Ghost Light

Ivy Granger 2


 E.J. Stevens

Now it is the time of night,

That the graves all gaping wide,

Every one lets forth his sprite,

In the church-way paths to glide.

-William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

What wild heart-histories seemed to lie enwritten,

Upon those crystalline, celestial spheres!

...Lighting my lonely pathway home that night,

They have not left me (as my hopes have) since.

They follow me - they lead me through the years.

They are my ministers - yet I their slave.

Their office is to illumine and enkindle -

My duty, to be saved by their bright fire

-Edgar Allan Poe, To Helen

Pronunciation Guide

Pronunciations are given phonetically for names and places found in Shadow Sight and Blood and Mistletoe, the first novel and novella of the Ivy Granger series.  Alternate names and nicknames have been provided in parentheses.  In some cases, the original folklore has been changed to suit the city of Harborsmouth and its environs.

Athame:  ah-thaw-may

Barguest:  bar-guyst (Bargheist, Black Dog)

Bean Tighe:  ban tig

Bechuille: Beh-huh-il (Be Chuille)

Blaosc:  blee-usk

Boggart:  bog-ert

Brollachan:  broll-ach-hawn

Brownie:  brow-nee (Bwca, Urisk, Hearth Faerie, Domestic Hobgoblin)

Bugbear:  bug-bayr (Bug-a-boo, Boggle-bo)

Bwca:  bu-ka (see Brownie)

The Cailleach:  kall-ahk (The Blue Hag, Cailleach Bheur, Queen of Winter, Crone, Veiled One, Winter Hag)

Cat Sidhe:  kat shee or kayth shee (Faerie Cat, Cait Shith, Cait Sith)

Ceffyl Dwr:  Keff-eel Door (Kelpie King)

Clurichaun:  kloor-ih-kon (clobhair)

Daeva: day-va

Demon:  dee-mon

Each Uisge:  erkh ooshka (Water Horse)

Faerie:  fayr-ee (Fairy, Sidhe, Fane, Wee Folk, The Gentry, People of Peace, Themselves, Sidhe, Fae, Fay, Good Folk)

Fear Dearg:  far dar-rig (The Red Man)

Forneus:  Fore-nee-uss (Demon, Great Marquis of Hell)

Fuath:  Foo-ah

Galliel:   Gal-ee-el (Unicorn)

Ghoul:  gool (Revenant)

Glaistig:  glass-tig (The Green Lady)

Gnome:  noh-m

Goblin:  gob-lin

Griffin:  griff-in (Gryphon, Griffon)

Grindylow:  grin-dee-loh

Hamadryad:  ha-ma-dry-ad (Tree Nymph)

Henkie:  hen-kee

Hippocampus:  hip-po-cam-pus

Hob-o-Waggle Hob-oh-wag-l (Brownie, son of Wag-at-the-Wa)

Jenny Greenteeth:  Jen-nee Green-teeth (Water Hag)

Kelpie:  kel-pee (Water Horse, Nyaggle)

Lamia:  lay-me-a

Leanansidhe:  lan-awn-shee (Lhiannan Sidhe, Leanhaun Shee, Leannan Sith, Fairy Mistress)

Leprechaun:  le-pre-khan (leipreachan)

Mab:  Mab (Unseelie Queen)

Melusine:  Mel-oo-seen

Mermaid:  mer-mayd (male Merman)

Merry Dancer:  mer-ree dan-ser (Fir Chlis)

Muruch:  mer-ook (Merrow, Moruadh, Murughach)

Nixie:  nix-ee

Oberon:   O-ber-on (Seelie King)

Peg Powler:  Peg Pow-ler (Peg Powler of the Trees, Water Hag)

Peri:  per-ee

Pixie:  pix-ee (Pisgie)

Pooka:  poo-ka (Phooka, Pouka, Puca, Pwca)

Redcap:  red-kap (red cap)

Saytr:  say-tur

Selkie:  sel-kee

Shellycoat:  shell-ee-cote

Sidhe:  shee (see Faerie)

Succubus:  suk-you-bus (male Incubus)

Tech Duinn: tek doon

Titania:  Ti-tayn-ee-ah (Seelie Queen)

Troll:  trol

Tuatha De Danann: tootha day da-nan

Tylwyth Teg:  till-with teeg (Seelie Court)

Unicorn:  you-ne-korn

Vampire:  vam-pi-r (Undead)

Will-o’-the-Wisp:  Wil-oh-tha-Wisp (Gyl Burnt Tayle, Jack o’ Lantern, Wisp, Ghost Light, Friar’s Lantern, Corpse Candle, Hobbledy, Aleya, Hobby Lantern, Chir Batti, Faerie Fire, Spunkies, Min Min

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