victory with family and friends. Then and only then will we worry about what’s in Eden, Alabama.”

Cade tugged at the belt of her robe, loosening it so Merrick could pull it away. As it came free, the moonlight splashed over her naked body, and both her lovers lowered their heads to press kisses to her flesh.

“Eden, Alabama can wait,” Merrick said, his voice thick with desire. “Right now we’re going to make love to you until the sun creeps over the horizon.”

“I love you,” she whispered. “I love you both so much.”

Cade’s mouth closed over one taut nipple. “I love you too, honey. Always.”

Merrick claimed her mouth, and then he walked her backward to the plump couch just under the lanai at the edge of the veranda.

“Two whole weeks of you naked the entire time,” he said, satisfaction etched in his voice. “I can’t wait.”

Stay tuned for the next book in the Tangled Hearts Trilogy, Always Mine, coming soon from Maya Banks!

When Elle disappeared without a trace, police officer Morgan Beckett was devastated. The two shared a relationship where she relinquished absolute power to him, and he knows he failed to protect her. When he sees her again outside a coffee shop they used to frequent, he’s stunned. But then she runs—terrified of him—when he calls out to her, and he knows that things are not what they seem.

Upon tracing her back to the hotel where she’s staying, he makes a discovery that threatens to tear him apart. Elle, the woman he loved, the woman he thought he’d lost forever, has not one, but two men in her life, and they’re both fiercely protective of her. And worse, she has no memory of Morgan—or their life together before her disappearance.

Morgan only knows one thing. He’s not letting her go without one hell of a fight. But there’s also the question of why she disappeared and who tried to kill her. Now he and Elle’s two lovers must combine forces to protect Elle from her dark past. And the man who’ll stop at nothing to make sure he succeeds in killing her this time.

For up-to-date news on book releases, visit Maya’s website or Facebook page.

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