The Boudoir No. 2


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The girl fairly quivered with emotion as she lay on her side kissing and cuddling close to his body, but his previous encounters during the preceding twenty-four hours rendered him rather less impulsive, in fact he liked to enjoy the situation, which was such as none but those who have lain by the side of a loving expectant young wanton can thoroughly appreciate. Her hands roved everywhere, and she conducted one of his to that most sacred spot of all, which he found glowing like a furnace, and so sensitive to his touch, that she sighed, 'Oh! Oh!' and almost jumped when she felt his tickling fingers, as they revelled in the luxuriant growth of silky hair, which almost barred the approach to the entrance of her bower of love. Charlie never had such a sleepless night in his life, for impatient of his long-delay in making a commencement, she threw a leg over his hip as a challenge, and, having his wand in her hand as fit as busy fingers could make it, she directed Mr. Warner so straight that he found not the least difficulty in exploring the very inmost recesses of her humid furbelow, which to judge from its overflowing state was a veritable fountain of butterine. How he rode the lively steed, till, exhausted by the rapidity of the pace, he fell off, only to find Maria had reversed positions, and there was no rest for him till seven o'clock in the morning, and at breakfast his looks only too plainly told the tale of the night's orgie, as Mr. Mortimer railled at all three young fellows of having had a rakish time of it, remarking that he hoped they would be more moderate in future, but it might be excusable for a first night in town.


Charlie at Home, Landlady and Servant Our hero was glad to stay in his own rooms and rest the next evening, and felt rather too used up to indulge in much more than a mild joke and a kiss with the pretty Fanny, who had a rather pouting expression on her face as she bid him good night after what she considered to be a decidedly languid kind of kiss.

'He isn't so fresh as when he arrived, but perhaps he will be more lively at breakfast time,' she mused, going downstairs to the lower regions of the house. 'I hope Mrs. Letsam won't get at him, that's all!'

Charlie was so done up that he went to bed by ten o'clock, and slept so soundly that he awoke quite early, feeling as frisky as a lark, and with the peculiar elevation of spirits which most healthy young fellows are subject to when they first open their eyes in the morning.

'J. T. is quite himself again,' exclaimed Charlie, as he threw off the bed-clothes to survey the grand proportions of that part of his anatomy sacred to the service of the fair sex. Then looking at his watch by the aid of the lamp which he had left burning, 'By Jove, how early; only half-past four.

I'll look outside in the corridor in search of adventure, there is just a chance I might find Fanny's room, as this is the top story; she can't go higher up, and isn't likely to be lower down.'

Quick as the idea flashed across his mind he stepped out of bed, and taking the little lamp in his hand opened his door very gently and stepped into the corridor, which was a long passage with three or four doors of rooms besides those of his own apartments. He listened at the first one, but hearing nothing passed on to the next, which was slightly ajar; hesitating for a moment he heard the loud stentorian breathing of a heavy sleeper, so shading the lamp with his hand he pushed the door gently open, when what should he see but his fat landlady, Mrs. Letsam, lying on her back in bed with her knees up and mouth open. Although so bulky Mrs. L. was what some would term a truly splendid woman, not more than forty, very pleasing face, and rich brown hair; whilst her open night dress displayed all the splendours of her mature bosom's magnificent orbs, as white as snow and ornamented by the most seductive strawberry nipples. In reality it was only a chemise, not a proper night dress, she was sleeping in, so that, as well as the bosom, a large but finely moulded arm was exposed to his searching gaze, and gave him such curious ideas as to the development of other unseen charms, that he resolved to satisfy his curiosity by a manual exploration under the bed-clothes. Turning down his lamp he put it outside the door in the corridor, then in the darkness knelt down by the bedside, and slowly insinuating his hand till he touched her thigh, rested till it got warm, then trembling all over with emotion he continued his investigations. His touches seemed marvellously to agitate the sleeper, for after one or two slight involuntary kind of starts, she stiffened her body out quite straight as she turned on her side with something very much like a deep sigh, and Charlie withdrew his impudent fingers, just as he felt the flow of bliss consequent on his exciting touches.

'She'll think it was a dream; most likely the old girl doesn't often feel like that,' laughed Charlie to himself as he sneaked out of the room, little guessing that Mrs. Letsam had been thoroughly awakened, and stepped out of bed the moment he was gone, peeping out into the corridor to see who it was.

'Ha, Mr. Warner, it's you, is it? It won't take me long to be even with you for this lark!' she said to herself as she got into bed again. 'I wish the dear boy had got into bed though; his touches gave me most exquisite pleasure.'

Meanwhile Charlie had got to a door at the furthest end of the corridor, which opened at once as he turned the handle, and sure enough it was Fanny's room, for there lay the object of his desires in a broken restless sleep, with nearly all the bed-clothes tossed off. What a sight for an impressionable youth! There she lay almost uncovered as it were, her right hand on the spot which so many men who scandalise the fair sex say they always protect instinctively with their hand whilst asleep for fear of being ravished unawares.

However that may be, Fanny's hand was there, and Charlie conjectured that it was not so much for protection as digitation, judging from the girl's agitated restless dreams; for she was softly murmuring,

'Don't! Pray, don't. You tease me so. Oh! Oh!'

He could see everything as he shaded his little lamp so as not to let the light fall on her eyes — her lovely thighs and heaving mount of love, shaded by the softest golden-coloured down, whilst one finger was fairly hidden within the fair lips of the pinkest possible slit below the dewy moisture which glistened in the light.

'By heavens! What a chance!' said Charlie to himself.

'Perhaps I can give her an agreeable surprise.'

Quick as thought he extinguished his lamp, which he placed on a table, then in the dark groped towards the bed where the pretty Fanny lay quite unconscious of his presence.

The sleeper having tossed off most of the bed covering it was quite easy for him to lay himself by her side; he kissed the inviting globes of her firm plump bosom, but without awakening her, she simply moaned soft endearing words; as if she felt herself caressed by someone she loved so much.

His right hand pushed hers aside and took possession of the tender cleft it had been guarding and pressing at the same time; then he gently placed one leg over hers, pressing his naked person close to her body. What thrills of delighted expectation shot through his whole frame, he quivered from head to foot. The temptation and the intensity of his feelings would stand no further delay. So, he glued his lips to hers in a long luscious kiss, whilst one arm held her firmly embraced, and the other was delkiously occupied in manual preliminaries for the attack on her virgin fortress below.

'Fanny,' he whispered, as she unconsciously responded to his kissing. 'It's me, darling; let me love you now?'

At first he thought she was going to scream, but he sealed her lips by the renewal of his fiery kisses, which seemed fairly to stop her breath. She did not speak but appeared awfully discomposed; deep, long drawn sighs came from her as her bosom heaved with excitement, and her hands feebly tried to push away his intrusive fingers. But desire evidently over48 came modesty; her return of his willing kisses became more ardent, and her legs gradually gave way to his efforts to get between them, and instead of repulsing his advances her arms were entwined round his body.

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