Terry Pratchett





By Terry Pratchett

Chapter 1: A Fine Big Wee Laddie

Chapter 2: Rough Music

Chapter 3: Those Who Stir In Their Sleep

Chapter 4: The Real Shilling

Chapter 5: The Mother Of Tongues

Chapter 6: The Coming Of The Cunning Man

Chapter 7: Songs In The Night

Chapter 8: The King’s Neck

Chapter 9: The Duchess And The Cook

Chapter 10: The Melting Girl

Chapter 11: The Bonfire Of The Witches

Chapter 12: The Sin O’ Sins

Chapter 13: The Shaking Of The Sheets

Chapter 14: Burning The King

Chapter 15: A Shadow And A Whisper

Epilogue: Midnight By Day



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This edition published 2010

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Copyright © Terry and Lyn Pratchett, 2010

Illustrations copyright © Paul Kidby, 2010

Discworld® is a trademark registered by Terry Pratchett

Chapters 13 and 14 include lyrics from two songs — ‘The Larks They Sing Melodious’ and ‘The Shaking of the Sheets’ — both traditional folksongs where the lyrics are now, to the best of our knowledge, out of copyright. The publishers would be grateful to be notified if this is erroneous and will be happy to make good any errors in future printings.

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