K. C. Mason

The Beginning


Craig finished up his light breakfast while still wearing only the towel from his show minutes earlier. At twenty-five years of age, he was an ordinary six foot male that wore a broad-shouldered two hundred pounds well. Not thin, but not a body builder, he could aptly be described as fit with enough tone and enough smooth surfaces to please the eye of any woman. His dark hair was long enough that it needed to be combed back but not long enough to completely cover his neck.

Stretching as he entered the bedroom he shared with his girlfriend of nine years, Craig let out a slow sigh as his eyes focused on the sight before him. Lisa was lying on her stomach, facing away from Craig. Her long blonde hair reached almost to the middle of her naked back and was arranged as if it were pointing to the center of her ass.

Lisa barely measured five-feet, two inches tall. Though short and certainly thin at the waist, Lisa had filled out in all the right areas since she first started dating Craig and became high-school sweethearts. She had gone from an A-Cup to a C–Cup without any further growth in height and the inches added to her waist only seemed to be proportional to how well her ass had filled out. Aside from her beautiful smile her plump behind was Lisa's favorite feature to Craig.

On this occasion they had both been up late after a night out at the club. Not heavy drinkers, they sipped on drinks during breaks between extended dance sessions that included enough close proximity dancing to constitute foreplay. It was no surprise then that the short walk home they skipped the foreplay and went right into the bedroom and released the sexual tension they'd built up during the night.

Craig had to think back about the session while he stared at Lisa, because he couldn't account for why she still had her sexy, pink, hip huggers panties on. As the recollections came back he remembered what must have happened. They'd attacked each other on the bed so adamantly that when the time came that Lisa was begging Craig to put his cock into her eager pussy that he didn't want to break the embrace so reached down, moved the crotch of her panties to the side, and inserted his erection into her wet hole.

Thinking about their sexual encounter from the night before, particularly turned on by Lisa's girlish but sexy “Oh” when he moved aside her panties, Craig now stood before Lisa with another erection. The towel slightly irritated the end of his shaft so instinctively he removed his towel and stood naked watching his lover sleep.

Craig knew he needed relief and could think of a few ways to get such relief with the most tempting choice lying right in front of him. With a shrug he thought to himself, well, time to get her up anyway. He approached the bed from the foot of the bed and carefully crawled over Lisa so he was on his knees with the backside of her thighs right beneath him. Lisa's left knee was raised slightly toward her stomach, causing her legs to have a separation as they approached her hips. This was enough room in Craig's mind to try and give Lisa a pleasant, gradual wake-up call.

Similar to his move from earlier, but with the slowness and care of a safe cracker, Craig moved Lisa's panties aside between her thighs to reveal her pink pussy. He could just barely see the bottom of the dark blonde patch of hair between her belly and vagina that he loved so much and that Lisa did not shave at his request. Lisa seemed to let out a slow sigh but otherwise didn't move so Craig proceeded to lean forward, his weight on his right arm outstretched on the mattress while his left held the panty door, lining up the tip of his cock with the pussy entrance before him.

With a nice, easy motion Craig pushed through the entrance of the tunnel and inserted the length of his erection until he could feel his hips reach their limit against Lisa's ass. At the same speed he pulled half out of the warmth of Lisa's pussy and then inserted again. He continued this slow, gentle motion a dozen or more times, not pushing too hard against her ass and not pulling all the way out.

Craig's eyes closed in ecstasy as he enjoyed his rhythm. He opened them slowly when he realized something was happening that he didn't understand. The bed was shaking slightly but not just in the directly his motions were guiding. Then when a finger brushed against his cock he realized what was happening but couldn't hold back any longer. Not speeding his timing at all over the course of about eight more slow pumps Craig unleashed his orgasm of cum into Lisa's pussy. Even as his motions stopped with his cock at full insertion it throbbed with last drops of cum being shot out.

The next thing Craig heard was the sound he was expecting, which was Lisa's moaning orgasm as the bed continued to shake slightly, now only from her circular rotating hand as it massaged her pussy, occasionally touching Craig's balls as she did. Lisa had been lying on her right arm the entire time so it was a simple move for her to make her self-pleasing move once the fun began.

Craig removed his cock and released Lisa's panties, which shut again and instantly began to show signs of wetness caused by the cum being held in on the other side. He laid down barely to the right of Lisa with his hips on her right ass cheek so that his softening cock rested there as well, releasing a few more drops of cum on the back of her panties.

“You were awake the whole time?” he asked.

“You don't think I sleep in this position and without being covered up do you?” she responded sleepily. “Once I knew you were up and I was awake and about to get up I figured this would be the easiest way for me to get a quickie out of you before I jump in the shower.”

“You know me so well.” he responded and brushed aside her long blonde hair so he could kiss her gently on the neck.


“What are your plans for today?” Lisa asked Craig as she walked into the kitchen where Craig was fixing her breakfast. She had a towel wrapping her hair and was wearing sweatpants and a very tight old t-shirt.

“I was planning on finishing up the last upstairs bedroom. Then I figured I'd take a nap so I'd be fresh for us to go out tonight.”

The house they lived in was an old family home that had been handed down from generation to generation until Craig inherited it after his parents died a few years back. It had needed some work but now that the work was almost done it was a large five-bedroom home that would have qualified as a mansion when it was built a hundred years ago. With the restoration being complete the only expenses were taxes and utilities.

“How about you? Want to give me a hand or do you have something else going?”

“I think we learned a long time ago that I can't help you if you want to get anything done,” Lisa said with a smile, seating herself on a stool at the long bar that extended the kitchen. “All my help leads to is having to pick up the clothes we've torn from each other.”

“Fair enough,” Craig acknowledged, flipping fresh hotcakes onto a plate.

“I do have a lunch date scheduled, but I don't know if I should tell you about it.”

“Why not?”

“Do you remember the bartender from last night?” Lisa teased.

“Certainly. Wasn't that Melissa? I think she graduated a few years behind us didn't she?”

“Yes,” Lisa replied, and let it hang to see if Craig would lead the conversation on Melissa.

“I thought she moved away after finishing college?”

“She did.”

“Any idea what she's doing back? It's good to have her back I mean, but still.”

Lisa paused, thinking about how to respond. Then said casually, “Jobs are tough. She had a job out of college but the company downsized and she was squeezed out. I guess it was tough going and when she ran out

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