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It was almost midnight when Honey and Greg stepped out the door of the Justice of the Peace. Honey hesitated on the steps, smelling the night air and listening to the chirping crickets. It all seemed too wonderful to believe. One minute she was Honey Bromfield and the next she was Honey Harris. 'Oh, Greg, I love you so much,' Honey said, taking his arm as they walked to his new white Buick.

Greg opened her door just as the lights in the house went out. They'd driven all the way from Cedarville to get married. Honey still couldn't believe it was really happening. She'd lied about her age to the Justice of the Peace, John Ramsey, but Greg had told her he was a personal friend of his and wouldn't check things. Greg had taken care of all the paper work.

Honey ducked her head to step into the car, but Greg stopped her. 'Wait,' he said. 'I want something first.' Pulling her against him, he circled her waist and pressed his lips against hers. She felt his tongue stabbing into her mouth and exploring her tongue. When he drew back, his hands moved possessively to her firm tits. 'From now on,' he said, 'you're all mine.'

Honey felt a wave of warmth surge through her. The touch of his fingers on her breasts brought her nipples instantly erect. Her pussy quivered and throbbed with growing arousal. 'Yes, Greg. I'll do my best to make you happy. You won't be sorry you married me, I promise.'

'Then turn around and bend over.' Greg didn't wait for Honey to respond. He twisted her in his arms and pushed her head into the car so she was forced to hold herself up with her hands on the seat. He lifted her skirt and pushed it over her hips. With one swift jerk, he pulled her white panties down to her ankles.

Honey gasped. 'What are you doing? Oh, Greg, not here, please.' She looked at the dark house and quickly around the neighborhood to see if anyone could see them. She almost stumbled when he pulled her panties the rest of the way off, so eager was he to expose her cunt. She felt his fingers spreading her buttocks and stroking her ass crack.

'You're beautiful,' he moaned huskily. 'When I met you yesterday on that park bench, I knew you were going to be my wife.' Reaching around her hips, he stroked the inside of her pussy, flicking his finger over her clitoris and arousing her cunt to the point that she pushed eagerly against him.

'Oh, that feels so good. But, please, let's wait until we get to a motel.' She felt sinful with her ass and pussy exposed to him so obscenely and so soon after getting married. She tried to reason with herself that it was all right and his enthusiasm showed how much he loved her and not a lack of respect, but she couldn't shake the flicker of doubt that crossed her mind.

'Everyone waits, but not me. We must have set a time record getting married less than thirty-six hours after we met. Let's set another record by fucking for the first legal time in the Justice of the Peace's driveway.'

She heard his pants unzipping and looked over her shoulder to see his mammoth cock flip out of his fly. His cock was already swollen to complete erection. His shiny purple cockhead glistened eagerly in the moonlight. She felt it pressed against her buttocks. He caressed his cock up and down her perineum, running his nob from her pussy to the top of her ass. She felt his warm cock stroking along her ass crack and arousing her passion to the point that she didn't care if what they did was sinful or not.

Unsnapping her bra, he cupped her tits and hefted them in his palms. He twisted and pinched her nipples until she felt them surging with arousal. 'All right, Greg. If this is the way you want it, take me. Put your beautiful cock inside me.' She arched her back and rested her shoulders on the edge of the seat, presenting her pussy submissively.

As he caressed her tits and stomach, allowing his hands to roam freely over her body, she felt a delicious shiver of enjoyment. Her life would be so powerful from now on. No more would she have to put up with a nagging aunt who would be relieved when she discovered Honey had ran away from home. Honey knew she would never be able to go back there, but as Greg continued stroking and arousing her cunt flesh she put all thoughts of the past from her mind and vowed to spend the rest of her time making her husband happy.

'Spread your legs wider. I want to put my cock in your pussy. Oh, that's it.' He pressed his cock between her pussy lips and hunched forward gently. 'Your pussy feels so good on my cock, so hot and sticky.' He stroked harder into her cunt, forcing his shaft deeper into her pussy.

She felt his huge cock stretching and tunneling up her body like a hot cudgel. Wiggling her hips against him, she struggled to make its passage easier, but his cock was so large that it felt like it was ripping and tearing its way into her body. She moaned and bit her lower lip to keep from screaming, but at last she felt his pubic hair pressed against her buttocks and realized she had managed to accommodate his cock.

She felt a sense of accomplishment and gingerly ground her buttocks back against him. His cock moved back and forth until his shaft was lubricated with the hot juices oozing from her aroused pussy. She felt his cock sawing back and forth, pulling and sucking at her cunt until her lust bubbled within her like hot coals. 'Yes, yes. Fuck me. Oh, it feels so good moving back and forth.'

'Your pussy's as tight as a baby's. I love it. I'm going to fuck your brains out, baby.' He slammed his cock in and out of her pussy with vicious strokes that drove his shaft back and forth like a piston. As his cock ground into her cunt, his fingers toyed with her clitoris, flicking it with eager strokes that caused her juices to flow copiously.

And then he pulled his cock from her pussy and stabbed it between her buttocks. He rubbed up and down her ass crack and worked his cock against her sphincter. 'Hold still, baby. I'm going to drive this up your ass.'

'No, no,' Honey pleaded, panic shooting through her ass. 'It's too big. You'll rip me apart.' But she didn't have time to beg him longer. His cock tore into her anus with savage intensity. She felt her ass stretching and tearing to accommodate his massive cock. She muffled her scream with her hands. 'No, Greg, it hurts.' But as his cock continued pumping in and out of her ass, she felt her ass relaxing and stretching.

A warm burning sensation replaced the pain and traveled through her cunt with a perverse arousal. As his cock continued reaming in and out of her ass, she felt humiliated that he should take her in such a way. Yet her lust kept her humping back into his cock, matching his forward thrusts. After all, she was his wife. It was her duty to satisfy him sexually.

He twisted her long blonde hair at the nape of her neck and used it like a rain to pull her harder against him. His cock churned feverishly in and out of her ass. Each forward thrust forced the air from Honey's lungs and each time he drew his cock back until only his pulsing nob remained inside her sphincter, she felt as though her insides were being sucked out by a vacuum.

Yet the feeling drove her to excruciating need. She felt her nerves tingling with electric charges of energy. She wanted his cock fucking in and out of her body forever. She moaned and arched her back even farther to allow his cock to ram deeper into her ass. 'Fuck me, Greg. Drive your cock in me as far as you can. It feels so good. Oh, yes. Do anything you want to me.'

He humped and fucked into her butt like a man possessed. His cock sloshed noisily between her buttocks. She felt her pussy juices dripping into her blonde pubic hair and running down her thighs. And then he exploded in a convulsive spasm that blasted cum into her asshole like a geyser. She felt her ass filled with spurt after spurt of burning cum.

Her orgasm exploded with an intensity that shocked and delighted her. As his cock continued emptying his balls into her ass, her pussy surged and pulsed with sensual contractions that gripped her body and turned her into a writhing mass of sensual flesh. She flayed backward into his cock, feeling his shaft sizzling over her sphincter with delicious need.

'I'm cumming!' she gasped. 'Oh, keep it fucking into me. It feels so good. Don't stop. Oh, oh.'

Greg unleashed a stream of curses as his orgasm took control of his body. His semen tilled her ass so fully that it ran back out around the sides of his cock and dripped in thick gobs down her thighs and into her blonde pubic curls. His cock made a sucking and popping noise as it continued flaying into her ass with savage

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