The Boudoir No. 3


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The Sirens of Hyde Park The reader can easily guess that Charlie felt considerably enervated after the departure of the lecherous Mrs. Letsam.

He spent the day reading, and also wrote a letter to his father, telling him how kind the Mortimers had been, and how he liked his rooms, which they had taken for him. Retiring early he was awakened from a sound slumber by warm moist impassioned kisses on his lips, and felt a soft lithe form nestling close to his body, as he heard the whispered words- 'Mr.

Warner, Charlie dear; I've come to return the visit you paid me last night. It was so nice, I couldn't sleep by myself knowing you were all alone.'

It was impossible not to respond to such a loving invitation.

'It's jolly of you, Fanny, coming into my bed like this, as it proves you do care for me a little bit; I feel rather tired after our fun of last night, so I mean to make you be the gentleman this time; straddle over me and help yourself to the tit-bit I know all the girls always long for; then I can lay on my back and take it easy.'

'I rather like your saying I made you tired,' she laughed in reply; 'but you didn't know I saw her knock at your door this morning, and listened and heard all your game together. But I am not jealous, especially as I heard her say you might have me as much as you liked, if you only pleased her in a certain way. What was it, dear, I couldn't quite make out what you did with her; do tell me, there's a very nice darling?'

'It's a very curious taste, but nice to me; she doesn't care for a man to have her in the ordinary way, she prefers to suck his affair, and swallow every drop of the love juice when it comes. How would you like that, Fan? It felt awfully nice to me.'

'Ugh! That must be nasty! What do you think? I once had a girl sleep with me who would kiss and lick my crack, and it made me feel so funny, but I wouldn't do it to her.'

After this they got to business in earnest, Fanny, mounting as directed, soon rode Charlie's rampant steed till she had drawn the essence of life three times from his palpitating loins, their mingled juices making quite a little flood round the root of King Priapus. At length falling asleep in each other's arms, they slept till daylight, and Fanny had to go away about her domestic duties.

Having heard from his cousins what larks went on in the parks at night, Charlie made up his mind to see it for himself, and, having no particular engagement on Friday evening, took a stroll as far as the Marble Arch, and turned into the park, taking the path across towards Knightsbridge, arriving at the drive which leads to the Serpentine, he walked along the path observing the couples sitting on the seats kissing and groping each other.

Presently near the gate he met a couple of young goodlooking girls, who as coolly as possible took him by the arm on each side, 'Come along with us, dear, and feel our soft little fannys,' said one.

Charlie made very little objection, and was soon sitting on a rustic seat under the dark shadow of a big elm tree.

'How much are you going to give us, dear? My little sister is too bashful to speak for herself; you know its always money first in the park, we are so often bilked by mean fellows, who can't afford a proper bit of kyfer.'

Charlie gave each girl a shilling, with the promise of another if they pleased him.

They were really young and pretty girls, such as the park lecher seldom is lucky enough to pick up, the dark paths and seats being mostly haunted by worn-out hags who cannot stand the illuminating ordeal of the gaslight of the streets.

It scarcely required the groping of a soft little hand inside his unbuttoned trousers to raise all his usual fiery ardour.

Each girl (they were not more than thirteen and fifteen respectively) put their arms round his neck and kissed him, the eldest whispering — 'You are a darling young fellow, so different from the dirty old men we generally pick up here, I should so like you to have me properly; my little sister doesn't know what it is yet; she is only up to the tossing off business, but I like the real thing, you know, when I can get a proper young bit like you. We can only get out Tuesdays and Fridays. Will you meet us on Tuesday, and go into the Green Park; there you will see lots of fun, and can get out at any time; in Hyde Park we get shut in, and have to climb over the gate.'

He could feel her give quite a shudder of desire as she said this, whilst one of her hands began to play with his appendages, at the same time as her little sister was delightfully manipulating the shaft above. They had slits in their dresses, so that both of his hands found employment, exploring and groping on the one side the soft incipient moss of the elder one's grot, as well as the hairless slit of her little sister. The situation was altogether too piquante to last many moments. The ecstatic crisis came almost instantly, and he could also feel them both bedew his fingers with their female tribute to the touches of love, which his roving fingers made them feel so exquisitely.

Our hero was so pleased that he gave each one half-a-crown as he kissed and took leave of them, promising to keep the Tuesday's appointment at the same time.

'You are a darling,' said the youngest, Betsy. 'Won't we keep ourselves for him, Sarah; we don't want much money, do we?'

'No, that we will. I hate the nasty old men; we only do it because mother can't keep the home over us unless we bring in five or six shillings a week somehow,' was the rejoinder.

The girls left him, as they said, to go straight home, refusing his offer to treat them to a drink outside the park.

Sunday came, and with it the tea party at the pretty Misses Robinson's in Store Street. His cousins called to take him with them, and the loving greeting of the young milliners was if anything even warmer than before. Bessie, the eldest, the dark auburn beauty, seemed fairly to quiver with emotion as she kissed him rapturously, whispering as she did so — 'You are my partner this evening, Mr. Warner.'

'Nothing will please me better, Bessie, dear; for luscious as I found pretty Rosa, your riper charms must be superior to those of your little sister.'

'I hear what you say, Mr. Charlie; just wait till I have a chance to pay you for your broken promises of constancy to me,' laughed Rosa.

It is needless to say much about the conversation, amp;c, during tea time, except that Charlie induced Bessie to feel his manly instrument under the table as they sat side by side over their orange pekoe.

After a little time spent in music and singing, the usual turning down of the gas took place, and our hero soon found himself and partner seated very cosily on a sofa in one of the alcoves.

'How I have longed to caress you, Mr. Warner,' sighed Bessie, 'for Rosa has done nothing but talk of her darling Charlie ever since the last evening you were here, how delightfully you pleased her, and what a splendid affair you were favoured with; she seems to think of nothing but you, as if you really belonged exclusively to her; but indeed, Charlie, it has made me long to feel in person those thrilling love strokes she must have enjoyed so much, what did you do to please her so?'

'I can't remember just now what we did,' Charlie replied, 'but no doubt as your mind is made up for a little love sport we shall play very much the same game.'

His lips met hers in a long luscious kiss, so exciting that his Aaron's rod was as stiff as possible, whilst her bosom rose and fell in palpitating heaves, and her arms pressed him to her bosom.

Presently he slipped down on his knees, and his hands were exploring the mysteries of her underclothing; her

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