'Gentlemen,' came a somber voice from near the spot where Moore had fallen. It was Christopher. 'A quarter of the world's population is dead or threatened by death in China, India, and the eastern portions of the Middle East. There is so much that must be done, and it must be done quickly. As indelicate as it may seem: with the death of Ambassador Moore, until France can send a new ambassador and the nations of Europe can elect a new Primary, as Alternate from Europe, I am now that region's acting Primary representative. Gentlemen, let us get to the business at hand.'

The coroner's report would find that Albert Moore died of a massive heart attack, brought on, it seemed, by the tremendous burden of guilt for what he had done. For Decker, no explanation was necessary: Christopher had begun to exercise the unexplored powers within him. He could only hope and pray that these powers would be equal to the challenges the world would soon face as Christopher led mankind into the final stage of its evolution and into the dawn of the New Age of humankind.

James BeauSeigneur

James BeauSeigneur has been writing professionally for eighteen years. His published works include technical manuals on strategic defense and military avionics, newspaper and magazine articles, speeches for U.S. Congressional and Senatorial candidates, and lyrics for several published songs. Formerly involved full-time in politics, Mr. BeauSeigneur has managed several U.S. Congressional and Senatorial campaigns and in 1980 ran for U.S. Congress against Al Gore. He has four years of experience in military intelligence, including two and a half years with the National Security Agency. Mr. BeauSeigneur and his wife, Gerilynne, have two daughters, Faith and Abigail.

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