N.B. In Viron, biochemical males are named for animals or animal products: Auk, Blood, Crane, Musk, and Silk bear names of this type. Biochemical females are named for plants (most frequently flowers) or plant products: Chenille, Mint, Orchid, Rose. Chemical persons, both male and female, are named for metals or minerals: Hammerstone, Marble, Sand, Schist.

Aquila, a young eagle being trained by Musk.

Arolla, a woman who has left Orchid's.

Auk, a housebreaker, a friend of Silk's, devoted to Mint, a large and powerful man with a heavy jaw and prominent ears. Called 'Hackum' by Chenille.

Bass, the bully who maintains order at Orchid's.

Bellflower, one of the women at Orchid's. Maytera Betel, once one of the sibyls at the manteion on Sun Street, now deceased.

Bittersweet, a member of Incus's circle of black mechanics.

Blood, a crime lord, the de facto owner of Silk's manteion and Orchid's yellow house. Tall, heavy, balding, and red-faced; about fifty-five.

Chenille, one of the women at Orchid's. She is probably nineteen, is tall and athletic, and has dyed her hair the fiery shade of her name-flower. Called 'Jugs' by Auk.

Chervil, a young middle-class woman from Viron, wife of Coypu.

Coypu, a young middle-class man from Viron, husband of Chervil.

Chiquito, a parrot once owned by Mamelta's parents.

Doctor Crane, Blood's private physician, a small, fussy man with an iron-gray beard.

Dreoilin, Iolar's favorite daughter.

Echidna, a major goddess, consort of Pas, mother of the gods, and chief goddess of fertility. Particularly associated with snakes, mice, and other crawling creatures.

Feather, a small boy at Silk's palaestra.

Fulmar, a member of Incus's circle of black mechanics.

Councillor Galago, a member of the Ayuntamiento and its expert on diplomacy and foreign affairs. Gib, the big man who maintains order in the Cock. A friend of Auk's.

Patera Gulo, a young augur.

Corporal Hammerstone, a soldier in Viron's army.

Hare, Musk's assistant.

Hierax, a major god, the god of death and patron of the fourth day of the week. Particularly associated with canon birds, jackals, and (like Tartaros) with black animals of every kind.

Hoppy, a derogatory name for a Guardsman.

Horn, the leader of the older boys at Silk's palaestra.

Hyacinth, a beautiful courtesan- controlled by Blood.

Patera Incus, Remora's prothonotary, a small, sly man with buck teeth. His hobby is black mechanics.

Iolar, a Flier.

Kalan, a thief killed by Auk.

Kit, a small boy who attends Silk's palaestra.

Kypris, a minor goddess, the goddess of love. Particularly associated with rabbits and doves.

Councillor Lemur, the Secretary of the Ayuntamiento and thus the de facto ruler of Viron.

Councillor Loris, a member of the Ayuntamiento, its presiding officer in Lemur's absence.

Mamelta, a sleeper wakened by Mucor and freed by Silk.

Maytera Marble, now a sibyl of Silk's manteion, junior to Rose but senior to Mint; she is over three hundred years old, and nearly worn out.

Marrow, a greengrocer.

Maytera Mint, the junior sibyl at Silk's manteion.

Moipe, a major goddess, the goddess of music, dancing, and art, of the winds and of all light things, patroness of the second day of the week. She is particularly associated with songbirds and butterflies.

Mucor, Blood's adopted daughter; she is about fifteen, capable of asomatous travel, and something akin to a devil.

Musk, Blood's steward and lover.

Nettle, Horn's sweetheart.

Olive, a sleeper.

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