furrow of delight, I received in my mouth the discharge of his seed, and frigged his bottom-hole with my finger.

Then we took some refreshment which I always had ready, and he returned to his own apartments, for he seldom cared for more than one emission at a time. Next evening he came as usual, and asked had I anything new

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