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She had the teen standing between her legs. His head was bent, his eyes on her face as she worked her lips over his cock. He was still a little shy and Barbara was amused. She liked them a little shy. Just shy enough to make it fun.

She sat on the couch in the motel room with the teen's cock in her mouth.

His name was Mark, and she'd picked him up in a shopping center less than an hour ago. Now she had his jeans and Jockey shorts down

at his ankles and his beautiful cock in her mouth.

His big prick.

She'd thought he'd be big because of the bulge in his crotch. She liked her cocks big. The teen was only eighteen, but he had a lovely cock. He was obviously uneasy about being with an older woman. She was old enough to be his mother. She had a son about his age at home.

She used her hands as she sucked. One hand held his balls and the other hand stroked his cockshaft or rubbed up and down his thigh or moved around to feel his hard little ass. She loved touching his young body. She, loved holding his balls in her hand while she sucked his prick.

Her mouth filled with his cock, she glanced up at him a moment to see the pleasure in his face. His eyes were on her cock-stuffed mouth. She wore a bright-red lipstick today, and now she had most of it on his cock. She wondered how old he thought she was. He was a good-looking kid. A good-looking teen with a gorgeous circumcised cock.

His prick was so hard and his balls so full in her hand. His balls had a lovely young smell, funky and exciting. She thought of eating his ass, but she didn't know how clean he was. She

touched his asscrack, probed the groove to find his asshole. She tickled his asshole as she sucked his fat prick.

Boys this age always turned her on. They were perfect. Old enough to fuck and young enough to have an endless supply of jism. She loved having her mouth stuffed with a hard young prick. She moaned around his prick, her tongue rolling over his cockhead. How marvelous it was that he hadn't spurted yet. She'd thought she'd get a mouthful as soon as she started sucking him, but he obviously had some staying power. She debated with herself about whether to bring him off. She loved the taste of jism. The first load with a kid this age was always rich and creamy. She worked her tongue along the underside of his cock. His prick was drenched with her saliva, throbbing between her lips. His cockknob was lovely, fat and clean and beautifully shaped. She had such a passion for sucking on gorgeous cocks.

You're a naughty girl, she thought. You're a terrible woman to bring a teen like this to a motel room. She quivered at the pleasure of it as she gently twisted his balls in her hand.

Finally she pulled her mouth off his cock. He made a sound of frustration in his throat. His prick vibrated in front of her eyes like an angry


She looked up at him and smiled. 'I'm still dressed. I'll get my clothes off and you can finish undressing. Don't you think that would be better?'

His face flushed, he nodded. She rose. She could feel her pussy twitching. She was so hot for cock. She had no reservations about making it with a teenager. Society might not approve, but she knew there were millions of women who would jump at the chance to have sex with a teen. A kid like this could go on for hours. He had a beautiful body. His eyes were so hot for her as she stripped her clothes off.

He had himself naked before she did. He stared at her lush body as she finally tossed the last of her clothing away. She smiled at him, then glided aver to him and took his cock in her hand.

'I like your body,' she said.

'And I like yours,' he murmured.

She ran her hands over his muscular arms and chest. She could feel his cock throbbing in her hand. He was a strong kid, a lovely build, strong anns and thighs. She tickled the underside of his cock with her fingers. She pressed her tits against his chest. She knew she had a good

body, and she could ace the confirmation in his eyes. She had full gourd-shaped tits and a firm round ass. Lush. A woman in her prime. What she needed was his cock. His young prick. His hard fucker now twitching in her hand. She felt her pussy throb with anticipation.

She was amused at the way he pretended to be so nonchalant about the whole thing. She wondered if he'd ever fucked with a grown woman before. Some of the boys she picked up were experienced with older women, but usually they weren't. She could feel her cunt juice dripping on the insides of her thighs. She based him again, stroking his prick, rubbing her fingers over his cockhead. She wouldn't take his cock in her cunt just yet. It was always better to wait. What she wanted now was a gallon of cum in her mouth. She wanted the taste of his hot jism on her tongue.

She went down on him again. This time she made him lie down on the bed, and she crawled between his legs to take his cock in her mouth. He pulled two pillows under his head and bent his neck to watch her.

Go on and watch it, she thought. She liked it when they watched her. She could feel the weight of her tits as they hung down from her chest. Her nipples were as stiff as spikes, the

points thrusting out aggressively.

She took her time. She fucked his cock slowly with her mouth, up and down, her lips forming a tight slippery ring. She held his heavy balls in one hand. She used the other hand to squeeze and fondle the base of his cockshaft. Her fingers moved constantly. His prick twitched and throbbed, his hot cock flesh filling her mouth. It was better this way than standing up. This way, she could rock her whole body as she mouth-fucked him.

She used her mouth as though it were a cunt. She wished she had as much control over her cuntlips as she had over her mouth. How lovely it would be to be able to grip a cock with her cuntlips like this when it was in her pussy. She quivered with anticipation as she thought about what it would be like when, he fucked her.

The boy's cock was bloated now. He was always ready to shoot. She slowed down. She tickled his balls and rubbed around his cock bush. Her cunt raged with need. She stopped sucking his prick and smiled at him.

'You can come if you want. Come in my mouth the first time, and then we'll play some more. Would you like that?'

He grunted his agreement as her hand continued stroking his prick. She laughed and

leaned forward to whisper in his ear. She told him how much she liked his cock. She said he was a handsome boy and she loved having him on a bed. She kissed him. She was old enough to be his mother, but he was making her feel like a teenager again. She couldn't wait to fuck him. She was so horny. But she knew it would be better if she sucked him off first. Then they could have their little party. What a honey he was.

She moved down again to suck his cock. His prick tasted so delicious. She told herself she was cock-crazy. She sucked on the tip of his prick as she pumped his cockshaft with her hand. She touched her clit, scooped some of the pussy juice out of her cunt gash and rubbed it over his hairy balls and around his asshole. Then her finger slipped inside his tight little shitter. She loved finger-fucking them in the asshole while they shot off in her mouth.

He groaned as she churned her finger around in his ass. She sucked his cock and diddled his asshole, and before long he cried out to warn her he was coming.

She was ready far it. She kept her lips on the tip of his cock as a geyser of jism shot out of his piss hole. Hot and thick and plentiful. His cum. She loved it. She milked him with her

fingers, squeezing his cock, draining the last drops. And all the while, she had her other hand under his ass, her middle finger deep inside his asshole to push and prod and make sure she received everything he had.

Later, he told her he'd never had someone's finger in his ass while they blew him. She got him to admit he

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