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The aunt turns on


'Suck my pussy,' Joanna Barker said. 'It's all hot and juicy for you.' She straddled her husband, her knees on either side of his shoulders, her wet cunt poised over his face.

Charlie chuckled as he gazed up at his wife's dripping gash. 'Now that's what I call a raunchy-looking cunt.'

'Does that mean you don't like it?' Using her fingers, she spread her cuntlips apart to expose her turgid cunt.

'You know better than that. You know I love it.'

Joanna smiled and lowered her pussy to his waiting mouth. She moaned softly at the first contact of his lips and tongue with her steaming cunt-flesh. 'Slow and easy,' she said. 'Pussy needs a good workout.'

After ten years of marriage, Charlie knew what she needed when he lapped her cunt. Joanna purred with pleasure as his tongue worked up and down her swollen slit.

She was happy to be married to a man who enjoyed sucking pussy. She knew that not all women were that lucky. But then she'd planned it that way, hadn't she? She'd married Charlie because she liked the way he gave head and because she liked his cock.

Charlie had a wonderful cock. Eight inches of thick hot fuck-meat and a pair of big balls to match. Joanna favored big cocks. The bigger the better. She liked them long and thick. Any woman who said size didn't matter was either lying or too inexperienced to know the difference. Charlie had a long thick prick with a gorgeous fat cockhead. Just thinking about that juicy cock-knob made her mouth water.

Joanna adored giving head. If there was one thing she knew about, it was sucking cock. She almost received as much of a kick out of giving head as she did out of fucking. In away it was a power thing. She could take a limp prick and make it huge with her tongue and mouth. And to feel the blood pumping through a thick cockshaft end then have hot male jism exploding in your mouth, that was a trip all its own.

Sucking was lovely. On occasion she even enjoyed sucking another woman. Why should men have all the fun? Lapping the juicy pussy of a woman who turned her on was a treat. And when a woman did it to her it was the most marvelous thing in the world. No one could suck pussy better than a woman.

Looking down now at her husband's face, Joanna squirmed her wet cunt against his mouth. This would be one of their long and delicious evening fucks. She was as hot as an oven and ready for anything.

This might be their last night of real privacy for a long time. Tomorrow Charlie's sister would arrive. Ann was older than Joanna and she had two teenage children. They were all coming to stay with Joanna and Charlie for at least a month, and Joanna already had some plans for the eighteen year old boy. She'd been daydreaming about his young cock for nearly a week now. At first it was merely fantasy, but then she decided she would do more than dream about it. Jerry was old enough. Last year during his visit his interest in her had been obvious. I'll teach him things, Joanna thought. She closed her eyes and moaned as Charlie's tongue rasped over her swollen cunt.

She grabbed her tits now, lifted them in her hands and pinched her nipples. Her nipples were long even when she wasn't aroused, and now they were out like two thick stalks. Lifting one tit, she brought the nipple to her mouth and sucked it between her lips. The feel of her own lips on her nipple and Charlie's lips on her cunt was wonderful.

When Charlie left her cunt to tongue her cunthole, she slipped her hand down to keep her love button happy. Still sucking her tit, she diddled her cunt as Charlie worked lower down.

She wondered about Charlie's sister, about Ann's sex life. Ann had been divorced nearly two years now and Joanna had doubts that Ann was getting steady fucking. Ann was a little on the prissy side, but attractive. A long legged blonde with a nice set of tits and a gorgeous ass. Not forty yet and still ripe enough to get some enjoyment out of life. Poor Ann, Joanna thought.

Charlie's face was now drenched with Joanna's cuntjuice. It thrilled her to see his face wet like that.

She squirmed more forcefully on his mouth, then shifted forward to get his tongue in the crack of her ass. Oh yes! she thought. Lay some tongue in there, honey! She adored the feel of a wet tongue on her bunghole. Nothing was lovelier than that. Finally pulling herself off Charlie's face, Joanna stretched out on the bed on her back and began masturbating in a frenzy.

Charlie loved watching her like this. He knelt between her legs, his eyes feasting on her fingers as they worked over her cunt. He finally slipped his hand under hers and found her asshole with his fingertip. She groaned and came as he pushed his finger inside her shitter.

'Oh, lover, that was good,' Joanna said dreamily as she recovered her senses.

'Number one,' Charlie smiled.

'Are you going to exhaust me tonight?'

'No one can exhaust you, Joanna, but I'm sure going to try!'

After that she crouched over him and played with his stiff cock. She rubbed and fondled his meaty prick until she had him hissing with pleasure.

Images of her nephew's cock came into her mind. She had never actually seen the boy's cock but she knew he had a big one. She could always tell.

Incest she thought. The idea that she was his aunt made it terribly exciting. And he was young. That was exciting to. She hid fond memories of young cock. It seemed that lately she was attracted more and more to young ones. She loved their horny cocks and tight pink balls. She loved the way they could come over and over again.

Hunching down, she slipped her mouth over Charlie's cockhead and began sucking. The feel of his hot knob in her mouth was delicious.

She fingered his balls, rolling the fat eggs in her hand and gently pinching the skin of his leathery ball- bag.

Then, her mouth still on his cockhead, she slipped one finger further back and slowly drilled it into his asshole.

Charlie grunted with pleasure. Joanna licked and sucked his throbbing cock as she slowly drilled her finger in and out of his hot bung.

She licked and sucked his cock until he seemed close to coming. Then she pulled her mouth off his prick.


'You bet,' he said.

'You seem distracted.'

'I'm thinking about Ann. I'm looking forward to seeing her again.'

Joanna wondered if Charlie had ever made it with his sister. She'd never had the nerve to ask. The idea that there was something between her husband and Ann was exciting.

Suddenly she said, 'Do you have the hots for Ann?'

'What the hell are you talking about?' he croaked…

'Never mind,' she laughed. She returned her attention to his cock.

She sucked and pumped his prick until he was close to coming. Once again she drilled her finger inside his asshole and revelled at the feel of his tight bung.

She could see herself in the wardrobe mirror. The sight of her mouth moving up and down Charlie's cock turned her on. She was suddenly reminded of a time in Las Vegas, Charlie in the casino gambling and herself up in the hotel room blowing a young stud. Charlie had never known about that. She remembered that lovely young stud and his hot cock.

Cocks were all different. She liked them like Charlie's long and thick with a fat knob, but when she was

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