Jennifer Ames

Wet and Ready


'What made you decide to work for Aubern College?' Todd asked as he casually pulled out a gold card to pay for our dinner.

We were on our first date. Actually, this was even more than that. It was my first real date with a guy. Todd was older. He was a college senior, just a few weeks from a business degree. He was easy to talk to. That, or I was just babbling. Either way, I told him the story of my life.

I had to take a job somewhere. My parents never got along, and they put me into a religious school after separating. The nuns pushed me into nursing even before I was in high school. I was a candy stripper, then an assistant. I had a year's worth of credits toward my practical nursing degree when I was 16.1 got my degree at 18.

When this job opened, I jumped at it. For the first time, I wasn't under the thumb of some stodgy head nurse who was also a nun. I was working for a liberal college, which needed a nurse who was willing to work for very little money. As the staff nurse for the college's swimming and diving teams my hours were short, and my duties, easy. While I worked, I could also complete my RN degree. Tuition was free, and I had housing allowance or a room at the dorm. Like I said, I jumped at it.

The past three weeks had been the hardest and busiest time in my life. No, not the work. That was easy, just as advertised. I was fully prepared. The nuns taught me everything about how to be a good nurse, but they skipped right over the real important areas-the areas that were bothering me. This part of my story I didn't tell Todd.

I was 19. Even without being told, I knew that I was pretty. I was only 5' 2', but the mirror convinced me that my tiny frame was put together just right. By 18, men were looking at me. But, I'd never been alone with a guy. I'd never had the chance to try out my sexy, young body. I'd always gone to all-girl schools. The nursing school was run by nuns, and they didn't let us around the local boys at all.

Then I took this job. Suddenly, I was in the real world. A real world brimming with men. The nuns hadn't taught me how to act around hard-bodies, handsome, horny males dressed in very skimpy swimming trunks. Swimming trunks so tight and thin that I could see the entire outline of each guy's cock and balls. So thin I could see the swollen veins pumping over those tubes of throbbing prick flesh.

What the women wore in practice was even worse. Their swimsuits were see-through. When the guys and gals were in the pool together, it was unbearable. They played in a sexual way. Naturally, the young women got excited. I know damn well that I did, and I was just watching.

Hard, crinkled nipples poked through suits. They guys got horny, too, their cocks growing and thickening so nicely. Many times, I was the only one in the pool complex who was fully dressed. It was driving me nuts. My pussy was so hot and creamy inside all the time. Something inside me was fighting to get out, but I didn't know what to do.

You see, when I took this job, I was still a virgin. I'd never seen a man's prick all hard and throbbing before. Even with the material of a swimsuit blocking a full view, I couldn't tear my amazed eyes form the sight of so many good-looking men walking around with so much hard cock.

I also didn't tell Todd that I'd been coming home exhausted each day, then finger-fucking myself to sleep in my lonely bed. It was getting so bad that I was even masturbating during the day to relieve some of the tension that built up inside my hot, young body.

It didn't help. I had to resort to a few minutes of sinful delight with my vibrator before I met Todd that night. I'd been getting plenty of use out of that natural-looking, cock-shaped vibrator lately.

I wanted to look nice for Todd-and it seems I did. I was wearing a flowery sun dress. There was no way I could wear a bra, so my nipples were all crinkled up, making obvious dents in the dress. I don't like pantyhose, so I wore the new thigh-high stockings.

While I waited for Todd, I closed my eyes, dreaming about his hands on my naked skin. My pussy was wet again under a pair of naughty, tie-side panties when Todd knocked on the door of my dorm room.

As Todd closed the door for me, his thigh brushed against mine. A little shiver went through my body. His hand went behind my back, gently guiding me out into the cool evening air. We walked to his car, and he held my hand as he eased me into the passenger seat.

The whole evening was like that. He touched me every chance he could, and I was so hot my nipples were aching. I could feel pussy juices running down my thighs when under the table at dinner, his knees rested against mine. And when he put his hand under the table, placed it on my thigh and slid his middle finger back and forth suggestively, I thought I'd scream out right at dinner.

I managed to keep my excitement down, though, and by the time Todd walked me back to my dorm, my legs were trembling. Alone in the hall, I unlocked my door and turned to say goodnight.

As I turned, his strong arms circled my waist. His mouth came closer, and as I tilted my head, he kissed me.

It was like a scene from a movie. My lips parted, and Todd's sweet tongue slipped inside, finding my tongue and flicking so wonderfully against my hot flesh. I groaned, feeling my body shudder against his. That's when I felt it. That jerking, thick bulge at his waist, pushing and bumping into my belly. Todd reached up and cupped one of my titties. The top of my dress rolled down, and suddenly Todd rolled my aching nipple between his finger and thumb.

'God, Jessica,' he groaned. 'Can we go inside for a second, baby?'

'I don't know,' I moaned back, so confused by what my body was feeling.

'Please?' he begged, taking my hand and forcing me to feel the throbbing need of his cock.

Before I knew it, we were inside. The door was locked. I was on the bed, my sun dress was on the floor, and Todd was standing over me. All I had on was those thigh-high stockings and a pair of soaking wet, pink panties that were held together only by bows on each side.

Todd stood at the side of my single bed and looked into my eyes. I squirmed, wanting him to come back to me. He was teasing, slowly driving me wild as he unbuttoned his shirt. As each button fell away, more and more of his muscular chest appeared. Even though I'd seen Todd daily with only a pair of thin swimming trunks, this strip show was exciting me. He pulled off his jeans.

His bikini shorts were stretched to their limit. For the first time in my life a prick was hard and jerking and ready for me. Todd's hard cock was all tangled in his shorts, and at the tip, a circle of wetness showed through the nylon material. The head of his fully erect cock poked against his tight shorts. I knew Todd was the back stroke swimmer on the team but I never realized how massive his chest and shoulders were. Down below, he had a tine waist that flared back into thighs as big around as my body. God, he was beautiful and all mine. 'Now for you,' he said. 'What?' I groaned. 'I want to get you nice and hot,' he said.

I didn't have any idea what he was talking about. If I got any hotter, I was going to explode. Todd came back to the bed. He kissed me gently and slowly. He took his time, and even though I was anxious, I loved the way his kisses made my pussy quiver up inside. His lips pulled away, caressing the side of my neck. Then he started down my body. Over my throat. Down to the center of my tits. 'Ooooh,' I moaned, biting my lower lip.

He found my titties. Holding one quivering mound, Todd kissed the other globe. He licked across my crinkled nipple, flicking the moist tip of this tongue around the brown circle capping my breast, and then sucked the aching bud between his lips. 'Beautiful tits,' he whispered.

I shivered under him, my body trembling as erotic bolts of passion ran wild through my nerves. He was right. Todd was making me even more excited.

'You liked that, didn't you, Jessie?' he whispered, his white teeth scraping back and forth over my nipple. 'God, yes!' came my hissing reply. 'How about this?' he teased.

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