The Guardian Legacy 3


Ednah Walters

This book is dedicated to my sisters, Meb and Singh, who instilled in me the love for books.

I could never thank you enough for your love and patience.


Fallen angels: Angels sent to earth by God to protect humanity who strayed and intermarried with humans.

Nephilim: Children descended from the union of fallen angels and humans.

Guardians: Good Nephilim.

Cardinals: Guardians with the ability to control energy, solids, water, air, time and psi/mind.

Civilians: Guardians with limited abilities who support the Cardinals financially and by monitoring demonic activities.

Hermonites/demons: Nephilim who can choose to be good or bad.

Primes: Powerful demons with the ability to control energy, solids, water, air, time and psi/mind.

Souled Demons/Neutrals: Demons and children of demons who have given up their evil ways and/or have no interest in hurting humans.

Neteru: Nephilim who don’t have the ability to shift into other beings, form or sprout non-human body parts.

Nosferatu: Vampire Nephilim.

Werenephil: Shape-shifter Nephilim.

Lazari: Werenephils that can shift into smoke-form.

Nephling: Nephilim with one human parent or grandparent.

Nature-benders: Nephilim with the ability to manipulate nature.

The Brotherhood: Short for the Brotherhood of Guardians—Souled Demons who live in a closed community with their own chosen leaders, are peaceful, and don’t side with Guardians or demons.

Chosen One: The most powerful Guardian, prophesied to unite the Nephilim.

Kris Dagger: A powerful dagger the Chosen One uses to channel and direct his or her psi energy.

Psi or psi energy: Psychic energy channeled by Nephilim.

Alrunes: soul mates.

Tartarus: The abyss where fallen angels and evil Nephilim can be sent.

Alphas: Energy balls created by Cardinal Energy Guardians.

Omegas: Energy balls created by ordinary energy demons.

Omnis: Energy balls capable of great destruction, produced by powerful demons. Only one person can destroy them—the Chosen One.

Teleport: Move from place to place by dematerializing and rematerializing.

Telegate: An energy pathway left behind when someone teleports.

Medium: A human psychic who channels communication between humans and Nephilim.

Mimic: To shift and copy another being.

Athame: a powerful dagger used by demons.


In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, an island rose from the sea like a partially submerged moss-covered rock. Short rivers and streams drained into its waterfalls and bays. Waves sloshed the base of the hanging cliffs and curled away as though pushed back by an invisible force.

A girl stood on the sandy beach along the coast of the island, midnight-black hair cascading down her back. Dressed in white pants and a white tank top under a matching, gauzy duster, she appeared oblivious to the lush tropical vegetation or the pristine blue waters cresting under the gentle breeze. In her hand was a dagger with a wavy blade chiseled with red inscriptions, rays of sun reflecting off the wicked red stone on its guard. She lifted her hand and pointed the dagger upward. A streaming red light shot from the blade and tore through the air, piercing the sky to the east, west, north, and south.

“Come to me,” she whispered, and angled her head as though listening to a response. She searched the sky even though not a single cloud, airplane, or bird drifted across the heavens.

“I command the dagger now, therefore I command you,” she ground out, her brilliant blue eyes glittering with annoyance. Her pupils dilated, swallowing the iris until the whites of her eyes disappeared. Black bottomless orbs remained, catching the light bouncing off the ocean water. “Now!”

A burst of black flakes appeared in front of her, swirling faster and faster like a swarm of bees. They coalesced until a woman in black pants, with matching shirt and trench coat materialized. She dropped on one knee and pressed a fist on her chest before standing. Next came a man with silver hair, in an expensive designer suit. More followed, until there were twelve of them, a mixture of men and women. Most were youthful with eyes full of optimism, a few had eyes filled with wariness, but they each bowed to the girl with the dagger.

“It’s time for the summoning,” she said, studying her followers.

“Are you sure about this?” a man with wavy bronze hair, graying at the temples, asked. “This could be catastrophic if we are not careful.”

Without answering, the girl pointed the dagger at him. The man started to shake, his mouth opening and closing as though he was silently begging for mercy. His skin shrank, his eyes became sunken, and his hair changed color and texture until he looked like a thousand-year-old mummy. He dropped onto the wet sand, his brittle bones snapping.

The girl looked at the silver-haired man, who grinned as though the demonstration of power was a joke. He lifted his hand and an energy ball materialized above his palm. The core glowed red, yellow and orange flames leaping from its edges. He threw the orb at the body. In seconds, nothing was left.

The girl didn’t look at the others and her voice was deceptively soft when she asked, “Anyone else that thinks we shouldn’t summon it?”

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“The boys were amazing tonight,” Antony Mancuso said in a regretful voice, referring to the punk group he promoted.

“There’s no reason why they can’t continue touring,” Bran said.

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