On Midnight Wings

The Maker's Song 5


Adrian Phoenix

This one is dedicated to all the members of Club Hell and to each and every one of my fans for their endless patience and support, and to my editor, Adam Wilson, and my agent, Matt Bialer, for the same reasons. I can’t thank you enough. Y’all are truly the best. Hellions RULE!


AS ALWAYS, TO MY friends and family. I couldn’t have done it without you.


TO MAKE THINGS AS simple as possible, I’ve listed not only words, but phrases used in the story. Please keep in mind that Cajun is different from Parisian French and the French generally spoken in Europe. Different grammatically and even, sometimes, in pronunciation and spelling.

The French that Guy Mauvais uses is traditional French as opposed to Dante’s Cajun.

For the Irish and Welsh words—including the ones I’ve created—pronunciation is provided.

One final thing: Prejean is pronounced PRAY-zhawn.

aingeal (AIN-gyahl), angel. Fallen/Elohim word.

ami (m); amie (f), friend. Mon ami, my friend.

ange, angel; ma p’tite ange (f), my little angel.

Anhrefncathl (ann-HREVN-cathl), chaos song; the song of a Maker. Fallen/Elohim word.

apprenti (s), apprentis (pl), apprentices.

assolutamente (Italian), absolutely.

bastardo (Italian), bastard.

batard, bastard.

beaucoup, very, much, many, a great deal.

bien, well, very.

bon, good, nice, fine, kind.

bueno (Spanish), good.

buono (Italian), good.

ca fait pas rien, you’re welcome. Also, pas de quoi.

ca fini pas, it never ends.

calon-cyfaill (KAW-lawn CUHV-aisle), bondmate, heartmate.

catin (f), doll, dear, sweetheart.

ca va bien, I’m fine, I’m good, okay.

Cercle de Druide, Circle of Druids, a sacred and select nightkind order.

c’est bon, that’s good.

c’est vrai, that’s true.

Chalkydri (chal-KOO-dree), winged serpentine demons of Sheol, subservient to the Elohim.

cher (m); chere (f), dear, beloved. Mon cher, ma chere, my dear or my beloved.

cher ami, mon (m); chere amie, ma (f), my dearest friend, my best friend; intimate, implying a special relationship.

cheri (m); cherie (f), dearest, darling, honey.

conjurer, also known as a hoodoo; a practitioner of hoodoo.

Conseil du Sang, le, the Council of Blood, nightkind lawgivers.

couche-couche, a dish made with a base of moist corn bread.

creawdwr (KRAY-OW-dooer), creator; Maker/Unmaker; an extremely rare branch of the Elohim believed to be extinct. Last known creawdwr was Yahweh.

creu tan (kray tahn), Maker’s fire, a creawdwr’s power of creation.

cydymaith (kuh-DUH-mith), companion.

da (Russian), yes.

d’accord, okay.

dannazione (Italian), damn.

Elohim (s and pl), the Fallen; the beings mythologized as fallen angels.

faites-moi, make me.

Fallen, see Elohim.

fi’ de garce, son of a bitch.

filidh, master Bards/warriors of the llygaid.

fils, son; mon fils, my son.

fille de sang (f), blood-daughter; “turned” female offspring of a vampire.

fils de sang (m), blood-son; “turned” male offspring of a vampire.

fratello (Italian), brother.

grazie (Italian), thank you; molte grazie, many thanks.

gris-gris, magic, spell, charm.

hoodoo, a system of folk magic; also means a practitioner of that system of magic.

houngan, an initiated priest in the religion of Vodou.

imposible (Spanish), impossible.

j’ai faim, I’m hungry.

jamais, never.

je connais, I know.

je sais pas, I don’t know.

je t’aime, I love you.

je t’en prie, I beg you.

je te promets, I promise you.

je t’entends, I hear you; je t’entends, catin, I hear you, doll.

joli (m); jolie (f), pretty, cute; mon joli, my pretty boy.

j’su ici, I’m here.

j’su sur, I’m sure.

llafnau, the special forces branch of the llygaid.

Llygad (THLOO-gad) (s), eye; a watcher; keeper of immortal history; story-shaper; Llygaid (THLOO-guide) (pl).

loa, spirits who serve as intermediaries between Bon Dieu and humanity.

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