Donna Allen

Wicked, willing wife


This was the first time twenty-six-year-old Gloria Crawford had cheated on her husband and she was overwhelmed with fear and excitement.

Charlie Bates was inside the door. He had his arms around her, and their mouths were plastered together in a deep kiss.

She could feel the bulge of his cock pressing against her belly. Charlie's hands were on her ass, and she shivered with pleasure at the way his fingers clutched the full flesh of her ass-cheeks.

Unable to help herself, she squirmed her hips to massage her belly against the stiffness of his cock. When they finally broke apart, she gasped, 'Oh, Charlie, I'm frightened!'

He was the husband of one of her friends. She had never dreamed that she and Charlie would ever get together like this, but then one night at a party he made a pass and she found herself accepting his offer.

Later she was sorry, but then she thought it over and realized how dull her life was. She needed some excitement. When Charlie called, instead of telling him it had all been a mistake, she asked him if he could get away during the day and invited him to the house.

'There's nothing to be scared of,' Charlie chuckled. 'People do this all the time!'

He squeezed her ass again and then moved his hands up to her tits. Gloria closed her eyes and savored the feeling of his hands caressing her braless tits through the thin material of her blouse.

'I've got an hour,' Charlie said. 'Let's go somewhere where there's a bed before things get rushed.'

His fingers toyed with one of her nipples, rolling the hard spike back and forth.

Gloria had no idea what room they should use. She hadn't thought about that at all. Now she decided she couldn't possibly take Charlie into the bedroom. She just couldn't cheat on Jim in the same bed they slept in!

Taking Charlie's hand, she led him into the living room. The sofa would have to do. Charlie seemed to understand. He smiled at her.

'It's your choice, baby. This place is as good as any, maybe even better.'

Her heart pounded as she watched him remove his tie and shirt. How strange it was to have a man other than her husband undressing in the living room!

When Charlie had his shoes and socks and pants stripped away, she could see his hard cock jutting like a stiff poker under his jockey shorts. She trembled with anticipation.

Then the shorts came down and his long thick cock and large hairy balls were totally exposed. Gloria shivered. His cock was big. It looked big and ready and very capable. Faced with his dripping male-meat, she was suddenly no longer frightened by the idea of adultery.

Her husband seemed to have very little interest in her. She was a woman. She needed a man's cock. She needed the look and feel of a hard cock to tell her she was wanted. She needed a man making love to her.

She could feel the wetness in her pussy. Her cunt was now a juice-drenched swamp demanding to be stuffed with cock.

In a daze, she went down on her knees in front of Charlie and wrapped her hands around his throbbing cock. Opening her mouth, she closed her lips over his bloated cock-head, swirled her tongue over the velvety spongy knob, and then released him and rose to her feet again.

'Nice!' Charlie said. 'Come on, baby, get undressed. Let me see your tits!'

He stood there naked, his hard cock swaying, as she peeled off her clothes.

'Christ, what jugs!' he said. 'You've really got 'em!'

Massaging her heavy thick-nippled tits with her fingers, Gloria blushed. His wife's tits were just as large as hers. She wondered what kind of a marriage they had. She wondered if Mona was aware that Charlie played around like this.

When she finished undressing, Charlie grabbed her tits. With both hands, he squeezed and fondled the heavy globes and then lowered his face to briefly suck on her nipples.

Her tits had always been very sensitive, and the feel of his mouth on them made her quiver.

When he finally pulled his lips away, her nipples were swollen and glistening with his saliva.

'Gorgeous!' he said. 'What kind of fucking do you like?'

Gloria blushed. 'I don't know. I guess I'm not very experienced.'

'Christ, you've been married five years,' Charlie snickered. 'Since we're not using a bed, how about a little doggy fuck? Just bend over and show me that pretty ass!'

His lewd language excited her. He showed her how to kneel on one of the easy chairs with her elbows resting on the back. When he moved behind her, she realized how vulnerable she was. Her cunt and ass were completely exposed to him.

She trembled with anticipation. She closed her eyes and moaned when she felt the hot head of his cock rubbing between her cunt-lips. A moment later his fuck-pole pushed into her cunt-channel with a long smooth stroke.

'Oh, Jesus!' she groaned.

Charlie put his hands on her hips, splayed his fingers out over her soft flesh, and began a slow, determined fuck. It wasn't long before the thrusting of his cock in and out of her cunt from the back like that had her mind reeling and her body vibrating.

'Oh, God, how wonderful!' she crooned.

The pace of his stroking increased, his thrusts became harder, and soon he was grunting and crying out as he began shooting his load. The feel of his rampant cock pile-driving in and out of her cunt overwhelmed her senses and quickly brought her to an orgasm.

She wailed and whimpered, moaning with pleasure at his attack from the rear, and finally convulsing in the throes of a shuddering climax.

Charlie left her draped over the back of the armchair. 'Got to run, baby,' he said.

She heard him dressing. He kissed her on the cheek and left the room. When she heard the front door close, she moaned and slumped down.

After dinner with Jim that evening, Gloria fixed herself a stiff drink and thought how strange it was to go through the routine of another dull evening with her husband after she had cheated on him that very same day.

The hurried rear-entry fuck at noon had left her quivering for hours. She was still not over it.

Seated beside Jim on the sofa now. She began experiencing the first pangs of guilt and remorse. Jim, after all, was her husband. Their marriage was dull, but they had known each other since childhood and she couldn't imagine living without him. Oh, God, what a mess! She thought.

She still felt the aftermath of Charlie's fucking, and this made it easy for her to think of relieving her guilt. She decided to get Jim interested in getting to bed early. They hadn't fucked in more than a week, and it would be hard for him to refuse.

Leaving, him, she peeled off her clothes in the bedroom and put on a filmy negligee she sometimes wore when she wanted to deliberately entice him. There was never any guarantee that it would work, but Jim usually got the message that she wanted some attention.

When she returned to the living room with her body scarcely concealed by the transparent negligee, Jim looked at her and smiled.

'Guess you're looking for a fuck,' he said. 'It's time to get to bed anyway. I'll be in right after the news.'

Well, it's hardly an erotic romance, Gloria thought as she returned to the bedroom, but it was better than nothing.

Twenty minutes later Jim was on top of her, slowly pumping away in the midst of one of those dull missionary fucks that had never given Gloria an orgasm. At least he lasts, she thought. He was always careful

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