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Tales of Lustville Book One

Chapter 1

Scene One-Tracy and Kyle

Tracy Harris was sitting in her bed, a mound of pillows supporting her back as she tried to keep her mind on the boring romance novel she was reading.

At thirty-seven, Tracy easily passed as a twenty something, and even got carded occasionally when she went out to clubs with her friends. She had long, curly brown hair that framed her models features, and she still did some modeling work to supplement the modest pension her late husband had left her.

She only did a select few modeling sessions, because most of the photographers that approached her only wanted her to do racy lingerie and bathing suit shots, and some had even suggested that she do nudes for them. It wasn’t surprising that they’d want pictures of someone as well built as she was.

From her dainty feet, up her well shaped calves and creamy thighs, to the tight, rounded globes of her ass, she was perfection in motion. But the feature that drew the most attention was her tits.

Her breasts weren’t overly large, a comfortable C-cup, but they stood out from her body like ripe cantaloupes sculpted to her chest. She liked the way her breasts looked, with just a hint of sag so they folded under just a little at the bottom, but were still firm enough to stand up proudly without a bra when she chose to go without one. She was glad she didn’t have those stretched out areoles that some of her friends had. Instead, she was blessed with bumpy pinks rings barely two inches across capping her breasts, each with a small, sensitive nipple crowning it.

She’d been having trouble concentrating on her book because her mind kept drifting to sex. It had been two years since her husband had died, and even though she got offers for several dates a week, she always found herself saying no.

She still had a strong sex drive, and masturbated unabashedly and unashamedly several times a week. She love to cum, and was adept at bringing herself off quickly if she wanted, but she preferred to draw her solo love sessions out. Most of the time, she would let herself drift off in a series of erotic fantasies as she teased her clit, and filled her pussy with her fingers, or one of the variety of toys she kept in her nightstand.

But her fantasies lately had been featuring a character that both disturbed and excited her at the same time.

Her son, Kyle.

There was a light knock on her bedroom door, and Tracy took off her reading glasses and sat them with her book on the nightstand.

“Come on in, Kyle.” she called out.

Her son stepped into the room rubbing a towel over his shaggy brown hair. He was wearing those loose, silky black jogging shorts she thought he looked so sexy in, and he still had droplets of water clinging to his well muscled chest from his shower.

A sophomore at Big State University, and a rising star as a linebacker on the football team, he had all the girls at school mooning over him. Tracy was happy for him, but she hated every one of the silly little bitches he brought over to the house. They were nice enough she guessed, but she still didn’t like thinking about them spreading their legs and fucking her baby boy.

Tracy felt a shiver ripple through her loins as she let her eyes move over his body. He had broad shoulders, sculpted pecs and a washboard tight stomach. His legs were like sturdy oaks, with sinewy muscle rippling in his thighs and calves as he moved. He looked like one of those old Greek statues as he stood in the doorway.

She hadn’t seen his cock since he was just a boy, but judging by the bulge she’d seen in his jeans, she was sure he had a big one. His shorts were too baggy for her to get a peek at it now.

“I was just getting ready for bed, Mom.” he said cheerfully, letting the towel drop around his neck. “I thought I’d say hi, and see if you wanted some company for a little while.”

She scooted over into the middle of the bed, and patted the mattress.

“Sure, come on in, honey, I haven’t seen you all day!”

Kyle stepped over to the bed, tugging the towel from around his neck and letting it drop to the floor. He stretched out beside his mother, lying on his stomach with his arms folded under his head. He looked at her affectionately, but couldn’t resist letting his eyes wander down over her body as she lay next to him.

She was lying on her side, with her head propped up in one hand, and one leg was raised, bent at the knee, unconsciously letting her old fashioned granny nightgown slide up to show off her smooth, creamy white thighs.

He could see her tits pressing against the thin material of her nightgown, and he noticed that her nipples were poking up stiffly. He was glad he was laying on his stomach, because his cock started to stiffen as he looked at her.

“So how did your day go, honey?” She asked, running her fingers through his tousled hair. “I didn’t see you after practice. Did you have a date?”

“No, the coach wanted to talk to me, then I went over to Phil’s for a while. I’m sorry, I guess I should have called.”

“That’s ok, baby. I know you would have called if you needed anything. Did you get anything to eat?”

“Yeah, me and Phil grabbed a pizza, then his mom made us some sandwiches.” he said. “I still feel bad about leaving you home alone all night.”

“Well, you can make it up to me then,” she giggled, “Let me lay on your back for a little while. It feels so good feeling you under me, and I always feel so close to you when we do that.”

“Hop on,” Kyle laughed. “I love it when you lay on me.”

His cock grew even stiffer, and he had to shift his weight on the bed to get it situated under him without being too obvious. He really wanted to be lying on top of her, her slim legs wrapped around him as he pounded his hard cock in and out of her tight little pussy. He pushed that thought out of his mind. It was sick for a guy to think about fucking his own mom.

Tracy scampered over and climbed onto him. She laid her arms over his and wiggled around for a minute, getting settled, then let out a happy sigh and kissed his neck before letting her head drop to rest on his shoulder.

She loved the way their bodies fit together like this. He was only a few inches taller than she was, so they molded to each other almost perfectly. The first time she had laid on him like this, she’d gotten so excited that she had to climb off of him almost immediately.

And it was happening again. She was used to it now, and had learned to control the urges that swept over her. But tonight, she was having trouble keeping those urges in check. Her pussy creamed heavily, and her hips seemed to have a mind of their own as they wiggled and squirmed on his ass.

“Mmmmmmm, you smell good, honey. You always have this musky, animal aroma, and that shampoo… I bet you have to beat the girls off with a stick when they get close to you!”

Kyle laughed, shifting under her. He turned his head and opened one eye so he could see her.

“You should talk, Mom! The way the guys stop and stare at you, I’m amazed that you don’t have a date every night of the week.”

Tracy moved her hips slightly, and had to suppress a gasp as her pussy mound slid over one of his muscular asscheeks. She froze, then wiggled her hips again, making a delightful spasm ripple through her loins.

I should stop this, she thought. I should get off of him and just lay with him for a little while longer, then send him to bed.

But she couldn’t make herself climb off her son’s body. Even if she wasn’t getting aroused, just being close to him like this always made her feel good.

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