Clint Murdock

Naked Nikki

Chapter 1

Nikki stopped and watched as Howard Friedman struggled out of his ridiculous, flowered undershorts. His cock was a huge, thick veined sausage with an angry purple head. The tip was already smeared with a sticky coating of pre-cum.

Inwardly she groaned. Christ, how could an old dip-shit like him be packing an eight or ten-inch monster like that?

Friedman finally got the undershorts off of his ankles and kicked them away, then stood up eagerly, his heavy prick waving wildly in front of rum. He saw Nikki eyeing it and flexed proudly. 'Not bad for an old coot, huh? Think you can handle this, baby?'

Nikki resisted the urge to say something smartass and instead unhooked her bra and let her 36-DD's spill out into the soft light. As soon as the air-conditioning hit them, her nipples immediately began to harden. She watched Friedman's eyes widen as he took in the huge, white globes, his mouth opening hungrily as he began to breathe hoarsely. Christ, she thought, in a few minutes he'll be puffing and wheezing like an old steam engine! He backed up several steps, his eyes riveted on her nipples, then bumped into the bed and toppled backward onto it.

Nikki smirked smugly as she tossed the bra aside. She guessed she had control of the situation again, all right! She lifted her arms gracefully over her head and pirouetted slowly in front of him.

'Think you can handle these, Jocko?' she asked saucily.

Friedman gave a low growl and lunged for her tits with both hands, but she stepped back quickly, undulating her hips at him as he nearly tumbled off the bed.

'Come here, you horny bitch!' he rumbled, his eyes glazing with lust.

'But, Howard,' Nikki said playfully, sticking her thumbs under the waistband of her panties, 'I'm not undressed yet. Don't be so impatient!'

'Well, hurry up, goddam it! I'm going crazy here!'

'Aw-w-w-w,' she answered tauntingly, dancing up close to him then jumping back nimbly as he reached for her. 'What's the trouble, Howie? Are we horny tonight or something? Do you want to get your big, hairy hands on poor little Nikki?'

The beefy talent agent cursed angrily and started floundering his way off the bed, so Nikki turned her back on him and whipped the baby blue panties down over her ass. The sight of her lush, naked buns staring him in the face stopped Howard Friedman cold, his tongue lolling helplessly out of his mouth like an overheated sheep dog.

Nikki peeked back over her shoulder and had to turn her head to hide a smile. This poor bastard was like putty in her hands! She looked again and saw him sitting on all fours at the edge of the bed, his eyes glued to the twin mounds of soft, white flesh that she was slowly gyrating before his face. Gradually Nikki bent forward from the waist, wriggling her panties lower and lower, exposing more and more of the deep, fleecy treasure trove between her legs.

She glanced beneath her arm to see Howard's reaction, and this time she couldn't help herself. She burst into a giggle of girlish amusement, the sound of her laughter tinkling gaily through Friedman's large, expensive apartment. He was sitting therein the same position, like a statue, and now his tongue had started moving, involuntarily, up and down, up and down with the motion of her body. It was like he was trying to eat her pussy by remote control!

Nikki leaned clear over and caught her ankles, then bent her legs at the knee. She heard the whooshing intake of breath as her woolly, young cunt gaped open in front of Friedman, framed by the firm, tender meat of her ass. Remaining in this posture, she stepped carefully out of one leg of the panties, then shuffled slowly backward toward the bed.

When he realized what she was doing, Friedman roared with anticipation, then reached out and caught her by the hips, dragging her furiously back onto him, his tongue slurping fiercely at her vulva, his nose poking directly into her asshole. His attack was so violent that Nikki lost her balance and rolled on top of him, squealing, then managed to catch herself against the wall. Underneath her she could feel Howard's hot, wet tongue stabbing and lapping feverishly, seeking desperately to break through the soft, hairy lips of her pussy and thrust up into the hot, juicy channel beyond. The -smothered, slobbering noises he was making made her feel like she was sitting on top of a warthog in heat.

Nikki decided to take pity on the poor bastard for a moment. Bracing herself against the wall, she lifted her hips slightly and adjusted her pelvis, bringing her pussy into better alignment with Howard's face. Then, bending one knee' under her for support, she lowered herself directly onto his flicking tongue, spearing the thick, slippery hunk of flesh deep into her steaming cunt. Howard growled loudly from under her ass and Nikki couldn't help gasping herself as a swirl of delightful sensations prickled through her tight young snatch.

'Eat it, Howard. Eat it, baby!' she urged, slowly rubbing her pussy back and forth on his flailing tongue. 'Oh, God… Does it taste good?'

Howard growled again and reached up with one hand to toy with her large, soft breast. Nikki was surprised that his touch wasn't especially rough; she could feel warm sparks of pleasure nipping at her as he pinched and tugged the creamy flesh. She reached down and grabbed his cock, standing up rigidly now, long and hard as a whaler's harpoon. Gently she frigged her fingers up and down the warm, stiff shaft, smirking as Howard bleated urgently and began bucking his hips in response to her strokes.

God, Nikki thought, the problem here was not going to be how to get the old bastard off, but how to keep him from cumming all over the place before they'd even gotten started! She stared at his huge, throbbing tool and wondered how many shots it would be good for. She gave it a calculating squeeze. God, it was a big, hard bastard, that was for sure! She knew Friedman was close to sixty years old, but the amount of slimy moisture leaking from his prick-head was already more than some guys shot altogether!

Nikki decided to make it easy on herself.

She humped her pussy upward away from Friedman's ravaging lips and tongue, drawing a loud cry of protest from the agent.

'Hey, where are you going, Sweetheart?'

'Relax, Howard,' Nikki told him, flipping over and stepping off the bed. 'You're such a bossy bastard, you know that? Now just lay back and relax… and shut up!'

Nikki took a peek through her dangling brown hair as she knelt on the edge of the bed and seized Friedman's jutting prick with both hands. He was lying back, his eyes closed, peaceful as a lamb. Just like she'd thought! Most of these gruff, bossy mothers, who were used to getting their own way all the time, were really closet pussycats. It had been so long since anyone bossed them around that they usually went for it unquestioningly, whether out of surprise or just as a welcome change.

Nikki began a slow, sensuous, up-and-down motion with her clasping hands, exerting a firm, squeezing pressure as she stroked from the tip to the base of the talent agent's huge hard-on. He gasped and groaned helplessly as the sensations raced through his loins. His hips began to pump rhythmically in response, his toes digging into the sheets, his big, rough hands coming up to tangle themselves in Nikki's soft hair.

'Au-ugh, God!' he moaned harshly, starting to lift his ass up off the bed, trying to jam his pecker deeper and deeper into Nikki's clutching grasp.

'What's the matter, Howie, baby?' Nikki asked gently. 'Does it feel good?'

'Aw, God… you little bitch,' Friedman choked. 'You… you know it does!'

'Aw-w, Howard,' she said sweetly. 'You say the nicest things to a girl.'

Friedman had the sense of humor to want to chuckle at that, but the effort was squashed flat by a stream of new thrills as Nikki took her left hand and probed beneath his heavy balls with her long, painted fingernail. She scratched it gently back and forth under his balls as his hips arched upward uncontrollably, then slid it upward and

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