The adventures of Lady Harpur Vol.3


Lord Ferrars

The assiduous attention which my husband paid to his professional duties kept him much from home, and therefore the entertainment of Lord Ferrars chiefly devolved on me. Jim had returned to her mother for a time, and his lordship and I were thus left very much to ourselves.

He did not seem to regret this much, for he evidently spared himself no pains to make his company agreeable and his person acceptable to me.

He even neglected his yacht that he might more entirely devote himself to the enjoyment of my society.

My husband watched the progress of events with increasing interest.

The idea of jealousy never entered his mind, nor had I the slightest thought of concealing anything from him. In fact, he often asked me at night, when fondly playing with my cunt or when lying on my breast after one of his delightful fucks, whether his lordship had yet made any advance or attempted any freedom? From some time, I had to say: 'No, with the exception of holding my hand and pressing it whenever he can.'

'Ah, he is only waiting for a good opportunity,' he would reply, 'or perhaps, he is wishing to ingratiate himself more in your goodwill, and thus render his conquest more secure; I expect you will soon have something funny to tell me, and what a grand fuck we shall then have together when he has oiled the way and you are telling all the details.'

Accordingly I never declined to walk with Lord Ferrars alone, but on the contrary offered him every facility. Still, from some unaccountable reason, he held back. Perhaps, it was my apparent, innocence and confiding simplicity that restrained him; or rather it might have been owing to that peculiar quality in our nature which prevents our grasping at once any object of desire that appears easy of attainment, whereas opposition or difficulties in the way only serve to arouse our energies and excite our ardour to obtain speedy possession.

However, one day he asked me to join him in exploring the rocky summit of a neighbouring height. We drove as far as we could by road, and then proceeded on foot to climb the steep ascent. Of course, in the more difficult places, his lordship had to show his gallantry by affording me his ready help. And he often found it necessary to put his arm round my waist; and once, when pushing me up a steep rock, he found it needful to place his hands on my bottom. He kept them there as long as he could, and even managed to press his fingers into the furrow between my well-rounded buttocks. And I have no doubt he easily distinguished through my light dress the swelling fullness of the lips which pouted in the luxurious hollows.

I voluntarily delayed my ascent, and separated my thighs that we might both get the full benefit of his electrifying touch. When we sat down afterwards to rest on a grassy slope in a sheltered nook, he reclined at my feet; and putting his hand on my ankle, he praised my agility and said he could not help observing what a remarkably fine instep I had. I only laughed, and stretching out my foot said I saw nothing remarkable about it. He moved his hand a little higher up, and said, with a most insinuating smile, 'I am discovering fresh beauties!

What a splendid calf you have, Mrs Harpur! You ought to be a firstrate dancer, and I am sure you enjoy it very much.'

'Yes, I am very fond of dancing, especially when I have an agreeable partner.'

'How I would enjoy being that partner, for I love to have my hand on you — you are so exquisitely formed; this leg is the very perfection of beauty — it might serve as a sculptor's model.'

While saying this, his hand was playing about my knee; at last he touched my thigh above the stocking.

'Stay, my lord, are you not making a little too free?'

His hand kept pushing on and it felt hot and tremulous.

'Oh, stop — you are waxing too warm — I do like you very much, but you know, my lord, I cannot permit such a liberty as that,' and I tried to get up. He placed his right arm round my waist, and in a moment his left hand was on my cunt. it thrilled at his touch, yet to maintain appearance I said, 'My lord, take your hand away, you forget that I belong to another.'

'I don't forget it, sweet Queenie, but after the wealth of love you lavish on my friend Dick, he surely will not miss a small favour bestowed on me. besides you are just made for love — no one an come near you without getting under its influence — extend a little of your wonted kindness to me, if only for a moment — open your lovely thighs, my sweet pet — there — I knew you would be too good to refuse. How deliciously you are made! What a delightful softness! What a ravishing warmth! Lean back a little — so.'

'Oh, my lord, you frighten me — I have yielded too much — it may be very pleasant to you, but it will be ruination to me.'

'No, darling Queenie, you shall never regret your kindness to me. I will be minister to your pleasure, and at the same time will be so careful of your good name that no one shall ever suspect that anything has occurred between us.'

'Oh! how lovely you are! What a heavenly cunt! I have looked at and handled many a cunt in my day, but I never saw one as attractive as yours, Queenie; its full pouting lips push out in such an inviting manner that they seem to beg for something soft and nice to put between them. Now, I have just what they want — see here — let me introduce this poor fellow to your kind notice — put your hand upon him, Queenie, there, how proud he looks now — see how he thrusts up his rosy head between your white fingers — now place him yourself in your sweet cunt — there — ah, my love, he seems to know the way; how sweetly he passes in! Oh! Queenie, how hot your cunt feels! Tell me, does it enjoy my prick? Tell me if you like to feel it fucking you.'

'Oh! yes, I like it now — your prick does its duty well; I like to feel it fucking my cunt; do I move up to your satisfaction?'

'You do, my sweet little wagtail — you move your bottom in the most charming manner; go on talking — I love to hear you speak of your cunt and bottom, and of my prick, and to talk of fucking; but please drop the lord and call me Freddy.'

'Then push, Freddy, push home your prick — fuck my cunt, squeeze my bottom,' I replied, shoving up my cunt to meet every thrust of his prick.

He evidently had great experience in fucking. I never knew anyone fuck with such scientific deliberation. He made every stroke tell to the uttermost. He would slowly draw out his prick until the tip of the glans only rested between the lips, and then with equal deliberation drive it slowly back, making its ridge press firmly against the upper creases of my vagina as it passed into my cunt. Then when the whole length was enclosed, and my belly seemed full of it, he would gently work it about from side to side causing the big round head to rub deliciously o the sensitive mouth of my womb. In my ecstasy, I cried, 'Oh, Freddy, my darling, that is nice! Fuck me, my love, fuck me — push in your prick as far as you can into my cunt — press your hands on my bottom — Oh! how nice! Fuck; fuck.'

Panting with effort and emotion, he grunted, 'Now, Queenie, now — hold me in your arms and put both hands on my bottom — squeeze the cheeks of my arse! Oh, my love, say with me: prick; cunt; arse; pissing; fucking; prick; cunt; arse: fuck; fuck.'

We both groaned with excess of pleasure, and my cunt tingled round his palpitating tool as the life flood darted from the opposite sources of delight in reciprocating streams of unctuous spunk.

He lay back to recover breath and rest himself after his exertion; but when he saw me wiping my wet receiver with my handkerchief, he asked me to perform the same kind office for him. I willingly complied, and kneeling at his side took his soft and moistened prick into my hands and tenderly wiped it all round; then stooping forward I pressed my lips on its flowing tip.

This position elevated my posteriors, and he proceeded at once to avail himself of it. Throwing my dress over my back, he moved me towards him until my naked bum was almost opposite his face. Then, spreading my thighs, he opened the lips of my quim with his fingers, played about the clitoris, and having moistened his finger in my cunt,

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