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2020 — Cavius base established. Mining of lunar subcrustal resources starts.

2037 — Beginning of large-scale geneering on humans; improvement to immunology system, eradication of appendix, organ efficiency increased.

2041 — First deuterium-fuelled fusion stations built; inefficient and expensive.

2044 — Christian reunification.

2047 — First asteroid capture mission. beginning of Earth’s O’Neill halo.

2049 — Quasi-sentient bitek animals employed as servitors.

2055 — Jupiter mission.

2055 — Lunar cities granted independence from founding companies.

2057 — Ceres asteroid settlement founded.

2058 — Affinity symbiont neurons developed by Wing-Tsit Chong, providing control over animals and bitek constructs.

2064 — Multinational industrial consortium (Jovian Sky Power corporation) begins mining Jupiter’s atmosphere for He3 using aerostat factories.

2064 — Islamic secular unification.

2067 — Fusion stations begin to use He3 as fuel.

2069 — Affinity bond gene spliced into human DNA.

2075 — JSKP germinates Eden, a bitek habitat in orbit around Jupiter, with un Protectorate status.

2077 — New Kong asteroid begins FTL stardrive research project.

2085 — Eden opened for habitation.

2086 — Habitat pallas germinated in Jupiter orbit.

2090 — Wing-Tsit Chong dies, and transfers memories to Eden’s neural strata. Start of Edenist culture. Eden and Pallas declare independence from UN. Launch buyout of JSKP shares. Pope Eleanor excommunicates all Christians with affinity gene. Exodus of affinity capable humans to Eden. Effective end of bitek industry on Earth.

2091 — Lunar referendum to terraform Mars.

2094 — Edenists begin exowomb breeding programme coupled with extensive geneering improvement to embryos, tripling their population over a decade.

2103 — Earth’s national governments consolidate into Govcentral.

2103 — Thoth base established on Mars.

2107 — Govcentral jurisdiction extended to cover O’Neill halo.

2115 — First instantaneous translation by New Kong spaceship, Earth to Mars.

2118 — Mission to Proxima Centauri.

2123 — Terracompatible planet found at Ross 154.

2125 — Ross 154 planet named Felicity, first multiethnic colonists arrive.

2125—2130 — Four new terracompatible planets discovered. Multiethnic colonies founded.

2131 — Edenists germinate Perseus in orbit around Ross 154 gas giant, begin He3 mining.

2131—2205 — One hundred and thirty terracompatible planets discovered. Massive starship building programme initiated in O’Neill Halo. Govcentral begins large-scale enforced outshipment of surplus population, rising to 2 million a week in 2160: Great Dispersal. Civil conflict on some early multiethnic colonies. Individual Govcentral states sponsor ethnic-streaming colonies. Edenists expand their He3 mining enterprise to every inhabited star system with a gas giant.

2139 — Asteroid Braun impacts on Mars.

2180 — First orbital tower built on Earth.

2205 — Antimatter production station built in orbit around Sun by Govcentral in an attempt to break the Edenist energy monopoly.

2208 — First antimatter-drive starships operational.

2210 — Richard Saldana transports all of New Kong’s industrial facilities from the O’Neill Halo to an asteroid orbiting Kulu. He claims independence for the Kulu star system, founds Christian-only colony, and begins to mine He3 from the system’s gas giant.

2218 — First voidhawk gestated, a bitek starship designed by Edenists.

2225 — Establishment of a hundred voidhawk families. Habitats Romulus and Remus germinated in Saturn orbit to serve as voidhawk bases.

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