'How about the flowers?' Rina asked.

A jealous tingling ran up his spine. He shook his head. 'No flowers.'

'Anonymous e-mail?'

'No,' he said through clenched teeth.

She smoothed a hand over his cheek. 'Relax. Your only competition is an eighty-year-old woman looking to get us back together.' She laughed and he was able to calm down.

'Emma didn't.'

'She did.'

'Stan's got to take her in hand,' he muttered.

'I'd like to see him try. In fact, I'd like to see any man try to tame an independent woman.'

'Is that a challenge?' he asked.

A wicked gleam flickered in her gaze. 'Are you up to it?'

'Sweetheart, I thought you'd never ask. Step one in taming you.' He opened his hand to reveal a diamond ring, then slipped it on her trembling left hand. 'You now belong to me.'

She took in the sign of his love, one thought out and saved for the right moment, and brought it to her chest. A tremor shook her and she shuddered, happiness filling her. 'You're so special, Colin. I love you.'

He smiled. 'I love you, too. Which brings me to step two. You were speechless, then resorted to exalting me. I'd call that tamed. Now do you need me to bring out the big guns or do you think I'm up to the challenge?'

Rina loved joking with him, talking with him, sharing and just being with him. Was he up to the challenge? She moved her hand to the front of his jeans, maneuvering until she cradled his hard length in her palm. 'Hmm. I think I need to explore a bit more.'

Colin grinned, then lay back on the couch and let her do just that. She unzipped his jeans and pulled them and his boxers down to his ankles, trapping him at her mercy. And with her tongue, she proceeded to show him who was the master and who was the slave.

And later, she was more than happy to play the subservient one while he pleasured her. Then they made love, a coming together of equals, Rina thought. A place she didn't mind being for the rest of her life.


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